Meaghan Martin & Maiara Walsh are Mean Girls (Casting Call!)

Meaghan Martin & Maiara Walsh are Mean Girls (Casting Call!)

Congrats to both Meaghan Martin and Maiara Walsh — they were just cast in Mean Girls 2!

The girls both took to their social network sites (Facebook and Twitter) to announce the big news. Meaghan shared on her Facebook, “I won’t be going on [the Camp Rock] tour because I will be in Atlanta filming ‘Mean Girls 2!’ I will be playing the lead role of Jo!”

Maiara will be the lead “Plastic,” still yet to be named.

Mean Girls 2 revolves around a new high school student, Jo, who agrees to befriend an outcast, Abby, at the urging of Abby’s wealthy father in exchange for paying all of Jo’s costs for the college of her dreams. Jo and Abby team up to take on the school’s “mean girls,” the Plastics. The story becomes a high stakes battle of loyalty that ultimately comes to a head when one of our heroines finds out that her friendship has been bought and paid for.

CASTING CALL! The flick is looking for background talent to shoot throughout the summer in Atlanta, Georgia. Want to be part of it? Click inside to find out how!

Mean Girls 2 Background Talent Casting Call

WHEN: Saturday, June 26, 2010 from 9AM – Noon
Sunday, June 27, 2010 from 11AM – 2PM

WHERE: The Ernst and Young Building, Lower Level vacancy, 55 Allen Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia 30308

* Anyone with cool/ funky hairstyle, eyeglasses, or “Art Gallery” looks
* High school sports fans, Mom and Dad types, with a Midwest feel
* Casting ages 16 and up and “ALL LOOKS”
* Mall rats, skater looks and preppies!
* Real Cheerleaders and High School Jocks! Come in high school attire.
* Looking for Asian-American and Latin-American actors for very featured bit roles.


* NO LOGOS of any kind please!
* Come in high school attire, jeans, ringer t-shirts, hoodies, skirts, etc.
* Backpacks, bookbags, beanies, kangols, eclectic outfits and accessories
* Please come in style, simple jewelry is best, with hair and make-up camera ready

BRING: Official state IDs (e.g., driver’s license, birth certificate, U.S. Passport). School IDs will not be accepted. Headshots, if available.

Good Luck!

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Credit: Rebecca Sapp; Photos: WireImage, Twitter
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  • nkeeyah

    Why couldnt this be in LA!! I love mean girls! JJ please post some LA stuff plz.

  • Everything is a sequel now, many of which don’t involve the original cast. It kind of annoys me. Originality is truly dead in Hollywood

  • M

    So this is going straight to dvd I take it.

  • 0_O

    Did Tina Fey even write the script? It was her writing and the great acting that made the first one good. With new actors and a new writer I doubt this will be as good.

  • Hope

    There is only one Mean Girls and thats the original, not this straight to dvd dollar bin one Block Buster.

  • marylin

    Dangggg her eyes are sooo pretty. I wish mine were that color. And boo, they shouldn’t have touched such a classic. It most likely will go straight to dvd. It’ll be trying too hard to be as good as the last, and fail. Oh well

  • joy.

    .. I would of thought that Meaghan was going to be one of the ‘Plastics’ not Maiara.. hm, I’ll think about watching this one.. but I agree with @: the first movies are always the best.

  • abby

    No idea who they are but OMG that girl on the right is down right STUNNING!!!!!!!!!

  • harley


    She was on that show on Disney, Cory’s House, or something? And she was on Desperate Housewives recently.

    & This kind of reminds me of the ‘Save the Last Dance’ sequel. The original was really good, but the sequel had random people that didn’t even make it worth watching.

    I wish Hollywood would stop wasting their time and money on things like this.

  • emmy

    @0_O: I agree. I loved the original and it was mainly due to Tina Fey and her writing. If she’s not involved in this one, then I don’t have high hopes for it. At least they have Meaghan playing a nicer girl (or so it seems anyway). I never thought she could really pull off mean/snarky in Camp Rock.

  • Edivar

    I loved Mean Girls. The first movie is a classic. Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Tina fey are divas. I think is very difficult Mean Girls 2 be good as the first one was. Even more without the original cast.

  • Jsssss

    Why ruin a perfectly good movie with a sequel?

  • Marianne

    No offense to those girls, but I will not be watching. Mean Girls doesn’t need a sequel.

  • Tobehonest

    To be honest it will be a FAIL.
    You can’t add a sequel to a classic movie and without the original cast. I won’t be surprised if it goes right to DVD.

  • Marjo

    Noooo thats my favorite movie!! I dont want a sequel >.< anyway the first is ALWAYS better Tina Fey is a genious :P

  • cassie smith

    im auditioning on sat. i will take pics and videos for jjj.

    follow me here @cassiegorawr –

  • http://j chelsea

    wow fail, straight to dvd movie

  • Wes

    NOO!! They shouldn’t mess with perfection.

  • bree

    Lindsay,Amanda and Rachel are unsubstitble.

  • Ohrelly

    Are the plastics in this one the ones at the end of the first one? Well, this seems interesting to me….but the first one was just plain AMAZING. It really doesn’t need a sequel, cuz the real mean girls characters are all happy with their lives. Why add a new one?

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