Miley Cyrus: International Video Of The Year Winner!

Miley Cyrus: International Video Of The Year Winner!

Miley Cyrus shows off her “Party in the U.S.A.” outfit backstage at the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards at the MuchMusic HQ in Toronto on Sunday night (June 20).

The 17-year-old hostess took home the trophy for International Video of the Year — beating out Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, among others!

Check out all of Miley‘s outfits for the event below. Which is your favorite?

REMEMBER: Miley‘s new album is out TODAY — go get it!

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus – “Can’t Be Tamed” – 06/20
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Credit: George Pimentel; Photos: WireImage
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  • lauren6

    shes finally done something different with her hair i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ive always liked her long hair but its so cute been wavy an short…cute very cute! oh and her dresses were nice especially the brown one

  • LUCY

    She is flawless and super hot!


    She looks cute in white! :) Love it! The doll at the beginning freaks me out xD

  • Zanessalover

    love her hair!

  • victoria

    I just adore her hair short like that, its so adorable!
    And all her dresses she wore were flawless :)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    MC always knows how to look good :)

  • Jenny

    SHE LOOKS AMAZING, I wasnt too sure about the first one, but other than that she looked simply flawless with every other thing she wore, it showed every thing that is good about her body without revealing too much, and the HAIR!!!!!!! AMAZING I’m so glad she decided to lose the extensions

  • rosie

    what the heck taylor and lady gagas video were a 1000000000000000000 better than that stupid video of hers than didnt go with the lyrics she probably won cause she was hosting and lost int he other categories

  • Robyn
  • Meghan

    lol her boobs are like squeezed to death in that dress where she is holding the award. her hair is waaaaay better short. :D i think gaga should have won best video tho. loving the new hair miley. (; <3

  • N

    Miley has to thank ME! I spent one night voting for her. She was with 17%, Gaga & Beyoncé were with 52%. I voted so much that she reached 40%, and G&B went down to 39%. I voted at this thing in Friday and in Saturday, Gaga & Bey were with a little more votes, and I voted again. I couldn’t reach them because I was tired of voting! But anyway, I helped Miley SO much!

  • marilyn

    Too bad miley thinks she has to be sexy in her entertainment to be “taken seriously”. You can be a classy girl and make it. Oh well, there has to be two kinds of girls

  • swiftfan

    she looks great with short hair.

  • nathalia

    i liked the long hair better but she’s GORGEOUS!! she looks amazing as always but her boobs are squeezed in that dress hahahah

  • listen to mayday parade

    she looks so cute with her hair cut shorter :)

  • Katty

    That black leather outfit is a little much for a seventeen year old anywhere, even an entertainer…..

  • halle

    i love the fact that the mmvas are in canada, but she sang party in the usa.

  • chelsea

    @rosie: agreed!

  • chelsea

    @Katty: i totally agree

  • kym

    @rosie – she wasnt nominated for anything else. that was her only nomination i think thats y she won.
    but anyways….
    i luved the begining with the african inspired dance routine thing then wen she came out i was like thats so cool but then i didnt like how she kept her back all hunched over the whole time. for some reason it just bugged me. lol i was yelling at the tv like omg keep ur back straight and strut girl! haha
    i liked it though u can c she is really trying to be seen as a serious artist. although my mom was like omg if she was my daughter i would watch her put some pants on b4 she goes out on stage, i dont care how much money she is making. lol.

  • kym

    so its ur fault!!! lol i joke

  • emma

    She looks GORGEOUS!!

  • brenda

    I love her new hair
    Her album is amazing!

  • natalie

    Miley looks sooo beautiful!!

  • mary

    Congrats Miley!! I’m happy :)

  • http://j chelsea

    @chelsea: stop using my name!


    @marilyn: i totally agree

  • tessa

    she looks great

  • Rain

    love her hair! and what she wears is her business! just sayin’ she wear like costumes while she performing like she on stage so like leave her alone !

  • suri

    So pretty – I love her song Stay and her album

  • alice

    Miley’s new album is amazing

  • good-one

    @marilyn: And look who you were possibly named for. Marilyn Monroe was historically one of the sexiest actresses ever to have lived and she had a president, an attorney general and a mob boss, all wrapped around her little finger.

    Do you think your opinions are your own? Can you consider that “your opinions” may have been scientifically programmed by brain-washing social engineers?

    As an example, this study finds that computers make disadvantaged kids, stupid. The results of this study are so obviously cooked, so contrived, that any clear thinker can probably see right through them. Their aim seeks to oppress young people.

    An argument can be made that without Miley, (as lead cultural icon), steadfastly resisting the massive cultural repression of young people, (part of the elite’s cultural warfare), that the elite’s intended mass-psychosis with its counterpart, hate, might have otherwise substantially broken down society’s fragile cohesion. Miley’s choices have arguably saved the world. Grandiose? I think not.

    Let’s not underestimate her.

  • shannon

    congrats miley

  • treemoka

    Most of these outfits are disgusting…especially the black leather dress and bathing suit…and did she get plastic surgery because her face looks plastic.

  • good-one

    Hmm, my link to Marilyn previously, nulled my second link to the study:
    computers make disadvantaged kids, stupid

  • rania

    She looks so beautiful. GO Miley!!

  • aimme

    she kinda sounded like a man….

  • just_breathe..

    whoever u r….. THANK you…really grateful to you….

  • Kristy

    I totally agree to marilyn. Honestly, miley tries too hard and looks absolutely disgusting while doing so. She’s barely 20 yet. Its a little too much. She acts as if she’s an adult. You dont see some of the well-known and professional actresses/singers dressing this way. Shame on her.

  • emm

    damnit, how the hell did she win? seriously, ppl these days have no taste in music.

  • marca

    with the brown dress yo can see she doesn’t have big boobs

    also she has lost a LOT OF WEIGHT, I liked her better like a normal size girl not skinny,saw her like a example
    that you can be so BEAUTIFUL without been to thin, but she has change

    Like her hair

    I’m not fat at all, if you’re going to statr saying that’s because I’m fat, it’s because my cousin it’s anorexic she has gone to many doctor and therapits and she still can’t beat that so I’m very aware of eating disorders

    Miley should keep being an example of healthy, beautiful and not to thin, she’s still healthy but definitively thinner

  • yay slutastic

    DONT PANIC EVERYONE SHE IS WEARING A CROSS IN ONE OF THE PICTURES!!!! goodness….. if she walks out with no clothes on i wont be surprised.

  • thatGirl

    she’s trying wayyyy too hard

  • J4zmyn J0ker

    I’m not a lesbian or anything, not that I have anything against gay people, but she looks so fricking hot. She doesn’t like like a 17 year old, but she is trying to experiment and gain an older audience. She’s really pretty.

  • tiffany

    @rosie I totally agree.Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift video are way better than hers.

  • emmanuelleoy David

    WTF!??!! WHERE’s my OLD(BETTER than BEST) MILEY WENT??!!
    I hate the MILEY(GAGA VERSION)!!!! the songs were AWESOME but not her new outfits!!!!

  • liri92

    all those f*cking award show are all fake!!!!!! hate you miley.. but who cares

  • tessa

    She is so beautiful, she was amazing at the MuchMusic

  • peacechick123

    Love her outfits!!! Her performance was amazzzz-ingggg!!!!!

  • allyse

    i hate how she dresses now

  • Hali

    I’ll kill her!!!! I’ve been trying FOREVER to get my hair long and she has it and its beautiful, then she goes and chops it off?!?!? lmao well it looks good on her but I still hate her.. jk I just loved her hair long