The G-Boyz are Off The Wall for VANS

The G-Boyz are Off The Wall for VANS

With music by Lucas Grabeel, Brenden and Carsen Geisler aka The G-Boyz, get their rap on with this new leaked VANS spot!

Since JJJ caught sight of the new ad, our celeb friends have been saying nothing but good about the video. Check it out below!

Monique Coleman: “I love the GBoyz VANS spot! It was SO cute that it made me want to buy a pair … seriously. Brenden and Carsen are the cutest EVER! I’m so proud of them. The VANS commercial is so cute.”

Chelsea Staub: “I love the Gboyz and you will too. So fun to watch and such great kids.”

Nicholas Braun: “The GBoyz have done it again! Their swagger is sick; wish I was that cool as them in middle school. Can’t wait to see the next one.”

Nina Dobrev even tweeted the ad: “My New Fav-Vans Kids- how amazing is this? ‘I cant even tie shoes’ LOL.”

GBoyz – VANS Kids
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  • isla

    Yes, little white children aping black rappers even though they’re from a suburb in Utah is incredibly cool.

    What are these people thinking? The kids are cute, but this is the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen. A little more and they would’ve been in blackface.

  • Yolanda

    @isla: So true!!! They look like complete trailer trash too – they’ll have some poor b1tch pregnant in a few years!!!!

  • Kelly

    I think these kids are awesome. The rap is super funny and it’s obviously a comedy of irony that two little white kids are rapping about their “kicks”-

    Come on, who didn’t get the humor?

    This ad is hilarious! I love it!

  • Em

    @Yolanda: RUDE! they’re just kids, your comment is totally unnecessary

  • isla

    Kelly must be Kelly King, the director and bff of their dad. No one else on the Internet would bother writing a paragraph in the defense of this (unamusing) nonsense.


    The editor did an outstanding job with this video… Go G boys, this is the catchiest commerical. Vans should play it in their stores.

  • abby

    Haha those are the two little boys that were always on the sets of HSM right? There are a lot of pics of them with VAnessa onset.

  • abby

    Oh wait NVM I don’t think its them.

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