Kristen Stewart: Eclipse EW Cover!

Kristen Stewart: Eclipse EW Cover!

Kristen Stewart looks sensational on the special Eclipse cover of Entertainment Weekly.

In a teaser on EW‘s website, the 20-year-old actress opened up about her recent comment on the paparazzi.

Kristen shared with the mag about being in the spotlight now, “I just feel more comfortable, more myself, and I feel less bare. I feel much more like nobody can take anything from me. Before, I felt literally like my chest was cracked open and people could just reach in and examine and pick at anything they wanted, and it just freaked me right out.”

Stay tuned for Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson‘s cover soon! Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Entertainment Weekly
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  • dudemanrod

    So gorgeous! Love her quotes from this interview(and Rob’s). <3

  • KATE


  • ana

    She looks so gorgeous when she smiles!

  • nathalia

    she’s unbelievably gorgeous!

  • -just.bella.

    She is one incredibly beautiful little lady. She is just glowing in this picture. She has such a lovely adorable smile. I love how she is in a simple tee for the picture very ‘Kristen’ and not some big glamorous dress. I really cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures and interview!!

  • kayla

    she looks good here and has been looking great lately too.
    i’m glad that she looks nice and natural here instead of too much makeup.
    i cant wait for eclipse!

  • fran

    Just PERFECT! She is really beautiful… LOVE HER! Can’t wait for Eclipse!

  • Gabby

    I wonder how much they had to pay her to get to smile.

  • debra

    gorgeous……Kristen is the star of the show.

  • harley

    She looks great on the cover.

    And I know people say that she should have expected all the attention that comes with being in the industry, but honestly, I’m her age and I couldn’t imagine dealing with paparazzi and photographers yelling at you while you’re just trying to do your job or when you’re just walking down the street with your friends/family or something.

  • becca

    cant wait until eclipse comes out love the other two movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rainbower

    she’s smiling for the first time!!! she looks so pretty here. cant wait for eclipse.

  • wow

    So beautiful.

  • Kay

    People have to realize and be WILLING to accept the fact that she was 10 when she got into this business, she had no concept of fame and grew up around actors that didn’t relish it (i.e. Jodie Foster). The art of ACTING is what she loves, and she doesn’t have a media-ready personality like say a Kathryn Heigl (though she has major foot-in-mouth issues so maybe not good example), she’s had to grow into it as she’s an extremely private person. My brother is just like that, takes a while to get to know him so people think he’s an anti-social jerk. so #8 Gabby, your attitude leaves me to believe you WANT to hate her, you enjoy it for some reason maybe because of jealousy, idk. But it makes YOU look pathetic and angry and sad. Kristen is on the top of the world and she has said and EXHIBITED over and over how grateful she is for the opportunity Twilight has afforded her to get more, better projects. She VALUES her work and that her fans appreciate that. She cares about doing the characters she plays justice. Oh, and she smiles. A LOT. You just have to see it.

  • jessica

    @Gabby: lol

  • Brittany

    Sweetie, you look a whole lot better when you smile. You should really smile like this more often.

  • amy

    Thats beautiful! But it has been a bit enhanced don’t get me wrong i LOVE kristen :)

  • Whatever

    The lesbian has finally smiled. And lol at Gabby. She looks pretty though.

  • Lauren

    Kay, I couldn’t have said it better. Kristen Stewart has been acting ever since she was about 8 years old but she has only recently become famous and she is trying to deal with that. Secondly, there are going to be haters no matter what, case in point numbers 18,16, and 8. Nothing she does or will ever do will get this certain group of people to cut her slack. Which is fine because she seems to be growing more confident every day and soon she won’t hear the miserable haters at all anymore.

>>>>>>> staging1