Selena Gomez: Blue Bikini Beach Day!

Selena Gomez: Blue Bikini Beach Day!

Selena Gomez enjoys the sun as she continues to film scenes for Monte Carlo on a beach in the south of France on Friday afternoon (June 25).

The 17-year-old actress, who was joined by costar friends Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy, just hit 5 Million friends on her Facebook!

Selena shared, “5 million on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable thank you all so much for keeping up with this page. Finally had an early day of shooting today we were out by 2pm and got to do some shopping….. bought nothing but it was fun looking. What is the last nice thing you bought for yourself? Paris is so gorgeous I could live here.”

15+ pics inside of Selena Gomez

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selena gomez blue bikini beach 01
selena gomez blue bikini beach 02
selena gomez blue bikini beach 03
selena gomez blue bikini beach 04
selena gomez blue bikini beach 05
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  • Bel

    Wow, wait a second selena actually looks really hot. wow she has grown up. Look at this natural beauty.

  • Kim

    She looks amazing, the bikini is very sunny. You know what I mean.

  • kayla

    She is cute :)

  • demifan101

    that is not a bikini that is a bra. :l

  • kak

    she is pretty not hot or sexy..but she has a nice figure …Selena is a really talented actress if I may add :)

  • gigi

    and people said she didn’t have boobs….

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    Well, I like Selena so much. But she hasn’t a very curvy body, but it’s Ok. She’s a very nice person and I love some of her song but I must say She is not a godd singer. Please Sel, focus in acting!!!!!
    Let the singing thing go, please.

  • mike

    Selena is very beautiful like her body and her bobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • demifan101

    If Miley wore this how many ppl would call her a slut? DOUBLE STANDARDS.

  • wow

    Beautiful & classy.

    And @demifan101 that is a bathing suit she is wearing not a bra. you must be on the wrong post. This post is about Selena NOT the trashy teen page – filed under can’t be tamed.

  • wow

    Selena is a gorgeous girl. Nice to see a wholesome teen celeb.

  • Ryan

    Selena looks beautiful and slim in the bikini. Cant wait for the movie!!

  • casey


  • Kristina

    It seems like a push up bra, not a bathing suit because of the material it’s made out of.

  • marylin

    She’s shooting for a movie in a swim suit. She doesn’t look trashy, she’s not flashing her but like demi so why be negative about this. She looks great. Her body is perfect for her. She looks adorable. And people, boobs or as you call it “curves” aren’t everything. God makes your body in his perfect vision. “Curves” boobs or thin and pretty. And I’d prefer a small body and pretty face than boobs and curves and look like a man.

  • http://j chelsea

    much better body than ska.nky miley, selena looks good here and i’m really liking how her career is taaking off

  • D

    @demifan101: they are on the beach and it’s definitely a bikini !! XD
    love her!

  • she looks great in a bikini but her body is too square… :\
    anyway, i think she is the most beautiful girl in the world! outside and inside :)
    i looove her so much!!! and i can’t wait to see the movie :D

  • MIA

    For people saying that she has no boobs that’s why she needs to wear a push up. You clearly don’t know anything about bras, a push up bra will not work unless the person actually has boobs. You need to be atleast a b cup in order for it to give the “push up” effect.

  • krystelle

    the picture where the strap is coming off, really selena?
    pull it back up

  • Liz.

    @marylin: Because Demi purposely flashed her butt. She was adjusting, get out of her. -_-

  • Jasmin

    Sel looks AMAZING!
    Yes, her body is shaped differently BUT its PERFECT on her!

    My body is shaped differently but like @marylin: said “God makes your body in his perfect vision”
    And 4 the people who have been saying she looks like a 12 year old, needs to get their eyes check cuz Sel looks nothin like a 12 year old.

  • @krystelle: what is the problem?! it’s just for the suntanning!

  • D

    @Jasmin: you are so right!! =)

  • pauli

    omg so freaking gorgeous, love the bikini, blue is definitely her color…. looks stunning!!!!

  • pauli

    btw seriously haters selena has boobs, she doesnt need push up like fake cyrus, actully everything in selena is natural…

  • rikki

    that doesn’t look like a bikini to me. but still- she is gorgeous! and soo thin

  • erin

    She has a gorgeous body but she just doesn’t show it off usually because she’s more conservative and doesn’t wear provocative clothes like some other people. She grown up alot, good for her.

  • Nkeeyah

    I think Selena looks great! She has an amazing body.

  • lexie

    its not a bra.
    i have a bathing suit like that. -__-
    she looks really good. Europe is doing her good.

  • krystelle


    it looks like the bra/bikini top is coming off

  • Julia

    Slut slut! Slutena Hoemez.
    Face it.
    Team Miley.

  • Alright


  • Taylor

    I hate her!

  • Crys

    The reason she has no curves is because shes still a virgin..Dont you people know that when a girl has sex her body totally changes…like curves and boobs come into place. why do you think that Miley from one year to another had a stick figure body to a curvy one. Shes been getting it on..its so obvious just ask any girl and theyll tell you that there is a change.

  • em

    @demifan101, there is no double standard, this is a bathing suit on the beach. miley wears bikinis on the beach too, and that’s fine, but then she also wears skimpy little outfits on stage in front of millions of people, and loads of impressionable young girls. that’s the difference.

  • Tiffany

    She looks so pretty.and can’t wait for this movie.

  • Ella

    Sel is always pretty. The blue bikini fits on her. :)

  • Mark Maguire

    @marylin: Well said! God designs everyone differently. Even twins are not exactly the same. There is a slight difference if you look hard enough. The Lord made Selena exactly the way He wanted her to be (see Psalm 139). Selena is gorgeous and i do see some curves. She’s not quite 18 yet so I think she will have a late growth spurt in terms of curvature. In any event i would not change one thing about her. Let’s hope she remains different from the majority of hollywood and doesn’t give in to plastic surgery and things like that.

  • Ruby

    You know, no offense, but when Miley wears something like this, people would get all up in her face, so why is it okay for Selena?
    Just saying.

  • ananya

    ppl are saying ‘when miley wears something like this…..blah blah blah’
    ok luk, when miley was that wholesome teen celeb ppl didnt care if she wore a bikini coz the only tym she wore the bikini was when she was at the beach. But now she wears swimsuit like stuff everywhere she goes so ppl get more critical when they see her in stuff lyk this. WHile selena only wears bikinis occasinally but outside she is conservative and covers up her whole body. Miley wears swimsuits on stage, selena wears full clothes on stage. so pppl get more worked up when they see miley in a bikina coz they think she just wants to expose

  • DAYY (:

    @demifan101: noo, some bikinis have underwire.

  • Isabella

    She looks amazing does anyone know where she got it or where I can get on like it ?? Or where she got that sweatshirt??

  • ale

    this is coool

  • lizette

    Selena is wearing a bathing suit at the BEACH. Oh no, call the police!! Seriously people, girls do wear bathing suits to the beach. So stop acting like it’s all “if miley were wearing that people would make a big deal about it” because that’s definitely not the case. If miley wore that at the beach, as Selena is doing, then no, it would not be a big deal, because it’s the a beach. And it’s for a movie. It’s not like Selena is flaunting her body anywhere and everywhere.

  • GossipGirl

    @wow: oh, so it’s slutty for Miley to show her bra, but it’s okay if Selena shows one? Ba ha. And it’s guys likee you that call MC a hypocrite

    @pauli: that’s because Selena doesn’t have anything to PUSH UP with her little paper boobs

  • @lizette: i agree!!

  • marsi

    Miley and Demi hace better bodies, more curvy

    but she def have more boos, well she actually have

    SHE is at the beach, when Miley it’s at the beach no one said she is s…

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan


    How do you know miley does? do you stalk her? wow thats weird how you would know since your a hater of miley. well we all just know that selena will problay still be on disney till shes 23 doing her little fake wizards stupid show. and miley will being much much bigger things than selena.

  • jan.

    Her body is amazing! her face are amazing!
    she just looks AMAZING!! WOW!!! <3
    Sel is the best! [;