Miley Cyrus: Shout Out to Just Jared!

Miley Cyrus: Shout Out to Just Jared!

Miley Cyrus clings to BFF Mitchel Musso as he surprises her on her tour bus in London as part of the bonus features off of her new album, Can’t Be Tamed.

With the Can’t Be Tamed Deluxe Edition, you’ll get a special DVD with bonus content — including this bit below! Check out Miley‘s Just Jared shout out!

In case you missed it, check out pics from Miley‘s live-streaming concert from the House of Blues!

Inside Miley Cyrus’ Tour Bus
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  • http://@seanluvsmiley sean92

    can she stops clingign 2 any guys? i fink am jeelouss lol

  • KC

    So she stalks Just Jared? I wonder if she’s stalking right now…hey miley! :)

  • Jasmine

    Aww, I love this <33
    “Musso, what the hell?!”
    “This is my boyfriend Mitchel,” <33 I love Miley and Mitchel’s friendship, adorable =D

  • Mitchley forever

    “This is my boyfriend Mitchel” OMG. Just made my night. <3

  • cane

    I love Miley and Mitchel’s friendship tooooo

  • ktawnyy

    awww! that was so cute! her and mitchell are such good friends!

  • Rochel

    Luv that bus.
    I wonder who designed it ??
    I bet it was Miley and her mom.
    That was so cute when Mitchel surprised Miley.
    and who cares that she said what the hell.
    I think it was cute :))

  • Danni

    AW (:

  • Barb

    Awww…I love seeing Mitchel and Miley together. They’re so sweet. I’m glad that Mile has good friends like Mitch around to support her!

  • blah blah

    I Love Her So Much ♥♥♥
    And I Love Mitchel ♥♥♥


    OMG she is such a sweetheart. How can you not love her? :) Soo cute, really and soo cool :) If she does not need the bus, Ill take it tho xD

  • Laura

    Miley is such a darling :) she’s awesome, I loved Mitchel surprising her :)

  • kym

    shes so wild lol

  • good-one

    Wow! Now it really is a must have DVD.

  • Britini95

    Its nice to see how normal she is! Just singing and talking with her friends like a normal 17 year old! She should do more stuff like this :)

  • Megamileyfan1

    l’m a huge fan of miley’s,& l love to see her having fun like just proves to these haters,that miley is just the same caring,fun loving,girl that she’s always been.As l’ve always thought & said,it’s all a stage act,that is just done,to sell her albums.But ppl just can’t see that.All they want to do,is find fault with her.Miley,is a wonderful human being.l think miley,is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth,with an equally,beautiful voice.Miley is super Talented,& a master,of her craft.l just wish ppl would give miley,a break,& find somethng else to do.lf l had one wish granted to me,it would be,to actually,meet her.l was looking forward to the possibility of meeting her,when miley came over here to the uk,the start of this month.But unfortunately,l got the impression,that unless l lived in london,l’ll never know where miley is going to be.So l’ll just have to resign myself,to the fact,that l’m never going to meet her.But in true mileyfan fashion,l’ll continue to love,& support her,from my laptop.l think miley,is a wonderful girl,& l will always think that,no matter what,anybody else thinks.Before l go,l’ll just say,that l think these haters of her,should thank miley,for giving them something to do,in their sad,little lives.God bless you always

  • Nicole

    I thought it was soo cute. & I am in love with the tour bus. OMG. I sometimes wish I had Miley’s life. Must be AMAZING.

  • Fred

    is she high?? seriously she should just calm the f**k down….

  • Karen

    Sooooooo cute. I Love them both.

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