Nick Jonas & Big Rob: Old Compton Comrades

Nick Jonas & Big Rob: Old Compton Comrades

Nick Jonas and Big Rob walk and talk down Old Compton Street in London on Tuesday evening (June 22).

The 17-year-old actor, who just made his West End Debut on Monday night, has something else to celebrate too — he just became the National Chair of JDRF‘s Walk to Cure Diabetes!

Nick will help out JDRF, an organization that funds type 1 diabetes research, get people to participate in its annual walks, by becoming the face of online videos and PSAs to spread the word. Last year, the walks raised roughly $75 million, so Nick’s got some big shoes to fill.

He shared in a statement, “As a person living day to day with diabetes and recognizing the tremendous contribution the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has done for our community, I couldn’t be more honored to serve as the National Chair for the Walk to Cure Diabetes.”

Congrats, Nick!

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  • bruno

    dudee i insane look likee nick jonaas! hahaha seriously! dont believe in me! look at this!

    hahaha i look a lot like nick jonas LOL

  • Veronica rodriguez

    Oh my goodness, Nick Jonas is a heart throb of a man. The way he smiles brings sunshine into my eyes. The way he looks into my eyes, warms my yearning heart. I will always love and support you dear Nicholas Jerry Jonas. May you live a long, successful and happy life. Whomever you meet and eventually marry, may she love you for who you are and hold up her end of the relationship. Always be true to yourself and live with peace and faith. God bless you and your future. Amen. :)

  • Yolanda

    @bruno: Yeah Bruno if Nick was Chinese LOL!!!!!!! Big Robs feet are so cute in those pics!!!!!

  • demijbfan

    he is so gorgeous… 0_0

  • bruno

    HAHHAHHAA Im not chinese i just did that face for fun hahhahah

  • nony

    nick needs a tan :D …. btw i luv the shirt

  • Eric Shinn

    LOL look at all the gay guys checking Nick out!!!!! Also, he isn’t wearing his purity ring!!!!!

  • egridori

    Nick is wearing his purity ring! Look at his necklace, there is! ;)
    He’s amazing, and what he do for people with diabetes, it’s so nice!! Come on Nick, you’re an awesome man!!!

  • jonaslove

    I love it when he smiles, it’s because he rarely does it so you’re lucky if you catch it and he looks gorgeous!! Jonas for life!!

  • sam

    aww nick :)
    he’s becoming such a handsome young man.

  • amanda

    @bruno: OMG! Yeah! I see the resemblance!!

  • Ella

    What’s up sweetie boy? ;)

  • rikki

    @Veronica rodriguez: WOAH THERE. my gosh!

    why does nick look so small? lol people always say he’s built and he has such a nice body… but look at how tiny his feet are and how skinny his legs are. +5 for the arms though! ;)

    i miss joe.

  • Liz.

    @rikki: lol ok look , anyone would look small next to big rob. are u from germany or some place where men are really tall?? cuz nick is average height for here. but ya his arms are soo nice and joe just got back from afirca

  • jenny

    Great pictures. He sounds good in Les Mis. And always impressed with how much he does for good causes. And Nick only looks small because he’s next to Big Rob.