Selena Gomez & The Scene: Round and Round Music Video!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: Round and Round Music Video!

Check it out!

Selena Gomez and The Scene storm Budapest with a spy-themed music video for new single, “Round and Round!”

The music video will also premiere on Disney Channel tonight — so look out for it!

Selena recently posted on her Facebook, “I need some help from everyone. I have been working with the band creating our new set list for all our upcoming shows. We are adding in 2 to 3 new covers for the show and I want to know what songs you would like us to cover. What songs would you like to hear us cover on our upcoming shows?”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena & The Scene’s music video — HOT or NOT?

Selena Gomez & The Scene — “Round and Round”
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  • Thumper

    Her video does not make sense and too much auto tune.

  • caro

    She looks so pretty but the video has nothing to do with the song and is just like Hillary Duff video for with love

  • andy


  • rae

    I don’t really get it and I’m with Thumper too

  • Zanessalover

    to be honest – nothing special.

  • -

    this video is amazing and so is selena! I LOVE IT!

  • harley

    I think the fact that it was shot in Budapest gives it a uniqueness, and the song is cute. It seems like she’s just having fun and enjoying what she’s doing, so I don’t see the harm in her video not making sense with the song. She looked really pretty in it, though.

  • http://ii_janice13 ii_janice

    she looks awesome wether the video goes with the song or not!!
    ..the video is definetly HOT!! :D:D:D:D it && love her!

  • zorx

    wow! she is so beautiful!!! love the video! and the song is so catchy! ^^

  • bea

    I love this song, she’s soooo great and I think the video is really cool. It’s her first video with a storyline and even though it’s difficult to understand what they are looking for (almost impossible) I think it’s amazing!

  • ellie

    I like the song better than the video

  • Naomi

    I like the song and I’ve watched this video nearly 3 or 4 times, and I still don’t get the whole concept. Yes, it’s a spy-themed video, but what does she have that the guys are chasing her around town? The video moved way too quickly. I blame the director and the person who did the editing because it was done poorly. Either way, I think it’s ok, not the greatest thing I saw, but ok.

    P.S. – Selena Gomez is a cool person.

  • finna

    i love selena and this music video is awesome! :D

  • mina

    She looks amazing in it. Budapest is amazing!

  • hayley

    great video!!
    i didn’t understand but it’s cool! i love the song!

  • nathan

    gosh she is so damn pretty!!!

  • riley

    love the video! doesn’t really need to understand the whole story.. it’s just awesome! selena did great!

  • ne


  • this is amazing!

  • ms.

    Heyyyy is this song about Nick J? Cool vid. =)

  • jonaslove

    it was confusing but i loved it! I love how she always has a theme in her videos. She looked stunning too! Great Job Sel.

  • Myla

    I love the song but I don’t get the video.

  • mbart

    Really not doing it for me, she looks like a 12y playing a spy and her voice is way too autotuned,

  • Stephanie

    The video was quite good, song was… alright.

  • Ryan

    1. I LOVE the vid is very sexy and classy like Selena
    2. If you dont get it, probably you’re kind of slow or something. At the end, the video is made for the FANS and for the SMART people who can get it :)

  • lauren6

    i like it its different, more so than kiss and tell and i think this album will be even more of a success than kiss and tell!

  • listen to mayday parade

    i cant view it, but the song is good.

  • sallys


  • ME

    i am not smart, what is it about?

  • d

    she’s trying so hard to be the woman that she’s not. selena is justa child.

  • Sasha

    WOW; i really like it/ love it..
    and i dont get it at all and HEEY GUESS WHAAAT? im not slow ¬¬ i just dont get it hahaha. But i love it… si so SELENA <3, and yeaa its hot and different. NICE.

  • blaireb

    That is what I think Selena did in Round and Round and I am so fucking proud of her. This video is s classy + grown up! IN MY OPINION (my interpretation) it symbolizes the relationship of a famous person. The “bad guys” symbolize the haters, paparazzi, and the media. While the “files” and “suitcase” she’s running with symbolizes the relatonship. She needs to go Round and Round in order to keep the relationship private that its almost like a mission. Get it?

    This video use a lot of symbolism, metaphors, and complicated concepts for mere ideas.

  • Theresa

    @blaireb I soooo agree with you.

  • D

    she is SOOO BEAUTIFUL in the video!! <3 i love love love love it!!!!! so amazing!

  • koolkat

    oh I get it. so the part where selena is wearing a blond wig,
    it means that she was changing for nick, or nick was trying
    to change her or something? and the park bench scene in
    the video was similar to nick and selena sitting on the park bench?

  • blaireb

    @koolkat: Exactly. Burnin Up and Round and Round came out the SAME day. They both have a spy/secret agent style. (Nick’s James Bond) SAME Color scheme. And yes, the park bench scene is a lot like the Nelena park bench scene.

  • Cordelia m.

    Wow, you are analyzing this way too much … too much thinking for a music video starring an overrated, Disney-controlled 17-year-old. I mean, she has talent, BUT her talent doesn’t quite match her fame. She’s just blown up because kids need someone to cling on to now that Miley Cyrus has grown wings and ditched them.

    Selena Gomez is cute, though. And pretty, but I think she’ll be perpetually stuck with a face of an 8-year-old’s, so the whole spy thing isn’t working for her. The glasses and hair-flying-everywhere helped slightly to cover it up. Yeah .. she’s cute but she’ll fizzle out.

  • Kristy

    This is such an amazing song and I love the music video!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    it’s too plain… but I’d take this video over Naturally, which was all basically done by green screen.

  • stacey

    I’d say her vocals improved with this song.
    But I’m not getting the concept of the video.

  • karina

    she’s beautiful in this video

  • daniella!!

    its called reading between the lines ppls! she’s going “round and round” to try to escape the “bad guys” which in this case is her past relationships( nick, taylor). it’s a metaphor..brilliant ahah

  • koolkate

    @Cordelia m.:

    1) Selena is as famous as she is talented. She’s basically the only young actress on Disney Channel right now who can actually ACT. Her show is successful, she has accomplished many things. She gained a lot of fans on her own, without anyone’s help.

    2) Miley is still with Disney, since the 4th season of HM hasn’t aired yet. So she hasn’t exactly “ditched” anyone.

    3) It’s not a bad thing that Selena has a baby face. Just wait until she turns 40, she’ll look 10 years younger. ;)

    4) Fizzled out? What are you? Psychic? You can’t tell the future! Shia LaBeouf was on Disney, but now he’s very successful. The same can happen for Selena, it’s all about the choices you make in your career!

    5) Quit being so rude and negative.

  • Diddley14

    Um….WOW makes NO sence with the song.. :/ And when she’s singing it doesn’t even match her.

  • Mika

    @Cordelia m.:

    Well said!

    The video is cute and I love the scenary and the fact that it’s been shot in Budapest. The song is cute too, but just that and a bit too computerized.

  • Luvd80s2

    Selena Fans need to chill a bit! You can criticize Miley Cyrus to the point of calling her horrid names without even knowing the girl but when someone points out that they don’t find your “Selena” amazing you call them ignorant and stupid! That video was suited to her fans alright, since the rest of the world is stupid, no it’s her fans that drink her jesus juice all the time and Hollyweird records knows it! Bad cheesy video and cheesy music!

  • natalie

    GREAT video! Selena looked amazing as always!!!!

  • Marissa

    I love the video :) If you dont like Selena,its ok BUT what the hell are you doing watching her videos and ceeping her posts!! You need to check out your brain or something because you are just WEIRD!!

  • kym

    the vid has nothing to do with the song but i like it. she looks pretty

  • Skye

    I really love the video. The spy theme was a nice idea. Selena looked amazing like always. The song is like awesome and so catchy. I can’t wait for the new album.