Demi Lovato 'Dreams' on KTLA

Demi Lovato 'Dreams' on KTLA

Demi Lovato stares back into the camera as she sings her duet with We The Kings on KTLA on Wednesday morning (June 23).

The 17-year-old singer joked with the host on the relationship between her and Travis Clark.

Demi shared, “That’s actually why I changed my hair color; we’re actually brother and sister. Yes, identical twins.”

Check out their performance below!

We The Kings feat. Demi Lovato – “We’ll Be The Dream” – KTLA, 06/23
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  • gisela

    oh she is so beautiful and love this song

  • Ceecile

    KTLA is such a fail! They cut to commercial right when Demi was going to belt out her big note! I can’t believe it. I was so pissed! I was really looking foward to this and the accoustic version was great, Demi sounded really good.
    The wole thing was a fail. Appart from the little of their performance we were showed. The interviewer sucked. Didn’t do his homework. And he just made everything awkward.

  • haydee

    shes beautiful as always
    :)) love u demi wish i can go on her
    tour !!!!

  • kara


  • rosie

    nooo i hate her new hair color it dosent suit her and makes her face look weirder



  • bella

    I love demi lovato
    I love this song
    demi great voice
    she is perfect

  • milena

    i love her she is so beautiful

  • mrs.nickjonas

    I kinda liked the hair… but when the camera came close to her face I couldn’t tell that was demi! Her face is just so different, I don’t really know what it is… But she changed A LOT from the person that she was like 1 year ago? 2, maybe? I really like her, but that’s what I think…

  • urbeautiful

    just when i thought she couldn’t get any more gorgeous..they ZOOM up on her face..and im like, WOW :) she’s flawless. LOVE HER. she did a good job..but that DAM interviewer FAILED..asking ‘relationship’ questions!?!?! i mean…really? idiot.

  • jordan

    she’s amazing! & i agree wtf they cut it right at the best part. her hair looks amazing. TO ALL THE HATERS SAYING DEMI HAS CHANGED: everyone changes, it’s apart of growing up. I’m sure you don’t look excatly the same 2 years ago. the only disney star i know who looks the same is selena gomez. she has the same baby face lol. just a lil taller.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Demi’s awesome!

  • musicGirl

    Love Demi! I think she looks amazing!! Growing about everyone tries to find their right look so people shouldn’t care so much that Demi changes hers. Demi does look stunning… she is so talented. She is just a great girl and role model. :)

  • Ali

    couple alert! lol

  • Ella

    Great version, but why did they cut it?? :/

  • Liz.

    loooove demi’s new hair!
    and this sounded great. wish it was longer though?!

  • rai

    i love her, but i miss her dark hair ;/

  • Chilli

    wow… demi’s juz soo cool! n i prefer her dark hair better than this one.. i think she looks more stunning wid it..

  • Sketch

    Wow. She looks so breathtaking. And sounds amazing too. WTK are pretty awesome ;)

  • tessa

    I like her new hair

  • alice

    She is cute

  • emma

    I love her

  • suri

    beautiful song

  • Britini95

    JustJared jr..when will you be posting that interview with Demi? I really want to see it! I love her new hair, its just a slighter lighter than her natural hair color. She still has a nice little tan on her,too! I’m upset that they cut their performace off, maybe if that dude stopped talking so much, they would’ve had more time!!!

  • cherry

    She is a pice of crap,and sing horrible and the worse she thinks is an artist and a good singer poor demetria

>>>>>>> staging1