Ashley Tisdale: What It Takes To Be A Hellcat

Ashley Tisdale: What It Takes To Be A Hellcat

Check out those twists!

Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka star in this coming-of-age drama about a young pre-law student, Marti (Aly Michalka) whose world is turned upside-down when she loses her scholarship and has to join the college’s competitive cheerleading team.

Hellcats will air on Wednesdays @ 9PM on the CW this fall.

PSST! Taking last minute questions for Ashley — we’re headed to Toronto soon!

Hellcats Trailer #2
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  • sarah

    I am so excited for this show!

  • mike

    waiting to see the show an tv

  • ZJ207

    it looks so fierce and hot!!
    can’t wait xD

  • ZJ207

    oh and when is exactly soon?
    Cause you guys have been saying “Soon” for quite a while now lol
    Can we know when are you going to meet her? :) Like next week? next month?


  • emaly

    looks so goood, cant wait dammit
    wildcat to hellcat HAHA
    love the tizz <3

  • Shannon

    Cheerleaders are athletes.
    I’m not one but I know people who are. It seems like ruddy hard work to me.

    Though I’m having doubts about how genuine Ashley is, even though I used to love her.

    Show looks amazing though.

  • gonzalo

    I love you Ashley!!! =)


  • burningup_92

    ask her did she break up with her boyfriend and what will she film next after sharpay movie and hellcats and when will she release a new single and music video?

  • GÜŞş

    go hellcats!
    go hellcats!

  • miley

    I beileve ashley wil be so succesful.Ilove you ashley.I hope this.Tizzy is perfect!!!!!!

  • demi

    I can’t wait for hellcats!!
    go ASHLEY!!!

  • leighton

    @burningup_92: did not leave ashley and scott.They are dating.I love ashley.

  • leighton

    I can’t waittttt!!!!!! No more!!!
    I can not stand!!!!

  • blake

    love ashley!!!
    she look so beautiful as always.I love her smiley.İt is perfect.Ashley always succesful.I can’t wait her films and albums.

  • jessi

    I love you T———————————–İ———————————Z—————————–Z————————-Y

  • jared

    I love you T—————————————-İ——————————-Z—————————————-Z—————————————————-Y

  • gossip

    I love you Ashley Tisdale!!! =)

  • emin

    I love you Ashley Tisdale!!! =)


    you are AMAZİNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • Taya

    I love Tizz
    i can’t wait<3

    go hellcats!

  • ^tisdale

    ashley I love you.

  • amanda

    I can’t wait for hellcats.
    love you tizzy.
    go hellcats!!
    go tizzy!!

  • Taya

    I love ashley <3

    go hellcats!

  • Taya

    i can’t wait <3
    go hellcats!

  • selena


  • bella

    hellcats is good project for ashley.

  • bella

    I love youuu TİZZY!!!

  • jonas

    can’t wait.
    hellcats will be amazing!!

  • andrea

    she is amazing ,so cute,perfect and so beautiful
    she will be succesful,because we will watch hellcats ??
    okay everybody??

  • blairr

    it so excited.
    love tizzy.
    love love love love love love tizzy.

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    why one person makes all comments??

  • david

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    ashley you are rocks!!!

  • kelly

    wooooooooooow,she is so beautiful
    and hellcats is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kellan

    can’t wait for hellcats.

  • taylor

    cheerleaders are definitely athletes. just like DANCERS.

  • lucia

    ow,love you.

  • andrea

    @Karii: no all comments from the same peole.But I don’t know.You look vanessa fans.vanessa’s all fan make it.

  • zac

    I love you ashley!!!
    hellcats will be amazing!!

  • zac

    @Karii: not from same look name.and look vanessa’s comments.all comments from same people.

  • matheus

    please, ask her about music, if she plans to release new single or new album soon, and about upcoming projects after sharpay’s movie and hellcats!

  • Danni

    Looks good :)

  • ashleyfan

    can’t wait (:

  • Mara

    Ask her if she’ll continue to publicize “Guilty Pleasure” when finished recording Hellcats!

    Ask him what will be the new project?

    Ask her if she is most excited to Hellcats or Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure!

    Ask her if she is thinking of a third album!

  • Matheus campos

    please ask her about her music carrer and what about some tour

  • kirreii

    Why is it some of you ashley fans keep dragging vanessa into this thread? If you don’t like her, then don’t even mention her…

    Oh, and if you guys haven’t realized, every thread has the same people commenting, no matter which celeb, so stop arguing -_-

  • Cheerio!

    I am a cheerleader, and it really is hardwork! You need skill, the things they do aren’t easy! You have to train a lot, and we do smile through pain.

  • kami

    here’s a hint. if you want it to look like lots of different ppl are posting comments on ashley thread at least change how you write and what you say. lol

  • alex

    could you ask her about her rumored projects

    Teen Witch
    Sleepless Beauty
    A Misfits’ Christmas

  • emaly

    love her

  • 111

    can’t you ashley.

>>>>>>> staging1