Nick Jonas: Amazing & Appreciative

Nick Jonas: Amazing & Appreciative

Nick Jonas gladly takes a pic with JJJ reader Karin outside the Queens Theatre in London on Friday afternoon (June 18).

Kiran shared with us, “I met Nick on Friday and he was just very sweet. As we all know he is performing in Les Mis, and apparently Friday was his last rehearsal day so I had to go and meet him! So I went and waited 4 and a half hours outside the theatre, just hoping to catch a glimpse of him (although I had my stuff ready for him to sign).

“At 5 he came out and there were a lot of people waiting to see him, but despite how tired he was (we could tell) he still met every single fan and took a photo with them. He didn’t sign anything because there were too many people, but he was just very sweet. I’ve waited 3 years to meet the Jonas Brothers so I was over the moon when it came to my turn.

“I bought Nick a teddy and 2 lollipops (a kiss and a star) and a card, he took them and handed them to Big Rob, I then asked for a hug and he said ‘of course’ he was very sweet. I got my photo then I went to Big Rob and asked for a hug and he gave me one too! It was such a perfect day, Nick is truly an amazing person, polite sweet and you can tell he really appreciates his fans.”

ARE YOU GOING to see Nick in Les Miserables?

Karin meets Nick!
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Credit: Thanks Karin!
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  • jenna

    aww. thats so cool

  • http://deleted marimadness

    awww its adorable! Karins really lucky to have had this experience few can have in a lifetime. And nick is a good person very pure and gold hearted to take the time to do this kind of thing many celebs dont have time for. Hes very passionate about his fans and his work and someday he’ll do great things. Heck he already is! All in all they r both very blessed. Karin for having this oppurtunity and nick for living his dream. Everyones a winner.

  • megan

    No offense, but you freaked out because you’ve been waiting 3 years to meet them.
    Try waiting 6 years and then we’ll talk.
    I’d give anything in the world to meet him!

  • jenny

    Great story! He really is sweet to meet all of those fans every day. The line keeps getting longer and longer. I wish I could see Les Mis but I live in the US.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    You know something? This is the best about the JoBros, that they know that the fans sacrifice themselves and wait hours and hours, in my case Im still waiting, but at the end it pays… and see this great example, that fan waited 3 hours and despite Nick was tired of being rehearsing all day long, he actually met every single fan and gave a smile and hug to all of them… then you can see why they are in the position they are, because they are just the best, they are kind and thats why they are so big in so many countries, Im from Guatemala and since I know about the JoBros, I know the quality of guys they are, the gentlemans they are… God bless them and I really hope they never change the way they roll… I cant wait to see them in Concert here in Guatemala!

  • Jonas Brothers

    I miss Joe :(

  • amy

    isn’t this a little bit strange? i mean everyday a small group of girls waiting 4 nick and not more like 20 or 30 girls?

  • katy

    this isnt strange

  • Livvi

    I was just infront of her in line.
    Nick seriously is the sweetest person ever. i’ve met him twice since hes been in London and he has been so polite and nice to every fan.
    Its so worth the 5 hours waiting.

    Yesterday there were over 100 fans(a girl infront of me counted) waiting for him & he took the time to meet everyone.

    It truly shows how amazing and nice he and his brothers are and i wish more guys were like them.

  • Ella

    Her dreams came true! But JB will never be the same without Kev and Joe.. Hope to see the three of them together again.. ;’)

  • Kiran

    OMG thank you soo much for putting this up Just Jared! and you misspelt my name :/ hehe it’s Kiran! :)

  • julie

    We met Nick and his brothers last summer when we won Soundcheck passes during their World Tour in 2009. They are all very polite, patient men and just as sweet in person as they appear. I watched Frankie, Mrs. Jonas & Mr. Jonas along with Danielle (yes Dani was there) all chat together side stage while the guys entertained the crowd. They are a family first.

    But it is funny that fans think they are together all the time. The Jonas Brothers are adults…well Nick will be 18 this year. And they each have different interests and goals.

    It was an honor for Nick to be asked by Cameron Mcintosh himself (the creator of Les Miserables musical) to do the role of Marius. He specifically asked him because he was so impressed with Nick when he was on Broadway. In an interview, Cameron said that Nick was “one of the most IN DEMAND performers on Broadway” and that “everyone wanted him to be in their show”. He has that certain something that producers and directors look for.

    Congrats Nick! BTW his whole family has now joined him in London today to celebrate Father’s Day and they will be there for him opening week at the West End as he debuts as Marius.

  • Kiran

    @amy: well he rehearses when we’re all at school, and if getting to central London takes a bit of time depending on when you live, so not many people can go. I was able to go cos i’m on exam leave from school.

  • aliks

    he is so sweet! i would love to meet him.

  • eileanrose

    haha, kiran :) the best 4 hours ever spent :) and even those hours went quickly (as you can see in the video)! and he was so nice :) I don’t think I would be patient enough to greet all those people :o

  • Natalie

    When is the opening night?

  • Kiran

    @Natalie: Monday :) I’m seeing him on Wednesday :)

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