Kristen Stewart to Miley Cyrus: Don't Like Vampires? That's Okay!

Kristen Stewart to Miley Cyrus: Don't Like Vampires? That's Okay!

Miley Cyrus holds her hair in place so it won’t get in her eyes as she arrives at a medical building in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (June 25).

The 17-year-old actress, who recently stated she’s not a huge fan of vampires, has the star of Eclipse, Kristen Stewart, on her side.

Upon hearing that Miley isn’t falling over the phenom, Kristen told EOnline, “Is she scared of them or does she just not like them? I don’t think you should convince people of something if they already have their way of thinking about. Whatever”if she hates vampires, that’s cool.”

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Credit: Jeff Steinberg; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • harley

    I don’t get why the media tries to make such a big deal when a celebrity doesn’t like something. It’s perfectly fine to have likes/dislikes. Everyone does.

    Anyway, she looks really pretty. I love her hair.

  • rosie

    she looks goregous!…………..and on a diffrent note dont forget to vote for selena for bet awards she so deserves it!!!!!!(((((today cause they are tommorrow)))

  • http://twitter dessa

    First to comment..YAY! i’m not a big fan of vampires too but everyone has their own opinion ryt? and they can say whatever they like. : )

  • cami

    kristeen <3

  • marylin

    Seriously why is it a big deal she doesn’t like them. Oh no miley doesn’t, what are we going to do! Let’s not make big talk about idiotic things like this. She’s just a 17 year old girl, come on

  • Agos

    Miley didnt even see the movie.

    Shes saying she doesnt like Twilight without even seeing it!! I mean saying you dont like a movie without seeing its pretty dumb. like shes too cool for that.

    Be safe & fuck everyone, seriously, like whatever!! – Kristen

  • Agos

    Miley didnt even see the movie.

    Shes saying she doesnt like Twilight without even seeing it!! I mean saying you dont like a movie without seeing its pretty dumb. like shes too cool for that.

    Be safe & f*** everyone, seriously, like whatever!! – Kristen Stewart

  • emaly

    its miley opinion & everyone has the right to their opinion :) and i respect kristen for just say ” it’s cool ” because she could of said ” they dont like you either miley ” but she handle it in a MATURE way <3

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Agos: Take a chill pill Jill ! She prob just has a crush a Lautner! Why else would she go TEAM JACOB when she hasn’t seen the movie?

    BTW, MC has been all over the place.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @emaly: um, actually the Twilight cast are Miley fans. Nice Try

  • krystelle
  • Nkeeyah

    its ok not to like twilight. Taylor and Kristen love the climb. They call it their anthem.

  • Christine

    like honestly, who cares? Geez, not that big of deal.

    And ngl, I’m not the biggest fan of Miley’s recent outfits, but this one is CA-YUTE! Except, I don’t really like her shoes, maybe an open-foor pair?

  • daniella!!

    she dsnt like anything thats better than her

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan



  • tessa

    She looks beautiful. I love her hair

  • m

    Comparing a movie to a girl is little crazy don’t you think? yes you are

  • laura

    her mum has no ass

  • Kristina

    She looks so much better with short hair. Very natural.

  • Tiffany

    who cares? vampires arent even real so why make a big fuss over if she likes them or not, thats really pathetic

  • keendesiree

    who the F***ing cares if she doesn’t like the twilight saga???

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @daniella!!: I despise people like you who belive that people have to like CRAP cuz it’s POPULAR. I used to hate Twilight until I read the first book. SO STFU! Not everyone is one Teab Jacob/Edward and not everyone HAS TO BE. It’s Called AN OPINION

  • Carla

    I doesn’t matter what she thinks in the first place.

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    hmmm I never saw the movie and I hate Twilight..there are many other people out there who feels the same way as miley and I I would watch what you say because you can offend other ppl other than Miley..

    and why is everyone making a big deal about this?!
    what happened to freedom of speech? having our own opinions?
    I’m serioulsy getting tired of some people who try to make things bigger than they seem to be.

    Oh and the btw I may have not seen the movie but I’m Team Jacob because I don’t like Robert Pattinson. thats MY opinion.

  • Avril

    She’s not saying she hates vampires. I think she just said she doesn’t like them and that’s probably the smartest opinion I’ve ever heard about all these vampires things!!!!
    what’s really important here is that she’s being honest and she’s not saying she likes all that ***** just because it’s popular now!!!!
    At least she’s sincere!!!!

    But let me tell u that if u r refering to what she said to EOnline, problably you’re wrong ‘cos here’s what she said when she was asked about True Blood:
    “What channel is that on? We don’t have HBO. So we don’t watch a lot of TV. We don’t know what’s on. All we have is like the Disney Channel and Nick at Nite because my sister is only 10 years old.”

    Did she mention the word “Hate” or even “Twilight”???

  • mon

    why kris hate miley?

    Kris is Miley’s fan.


    the media and the fans make more of a big deal than the actual stars who play the characters!!


    p.s love the cd this is not the ordinary cd u get and only like a few songs this one is like all out! every song is good im just not feeling #6 lol i like it but its not on repeat! lol

  • Katherineeeeee

    Does anybody know what type of cell phone she has?!


  • alice

    Kristen Stewart and Taylor L in love with Miley and her music and Miley in love with Kristen and Taylor L too

  • emma

    Miley looks so cute

  • rania

    I want her legs!! her legs are amazing!

  • ashlee

    She’s really pretty, she has a great body


  • ashlee

    She’s really pretty, she has a great body

  • brenda

    CBT album = amazing

  • Kaz

    What this really ur boring and she always horrible

  • http://Justjaredjrbuzznet.comkristenstewart Slig

    She nathing with staylis iam so cute and handsom than u

  • Kaz

    Hey harley ,ashlee and rosie u r lier ? huh

  • ijustdon’tcare

    is she scared of them???
    whahaa XD she’ll never get rid of her disney status

  • rachel

    her body & legs gorgeous!

  • mary

    I want a movie with Miley and Taylor L. I love them

  • Kristen

    I haven’t seen any of the movies and I don’t like them either. It is possible for you to not see something and know that you don’t like it just by seeing the trailers. You dont have to see the movie to form an opinion because that would just be a waste of time. anyway, I love her new hair without all the extensions it looks healthy and pretty (:

  • ilovemileyfans

    exactly :D :D

  • tiara

    I like how Kristen stood up for Miley. She is right everyone has an opinion. And vote for selena for bet awards like rosie said.

  • ashley

    Love Kristen Stewart.She’s no nice and down-to-earth.

    Miley Cyrus lacks good manners!

  • carla

    Ew!miley’s br* is clearly visible.

  • rachel

    i love her so much ! beautiful girl :)
    i hate Eclipse too !

  • Alicia

    awwww, kristens a nice person like that i expected her to go ott i luv miley and twilight and i dont want a fued between my fave things so thxx kristen