Ashley Greene & Brock Kelly: New Couple Alert?

Ashley Greene & Brock Kelly: New Couple Alert?

Ashley Greene gets up close and personal with Brock Kelly as she leaves an apartment building in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (June 26).

Brock, 24, was most recently seen in Costa Rican Summer.

Later in the afternoon, Ashley was seen paying the parking meter before working on her physique at a West Hollywood gym.

Ashley was also spotted at LAX airport.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ashley and Brock as a couple?

25+ pics inside…

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  • claire

    okay, I LOVE ashley, but it seems like i always see her making out with different guys every time….o_O
    guys like chace crawford, jackson rathbone, and now this brock guy and then back to jackson…..o_O. WTH IS GOING ON?!

  • mary

    hi everyone well i agree with claire
    is like jackson
    chace ian jared xavier kellan
    jackson again
    now this guy brock

    seriously i dont understand this girl

  • DIana

    damn, girl has a new boy every other week!

  • Ashleyisangel

    Ashley is very close with her guy friends so i wouldn’t be surprised if they were just good friends. But lets wait and see what happens, i don’t believe anything until Ashley confirms it.

  • harley

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her dating. She’s young, and she’s allowed to have fun.

    Anyway, she looks really pretty. I really like her lighter hair color.

  • Ashleyisangel

    its really hard dating someone when your in the show business, i hope this works out for her, if they are dating. I agree with Harley, she’s young and allowed to have fun, date people and all that stuff. As long as she is happy :)

  • Addy

    Uhhh She Confirmed she was dating Jackson a long time ago. They are just friends. She’s friends with a lot of guys and acts very flirty toward them all this inset new for her.

  • Sloane

    Go back to Ian!

  • Kay jay


  • Paige

    this guy kind of looks like a douche
    but i’m sure he’s a totally nice guy
    ashley can date whoever she wants, lol what we think shouldn’t really matter

  • MANia


  • http://Justjaredjrbuzznet.comkristenstewart Slig


  • yaay

    Both she and Kellan have said they’ve never been together many times it is possible for a girl and guy to b jsut friends
    *rolls eyes at hollywood just wants to make somethin out of nothin its perthetic*
    She and Jackson should just get togetha I know shes ytoung and is one of them girls who want to have fun
    but both she and Jackson have said they have crush on eachotha they flirt non stop since day 1
    and they eye fuck eachotha non stop

  • yaay

    *meant to say eyef*ck each otha non stop :)

  • mech

    i don’t know… I just want her to be happy but as far as I now she was happy as a single lady and she hung out with a boy when she wanted to. I don’t know… is weird. If she wants to be with him, best luck ever!

  • Kyra

    It makes me a little jealous, honestly.. xD I guess I’ll never think a guy is good enough for Ashley… My bad :P

  • Lisa

    Ashley can see/be with whoever she wants
    as fans we should respect her choice,
    she has said she is just friends with Kellan and Jackson
    and That Jackson is in love with someone else,
    she also said she doesn’t like to date smokers,
    meaning Kellan and Jackson would be out the picture.
    As fans if she is happy then we to should be Happy

  • j-ann

    omg u people are crazy, 1. she and chace dated a long time ago, and now they’re just friends, 2. she and ian dated like earlier last year, and now they’re just friends. 3. she and kellan are just good friends and NEVER dated, 4. same thing with jackson,…she has said this a bunch of times. And yea she can date anyone she wants to date, she doesn’t have to date someone that her fans or the media WANTS her to date…that’s not right ppl, you can’t force love. She looks like she’s really happy dating brock kelly anyway…plus he’s hott, I remember him from an episode of Supernatural…
    So yea just leave it alone and let her be okay

  • OMg

    This guy looks like he’s a part of Jersey Shore. Its cracking me up. SO UGLY. But then again I think she’s trashy. Stop saying she should be with Jackson he deserves much better than her! I bet she thinks it’s the other way around because it seems like she thinks she’s awesome but she has it wrong. Stay with fist pumping Jersey Shore member!

  • http://justjaredjr Jane

    I love Ashley Greene. that brock guy was in supernatural i knew him from somewhere. a young dean winchester lol.
    Ashley is lookin gud i should try and be more like her the working out part, i really wana get into shape and tone-up 2.
    Thank You Ashley for being a fab role model. bring on eclipse. XD

  • sarah

    haters leave her alone. she’s allowed to be with anyone she chooses. i hope this relationship works out!

  • OMg

    How is she a role model? because she poses halfnaked or naked and keeps giving the paps pictures of her making out with lame guys? low standards.

  • Miss twilight 21

    I’d rather Chace or Kellan, but if she’s happy with this guy… =)
    Haters, just shut up ù.ù She can do what she wants!

  • blueheavengirl

    Well, someone is enjoying every minute of life. Good 4 her, she’s young and should just appreciate it. At her age, it doesn’t matter how many guys she’s dated, she’s just living the life!!

  • Nanda

    I guess Ashley is on her way to Belgium. She will promote Eclipse there tuesdaynight in Antwerpen. Really looking forward to it :)

  • Melody

    I think ashley should be with who ever she wants to be with and yes she does make out with a lot of guys but that’s just her I just love her in the Twilight series!!!!

  • Bree

    Over anything having to dp with Twi ecspecially the non actors that appear in front of the cameras but can’t act.

  • Nancy

    Did Brock forget he has a girlfriend??…for over 3 years????
    Once a cheater always a cheater!!!!
    Not only that he is a loser!!!

  • amy

    she gets around a lot O.o

  • lola

    @Nancy: how you know that??? so hes cheating his girlfriend with ashley???

  • jess

    Role model my foot! Since when did posing n ude and sleeping around become commendable?

  • rebecca

    @lola and @nancy I know Brock and if it is the same girl he was dating a year ago then they were already broken up. I wouldn’t call him a loser. Maybe a player. But so is Ashley. I think they are good for each other. And to everybody that said mean things abou Ashley…quit with the hate!

  • Nikki

    Do not get me wrong I love Ashley and she is Alice in the Twilight saga’s no other actress I can put at Alice now.
    However she does seem a bit free with her kisses and there is a different guy everytime sometimes it is just male friends but these photo’s do not seem just like just friends lol.

  • Abigail

    She seems to have a new guy every now and then. She’s really flirty. But of course you make full use of it when you look like that. Goodness. She looks gorgeous.

  • Sarah

    I just met Brock at a Supernatural Convention…. He is a really down to earth nice/fun guy!! Ashley is lucky to ‘have’ him :)

  • me

    HA! Go young Dean Winchester!

  • Kristen

    I have personally met Brock at a Supernatural convention, so I will right now say that all of you saying that he looks like a “douche”. . . You are wrong. He’s actually really sweet, and very funny. He’s just kind of quiet, but after a while he does warm up and talking to him is just like talking to any ol’ person on the street. That’s how comfortable he makes people feel. Just ask any Supernatural fan that’s met him, okay?

    He played young Dean Winchester, FYI.

    Hopefully they’re happy.

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