Charice is Glee's New Girl

Charice is Glee's New Girl

Charice really IS going to star on Glee!

EW reports the 18-year-old singing superstar will play a “foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder.”

Charice posted on Twitter, “It’s official. I’m on Glee (next season) but story behind it. When the rumor came out, it wasn’t true. But then after that, I tried to audition. And I made it!!! Let’s party!!!!”

Earlier this month, Charice was rumored to join the hit FOX series but in the end wasn’t true.

Congrats, Charice!

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  • Tine

    YAY CHARICE! I’m sooo excited.

  • Robert

    She’s addicting…I never thought I’d watch this gayazz show but i will now…

  • Marinadelrey

    Good lord, imma buy a new flat screen and a tivo, haha! and prepare some salsa and guacamole– coz it’s gonna be a great show!

  • http://luv2dance luv2dance

    awesome!!!! she will be a great addition to the doubt about it.

  • jessica

    eh… hopefully she can act good.

  • blahblahblah

    No. Way. Till when?! :/

  • Jim

    Meh is right. More characters. Hopefully it is just a part time gig.

  • mykamicks

    Charice’s career in US is unstoppable. You have all my support Charice. Congrats!

  • emmy

    Glad to hear it. I love Lea Michele’s vocals, but I think it’s a good thing they’re bringing in some fresh sounds to the show. But is Charice going to be a recurring guest star, or is she actually going to join the cast full-time? I thought they were doing some MySpace Auditions Contest. Was she the one that won it?

  • Mika

    LOVE Glee, and Charice deserves to be on the show. Her voice is killer!

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    i heard her new album isn’t selling well( like 48, 000 copies) maybe her new acting gig will help her album sell? she had a really awesome voice!!.

  • Neil cap-atan

    charice, congrats!!!! i’m so proud to be a filipino because of you girl!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  • wizards fan

    I hope they let her portray a Filipina on the show. Congrats to her!

  • http://tinxiedoodles tinxie

    I’m so proud of Charice and I’m so proud to be Filipina. yay for Charice!

  • FASHION_911


    That 48k you heard is from the 1st week Top 10 Debut its been 5 weeks already and its still in the Billboard 200 roughly 150,000 sold…not bad for an Asian crossover aritst.

    Anggun sold 300,000 of her single Snow in Sahara in the 1990′s but only sold 200,000 of her US debut album the whole year.

    BoA sold 10,000 copies the whole year in 2009 while utada sold 95,000.

    All of these artist tried but never made it in the American market, Charice is doing awesome

  • Thea

    I hope shes just a guest star and not a permanent addition to the cast!

  • http://@mUsiX_l0ver ChemIstrY138

    hey, i’m a filipino.. and i’m a big fan of glee… when i read this news i don’t know what to feel.. am i proud, jealous or hatred? i think i don’t like charice to be in glee!!!!

  • hater

    no no no no no!

  • hater

    please be a guest star! please!

  • Ella

    Charice is unstoppable! I just hope that she will never put the fame on her head. Always keep your feet on the ground Cha! It’s really important. :)

  • amiel

    oh man! damn it! :P

  • INNA


    i was soo dissapointed when the earlier Glee rumors werent true! I’m tottally pumped for this!!

    Rachel Berry better watch out!!

  • wizards fan

    @hater: she’s going to be a recurring character. she won’t be on every episode next season, but will be in a couple.

  • nyfham

    Yaaaayyyy!!!… will support ya baby.

  • kelseyg

    uhm. what’s with this, i’m a flipino and i hate her? like indicating such gives one the license to hate? we have not seen her on the show yet and i’m giving her the chance like everyone else who want to make something of themself. one thing that pisses me off are party poopers and downers. so to piss this pissants off, i’m rootin for her. yeah for charice!

  • justin

    really .?
    she is not as good as rachel though .TEAM RACHEL

  • Ellen Joy

    I love Glee and I know Charice fits the role. My Post on this:

  • STyles

    To all those who live in denial and only if you dare (lol) check these Youtube links and then tell me if you still do not want her on Glee.

    Power of Love

    3 song medley � Lady Gaga, Miley and MJ

    Pyramid Remix (Power Vocals with 16 bar rap)

    In This Song � Acoustic (Note: She is sitting down)

  • cardcrusher

    Glee has just jumped the shark. Its ratings will decrease due to the casting of a certain Jojo/ Jordin Sparks clone.

  • arielle

    @wizards fan:

    i may get attacked for this but honestly, i don’t really like her voice.
    it’s okayy. its not amazing like everyone thinks though.
    definatly nothing compared to Lea.

  • jd

    @Cardcrusher aka “Roast Chicken” – lol

    Looks like someone is going after your ass – lmao.

  • JD


    While I am a Charice fan, I and many others understand that music is a preference so there is nothing wrong with liking one singer over another. What Charice fans have issues with are idiots like this Cardcrusher whose dislike is based on hate, and he does everything he can to promote that hate but it appears things are finally catching up to this moron.

  • Styles


    As long as you’re not hating on the girl for no stupid reason, it is cool if you like Lea better. Music is a preference. What one person likes another doesn’t. A lot of people like Beyonce, I can’t stand her voice. When she sings “Listen,” it sounds like she is suffering. At the end of the day, it is what your ears like.

  • kyle

    noooo……she’s not fit to be in Glee. charice is not good as lea( rachel berry). the show isn’t just singing, there also dancing and acting. i haven’t seen charice acting, but i don’t think she’s that good.

  • cardcrusher


    Hate? You must be joking. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on Charice, and my criticisms are always about the music. What’s the matter? Can’t handle opinions that you don’t approve of?
    Her album just dropped off the BB 200 and her “Pyramid” is dead, buried, and forgotten after only spending two weeks on the Hot 100

  • bloodberry

    Woow, can’t wait to see her on glee. Her vocal range obviously could kill Rachel’s, need I say more? For those who are saying that Charice can’t dance, actually she usually dance especially when singing fast songs or dance songs like Michael Jackson’s medley. And about her acting? Well if you’re a Filipino, you would know that she acted once in the TV show MAALAALA MO KAYA as herself ( CHARICE )…

  • jerry

    @ all haters, especially those who don’t want charice to be a cast of glee!! “EAT YOUR HEART OUT” CAUSE IT’S CONFIRMED THAT CHARICE IS GONNA BE A PERMANENT ADDITION OF GLEE.

  • jerry


  • cardcrusher

    Charice was on Philippines TV where she was given botox and another treatment by her doctor. Charice admitted the reason for the treatment is to look “fresh” on the show. Her doctor admitted that the procedure will make her face appear smaller.

    Worse for Charice, US and People magazines and E Online are on the story.

  • renren

    i don’t like glee, casts’ singing prowess sounds like a creaking female organ.. ughhhh, awful.. i am only in anticipation of the coming season due to the new cast Charice, i think she will rocked everyone else and for the record she’ll only be the person who could really sing.. without sounding like an organ.. hehehe peace to the self-proclaimed gleeks.. really hate the show..

  • lani d

    I wish Charice well and hope she has a fun time on Glee. She seems like a really sweet and genuine kid, and you can’t deny she has talent.

  • http://zotkill_me zotico

    go charice! I think it’s gonna be one hell of a show with charice being there…I’m gonna watch there season 2 premiere…can’t wait to see and hear the rivalry between rachel and charice..EXCITING!

  • http://waynie1981 wayne

    I like her, but I hope she is just a guest star. Lol but OMG do I love Anggun! :) I actually never here a lot of people here in the states talk about her. Look her up! She’s amazing!

  • female_lawyer


    Actually, Charice album was number 8 on Billboard 200 (first Asian to do so) when it debuted, and right now her song ‘Listen’ is number 7 on Itunes, while ‘Telephone’ landed in the number 2 slot!

  • patricia

    to cardcrusher, keep your opinions to yourself. They don’t matter anyway because Charice is on Glee and will have a recurring role. if she Charice is not goodenough then Celine Dion should not have bothered to ask her to have a duet with her in one of her concerts. Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey should not have asked her to sing in their shows. In Oprah alone she guested there countless times. People like you are ignorant. You can choose to believe whatever you want to believe. Charice is laughing all the way to the bank. She just finished a concert in Asia. All venues were sold out. There were tickets priced as high as $2,800 in one of the countries. Give credit where credit is due. I guess to you maybe, Britney is a great singer. Charice sings really well even without accompaniment. Now, not all singers can do that. If Charice can’t sing then the producer of Glee should not have asked her to be part of Glee. You are just a moron who who’s a borderline ignorant to the nth level.

>>>>>>> staging1