Miley Cyrus -- MuchMusic Video Awards 2010

Miley Cyrus -- MuchMusic Video Awards 2010

Miley Cyrus opens up the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on Sunday evening (June 20) with a “Party!”

The 17-year-old actress/singer performed her hit “Party In The U.S.A.” to start the show off at the MuchMusic building. Did you spot anyone else in her performance!? We did!

Miley‘s new album, Can’t Be Tamed, will hit store shelves TOMORROW! Are you going to buy her new album?

Check out more rehearsal pics below!

Miley Cyrus – “Party In the U.S.A.”

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Credit: I. Kavanaugh; Photos: WENN
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  • mbart

    Have the album downloaded in my ipod already love ‘My Heart Beats For Love” She did a great job.

  • fxgh

    CBT album is on US iTunes now!

    link here

  • fxgh

    her album is on iTunes now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harley

    Her outfit looked kind of cheap, but it was an entertaining performance overall. And her new album is pretty solid. “Two More Lonely People” sound definitely be a single, in my opinion.

  • gin

    what is she wearing

  • Ashley

    She’s half-naked! She should just sing people would have more resepect for her. You can be a performance artist fully clothed.

  • soughtful

    yeah am buying it first thing tomorrow morning her songs are amazing. she look really gorgeous in white definately white suits her.

  • firu

    wow her outfit, I get it is a theme for the performance but I don’t like it

    not classy

    Love the song

  • soughtful

    She’s half-naked! She should just sing people would have more resepect for her. You can be a performance artist fully clothed

    Read more:

    wow this is news to me showing your stomach and legs equals half naked wow what a narrow minded person I guess little girls who perform in cheeleading a half naked too?? you are so narrow minded.

  • http://j chelsea

    terrible voice, off key, wh/ore outfit, enough said.. and then she says she doesn’t understand why the media is so bad to her

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Ashley: Tell That to Lady Gaga!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I love all the jealousy on this post, Not only did Miley get to host and perform , she also won International Music Video of the year for “PARTY IN THE USA”! And her Album is already #6 on itunes!

    GO MC!

  • taylorswifthuggedthischick

    omg! thank you! lady gaga, britney spears , christina agulera, ect. they all dress hoey. and no one says sh”t! it pisses me off. miley does it ,it’s the end of the freaking world.

  • firu

    What are children learning?? now if someone do something so you can do it to, even it’s bad?

    so if Lady Gaga jump of a bridge you will do it to

    lady Gaga is much older, and also looks awful many times, she goes to games in her underwear she is crazy, I like her music but she’s to much

  • anh

    go miley!!! i love you no matter what!! definitely getting her album tomorrow. woohoo…


    totally buying the album tomorrowwwwww!!!!!!!

    i liked the performance!!!!

  • victoria

    not a fan of the outfit but i love her!
    and biebs was cute haha!
    so excited for the album :)

  • natalie

    wow definitely going downhill with her outfit/performance overall

  • good-one

    Wow, she did well. All her dancers did, with plucky themes and props. Yet Miley’s costumes seem modest to me, so my guess is that it is maybe her dance moves that most make viewer’s blood rush hot.

    Miley’s on MTV tomorrow. Can’t wait for Summer to get here! Oh, yeah, and with her album out.

  • emmy

    Anyone else find it funny that she sang “Party in the USA” while the awards are in Canada?

  • nkeeyah

    Scars is one of my faves. But the mmvas sucked. Miley did a great job, just wish she would wear clothes.

  • jen

    YESSS I WILL BUY HER ALBUM!! every song is amazing!

  • Robyn
  • Skylar

    wow this is news to me showing your stomach and legs equals half naked wow what a narrow minded person I guess little girls who perform in cheeleading a half naked too?? you are so narrow minded.

    WOW, yes, that is considered half naked. I can’t believe people think it’s okay to dress like that! I mean come on! It’s demeaning to ALL girls. Just dumb.
    A good FAMILY website discussing this ‘behaviour’-

  • Liz.

    I’m sick of people being called jealous or narrow-minded because they don’t think her actions are appropriate for her age, status and YOUNG following.

  • http://twitter yvette

    omg justin bieber looks so fu##en sexy …and well miley there she goes again half naked but its okai cause she brought justin bieber out during her perfromance so its okai i forgive her

  • ashleyfans

    i used to LOVE miley a lot but look at her now .
    she’s trying so hard to be sexy but she’s fail .

  • cassie

    sexy enough miles lol

  • kay

    @taylorswifthuggedthischick: yes, young one, it’s not cool for an underaged girl to dress so provocatively. in fact, it is a bit disgusting. britney, christina, etc. started dressing down when they were older or at least over 18. which isn’t to say that it’ll be okay for miley to dress like this once she turns 18, because for some reason it’s just not classy when she does it in my opinion.

  • kay

    @emmy: hahahaha

  • izzy

    @taylorswifthuggedthischick: people dont care bout the way they dress beacuse they are adults and miley is still a teenager

  • mileyliker

    Wowie some of Miley’s fans look as good as or better than her…n i never realized there’d be SOOOOOOOOOO MANY people backstage n she walked out half-naked right in front of all of them n their staring/judging eyes…i guess she doesn’t feel self-conscious AT ALL…that pretty commendable Miley

  • kate

    I think her performance was great and why does everybody care about what she was wearing it was for a performance it was not like she was walking the streets wearing it. she is not a slut!!! love ya miles!!!

  • Krista

    why cant she just sing and forget about the lame, gross, revealing outfits and provocative dance moves. i love her songs and i think shes gorgeous but really? stop wearing those outfits!! no one wants to see that.


    I love the performy but when i saw justin bieber my excitement was gone. can this kid please stop appearing everywhere!! so annoying!


    Oh and please can you just stop complaining about her outfits. Its not slutty, its just for her performance – omg. not more, not less. she is wearing shorts like probably all teenanger girls in america!! She is 17, so she is trying out a lot. Maybe u guys should think back what you did round that age (and if you are not her age yet, then be quiet and wait till you turn that age!!) you try new things and you see how far you can go, whats good, whats bad. i did that too and today when i think back what i was wearing, im ashamed too, cause it was just too weird xD in a few years she will be dressed differently again. so come on, its just a phase. and she does not look bad, she has the figure for it!! Go Miley! :)

  • Mika

    What the hell.

    I was DISGUSTED when she came out and performed like that.
    To all those tweens who think that dressing like this and acting like this is “normal” and everyone at that age does it, need a big fat reality check. I pity your future if you look up to Miley as a role model.

    Not only the outfit but the ridiculous dance moves.
    I guess people will go really far to get money ..

  • Sabina

    Ran out and bought her album this morning. It’s sooooooo good! Totally agree with mrsdestinyhope – a whole load of jealousy!

  • daniella!!

    not hatin or anythangg but whats that white thing in her hair?? really made the whole outift clash. plus why was justin on stage? lol??!!

  • nkeeyah

    the way she dresses cancels out the message of her music. I wonder if she knows that.


    Only cause you like somebody does not mean you have to dress up like that person! OMG its just the way she likes to dress right now. Whats the matter? Thats harmless against real horrible things happening in the world.

    @daniella!!: I think Justin took the wrong road on his way to the childrens play area! xD

  • Christine


    aha exactly!! first thought that came in my head when I heard she was performing that song..

  • bobby.

    as much i like miley.
    what she’s wearing is disgusting. i mean. she should have respect for her self. and before everyone starts bashing at me.
    saying she’s ’17′ blah blah.
    My sister is 19 and she would never. ever wear that.
    cause she’s not a hoe.
    but this outfit is disgusting.
    im not saying i don’t like her but come on.

  • min.beauty8

    I will never never never let my sons or daughters watch this girl. This world is full of lust because of what you are showing on sreen. I wonder if this girl just take a moment of her crazy days to be in a sacred place and thank God for all this glorious moments of her life. We never seen her donating some of her money taken from unwise fans to some charities and share time with the less fortunate. At her age she will do more harm done good.

  • min.beauty8

    This is my first time making a comment. Don’t I have the right to say anything that will make this world a better place to live. Please be decent and have ethics in life. Parents should be accountable.

  • God is my rock

    nope never buying here music she is a major slut :( and she can’t sing :(
    Jonas brothers rock – and oh they can wear clothes. :)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Mika: you get disgusted by everything Miley does. And yet u continue to watch her. Explain that logic to me. And if ur digusted by a flipping bathing suit, nay I suggest u don’t visit the beach this summer cause that is all you’ll ever see.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @God is my rock: Without Miley, The JBs wouldn’t even be in the spotlight right now.

  • Ashlee


  • shunnerbby

    @taylorswifthuggedthischick: ok get real dude everyone said something about them, especially x-tina she was labeled the bad girl the slut so on and so forth, and the only reason its so wrong is that shes only 17 do you ppl get that sh*t? why is it ok to let a 17 year parade her self on camera the way she does? what kind of an example is that? and you know what? the only ppl who are defending her are kids her age or younger, us older folk know that what shes doing is terrible and her parents should be ashamed! period!!!!!
    PS the chick cant even effing sing! god thats so annoying.

>>>>>>> staging1