Selena Gomez Debuts 'Round and Round'

Selena Gomez Debuts 'Round and Round'

Selena Gomez made a surprise call into Radio Disney on Friday afternoon to chat about her new single, “Round and Round.”

The 17-year-old actress/singer shared with host Ernie D, “I kind of have a different vibe with each song. I really am putting my heart into this and this album is dedicated to my fans. I’m really just trying to make it the best I can for them. You can really see my growth in this album and that’s what I’m excited about.”

Don’t forget — the music video debuts SUNDAY NIGHT on Disney Channel!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena and the Scene’s new single — HOT or NOT?

Selena Gomez chats “Round and Round” on Radio Disney
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  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan



  • andy

    HOT! Summer Hit

  • laura

    suuper hot!!
    i love this song!!

  • boop

    The song is AMAZING!

  • natalie

    LOVE IT! Sooo addicting!

  • Fenton

    Love it!

  • mina

    Absolutely HOOOOT!

  • pauli

    omg i just totally love it… sooo awesome, and catchy!!!! great song!!!!

  • pauli

    @andy @ natalie i couldnt be more agree ;) super HOT!!!! sel definitely gonna to killed it this summer…. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Rafael


  • samira

    omg shes the best

  • trinisita

    really cool :B:B

  • ktawnyy

    love her! and this song! a song that i wont mind getting stuck in my head :D

  • Marissa

    Love the song!! Its super catchy and make me want to dance :D! I LOVE IT!!! <3

  • Ryan

    I like the new Selena’s song, Its a PERFECT party song, super catchy and has a great vibe. So excited for the music video!

  • koolkat

    omg! Logan Lerman said that his celebrity crush is Selena!! omg ahh!

  • safura

    I don’t know
    it’ so casually
    naturally more better than round and round

  • yoyo

    SMASH-HIT! so much better than ‘can’t be tamed’

    I bet it’s gonna be a to 10 hit ;)

  • keera

    aaaw can’t stop to listening to it!

  • freezy

    my summer hit 2010 with california girls i like the new disney songs ;) well that ex-bff from selena is still that disney rock pop but selena and miley are on an other level you know



  • mileysuxx

    wwoohoo sel ruleeees! love her new style!

  • blaire

    She should be in jail for beeing so beautiful and talented hah I love it !

  • Zara

    The preview sucked but the whole song is just AWESOME

  • liltwist#1

    So catchy!
    Luv luv luv Selena the only talented and not annoying and most beautiful Disney chiq ;)

  • P.Diddy

    lol her lipgloss is kinda weird but she still looks damn hot and that song is really good

  • selbetterthanmiley

    Way To Go Selena! Most amazing teen in hollywood – for sure :D

  • LC


    yeeeep…she did it…Billboard Top 10 ? here we come :)

  • selenaRulezz


  • selenaRulezz


    100% agreed!


  • bowwow4ever

    selena is looking flawless and gorgeous and hot like always and the sond is amazing!
    and that sl.utty miley should watch out..It’s the summer hit 2010 and selena looks million times hotter than her without wearing sl.utty clothes and doing all that crap ;)

  • BeliebInGomez

    Anf of course Selena 2 :D

  • jason

    It’s now Selena turn!

    -> #HOT

  • drizzydrake

    Luvin it!!!

  • Arbo

    I really like Selena. Very good actress and great person. Her singing has even gotten better. But this song is AWFUL. Can it be any more trite and banal?

  • rae

    This is one of those songs that just repeat a few lines over and over and all u really hear is ‘Round and Round’ and i don’t really like it

  • -

    The song is AMAZING! I LOVE it so much! can’t wait for the video! GO SELENA! ♥♥♥

  • Diddley14

    I don’t like the feel after I listened to it. I felt like I was listening to the same thing I just got done listening to. And @Arbo her singing has NOT improved they just edited it some more.

  • jasmin

    This is a big and powerful maturity step for them & Selena & the scene hav scored a 100%! Their song is AMAZING! I hop this song hits number 1 on the USA charts!^^

  • diane n.

    i like it. (:
    its one of those songs that get stuck in your head, even if you don’t like it.

  • Lil G :)

    Have’nt heard it yet but I know it will be AWSOME !!!

  • daniella!!

    i love it! its one of those songs that u cn blast on the radio really loud while in the car w/ ur friends! perfect timing, this song is just perfect for summer! :)…….and yet anotha great song from the always great selena

  • Jenny Lambert

    Love, love, love :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Stars821

    nagyon jó szám és szerintem a videóklip is szupi lesz.

  • pauli

    @koolkat when he said that? omg they would make the perfect couple!!!

  • jenna

    selena is so smart, pretty, nice, and talented!!! wonderful song!! AMAZING!!!

  • tisdale

    this is really stupid, she doesnt even write her own music and she cant sing

  • tisdale

    this whole Scene thing is so dumb

  • mrsdestinyhope

    ehh…not better than NATURALLY, but worh a listen. I still thank she should release her single a little bit latter on itunes if she wants a chance of selling the thing. Right now, she’s in competion with Emeniem, Miley, Allstar Weekend ,Liady Gaga, and Justin Bieber. It’s gonna be rough for her on itunes :( At least her album comes out in September though. (didn’t her first album come out in September last year ?) ands for Christ sakes, can u Selena fans stop bringing down Miley just to make her look better. Cause it doesn’t make her better, it just makes u all look rude. JS. It’s sad that people are still displaying this old behavior from 2008.

  • pauli

    @tisdale pathetic and jelous? much??? get a life loser…. selena CAN SING and nobody cares about what you say, youre just a pretty stupid and jelous loser….

>>>>>>> staging1