Miley Cyrus Has No Swagger

Miley Cyrus Has No Swagger

Looking a little bit worn for wear, Miley Cyrus heads to her awaiting car as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (June 23).

The 17-year-old actress/singer performed at the Nashville Rising benefit concert just last night in Nashville.

Miley recently sat down with MTV to chat about her new album and one particular song: “Liberty Walk.”

She shared, “I’m not a rapper. I’ve got no flow in that way. I’ve got no swag. I love him [Lil Jon], because he just made this song. It was already something that set me apart, but it just [became something more with him]. You know, the fact that he respects my music and we are completely opposite styles, and the fact that he can be like, ‘OK, this is a good song,’ it just shows you don’t have to be a certain age, gender [to like it].”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s new album?

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Credit: Pedro Andrade / Kevin Perkins; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • http://@seanluvsmiley sean92

    well i still havent gott her allbum butt ive heard most off her songs nd i luv all off her songs i fink its her bestest allbum she made its better then brakeout or dat ep wiff party in the usa on it lol my fav songs r stay (she rote dis 1 4 me lol) robott nd my heart beets 4 luv lol
    bye the way shes so beautifull on these pix lol

  • Sahina

    i’m liking her new hair style.

  • victoria

    i love her new album, its by far her best :)

  • Kalina

    she’s pathetic, seriously. Disco BOOM BOOM BOOM YEA and black freaking wings. No, thanks.

  • jojo

    @victoria: me too ❥❥❥❥

  • http://@seanluvsmiley sean92

    i fink kalina is pathetick lol

  • jen

    its her best album yet, i wish people judged it by the music (which is amazing, as well as the lyrics written by her, which is rare these days) and not by their opinions on how she dresses or whatever.
    if you like the album you should support and BUY IT! not steal it.
    best songs: liberty walk, two more lonely people, stay, robot, take me along.

  • Silent7714

    I would like to see her for “talent” @jen and all you miley fans/stalkers, if she had any. She doesnt write her songs herself she has a TEAM of songwriters who make up most of her songs and he she does add anything it would be like two words or a sentence. And acting more “mature”? Really i didnt know “mature” people wear “ahem” clothes and sing and dance on a pole, off key too. You dont just start as a DISNEY star who acts innocent then act like you been around. You dont see the jo bros start rapping and acting all thug life, like wriggers. We really dont need another britney. And im more of a Demi Lovato fan, shes way better.

  • lb

    @Silent7714: She co-wrote every damn song! And that doesn’t mean just 1 or 2 sentence!

  • hilde

    I love her new album
    I can`t stop listning to it…

  • harley

    She definitely looks like she could use some sleep!

    & Her new album isn’t bad. “Two More Lonely People” and “Take Me Along” are my favorites, along with “Stay”, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and “Forgiveness and Love”. I just bought those tracks individually from iTunes because I didn’t really like the rest of the songs, but I think the album overall was a good effort on her part.

  • Jordyn

    Her legs look amazing here and I’m loving her hair. :)

  • lids

    @Silent7714: fuck off bitch! you don’t know shit!

  • Meghan

    why odes she do that annoying pout thing all the time?
    i hope she doesn’t get them ugly extensions back in her
    hair. i like her new shoet hair style.

  • izzy

    @Jordyn: her legs look like sticks

  • izzy

    @Silent7714: i like miley but love demi as her music is more rock than pop and also love emily osment cos she makes music i like to listen too

  • Charles

    @Silent7714: Your wording wasn’t very good, but I agree with all your main points.

  • Natasha

    oh come on! she is crazy! can everyone agree on that. she’s been through alot of mistakes and she has no idea how to solve it.yea she says she’s wearing less but she showed her bra and etc right in our faces.and that’s really discusting! seriously this girl needs help.and don’t support her just because ohh i love her hair style and her hair outfit.the more you like her the more ur going to be like her especially little kids she acts like an adult in front of them and there to young to kno these things.seriously she needs a room.i wish she quit Disney.she doesn’t deserve anything.

  • Jessie

    I just bought Miley’s new album today. My fav song so far is ‘Stay’ but I really do love them all. I love Miley so much I can’t even describe. I love you Miley!! xxx

  • Deunta

    I think natasha doesn’t deserve anything lol!!!! Leave Miley alone. Best album of Miley :D

  • actress

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVE the new album!!!!!!!!!!!! And the whole co-writing thing, I have family in this buissness (don’t mind my spelling) and co-writing means she originaly wrote the song herself, then brought it to the profesional’s and they touched it up. But its mainly HER!!!!! HER thoughts, HER words, HER. And to all you haters, you need to quit commenting. Anybody in the world can read these things and I don’t think it would make you feel real good if you saw these things about your self or someone you know and love…. ROCK ON MILEY!!!!!!!!!! WE STILL LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shannon

    loving the new CD. her best one yet. Most favorite songs are “permanent December” and “my heart beats for love.” I love all the songs but the two i just mentioned are the ones i can’t stop listening to.

  • Kristina

    I bought the album, and its great! Regardless of what she’s done in the past or now, the music is what’s important!

    LA–>NY–>Toronto–>LA–>Nashville–>LA in less than a week!

    She needs to rest!

  • LB

    @Natasha: Sweetheart first of all SHE DOES NOT NEED TO RAISE HER FANS. Parents need to do that. If they go with their kids to the store to buyclothes and their kid want’s something like Miley… they just need to say NO! I would love to see you under the spotlight every second of the day without being followed by papz. Miley is doing her best to grow up right and if you don’t make mistakes you will never learn right from wrong. LEAVE HER ALONE

  • Selena ROCKSS!!!!!


    First try spelling rt..

  • lauren6

    miley is doing a great job of living her life and let her live her own life!!! people need to relax, and like others have pointed out on here lets judge her by her music and not what she wears….and by the way her hair is looking amazing, just hope she doesnt put her extensions back in

  • katie smith

    well she has just came off an long fight from Europe do u think she’ll be not tried miley cyrus is doing her best to impress the paparazzi she get people flowing her around 24/7 if I was her I’ll be screaming at them but I not her so she kind and caring to them. I think its nice to she what she is upto but not 24 hours a day give the girl a break

  • farrisE

    i love her new hair a lot…..

  • Kay

    lol i love how someone says something bad about her and about 10 people freak out

  • cane

    miley gooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • lilly

    wow! your so hot ! (like fire!)

  • lilly

    wow! your so hot smiley!

  • lilly

    love ya

  • soughtful

    miley is an amazing writer and all her song are such an empowerment to young and older females. This is why I love miley because she stand for all women her music always means something. I love her writting she suchan inspiration. Her album is awesome and one of the best.

  • emma

    I love her new album

    She looks so beautiful

  • tessa

    I like what she is wearing. Miley’s so pretty

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Silent7714: Miley does write her own music. She wrote 8 of 12 songs on her Breakout CD and she co-wrote all the songs for this album also,

    @Natasha: Miley deserves everything she has honey. Just because she has been tru a lot of scandals does not make Miley a bad person. Scandals come with the territory just like money, fans, and haters.

  • suri

    I love it when stars go out without makeup.. Miley is gorgeous!!!

  • good-one

    So dog-tired, she doesn’t feel pretty. She’s earned some well-deserved beauty sleep.

  • Jonas Brothers

    She looks so beautiful without makeup

  • natalie

    Miley is cute – I love her new album

  • http://justjaredjr simone

    You look tired miley you work so hard I dont know how you do it.I hope you can get some well deserved rest now.By the way love the cardigan

  • alice

    I love Miley

    Agree with simone Miley work so hard, she is the best

  • mULLET pRINCE 25

    Miley Cyrus rocks bigtime

  • Mullet Prince 25

    Miley Cyrus rocks bigtime and her new album is going to be TOTP

  • rikki

    honestly i don’t think she’s “gorgeous”. she doesn’t look so great without makeup. i like her hair though! and yes, nice legs. but would it kill her to dress a little more modestly?

  • rachel


  • hayley

    CANT BE TAMED ROCKS!!! love all the tracks but permanent december is on repeat<3 GO mileeeeeyyyyy!!!!!


    I don’t like the new miley. her music is just not good enough. her songs used to mean something. (like The Climb) but now all she cares about is her new edgy look and boys.

  • Alina

    She looks so tired.. But I still like her! She has no extensions or she cut her hair? she looks better now!