Demi Lovato: San Diego Darling

Demi Lovato: San Diego Darling

Demi Lovato crinkles up her nose in delight as she performs at the Microsoft Store in San Diego, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (June 26).

JJJ reader Michelle sent in the great pics along with a story. Check it out:

“I just got back from the Demi Lovato Concert in San Diego and it was AMAZING:) I waited at 3AM for Demi on Thursday to get the meet and greet pass, and be a VIP! So on Saturday I got to stand in a special section. It was sooo hot and the guy behind me got arrested. Also, someone passed out and an ambulance came and got her, so the concert got delayed. I stood in line for 5 hours to get a good seat in VIP. She sang ‘Don’t Forget’ and she got a little teary….ahem Joe Jonas. She also brought up a cute little girl to sing “This Is Me!’

“The people at Microsoft were very strict during the meet and greet, and Demi had her own poster she would sign! But I had a picture of Demi and Miley [Cyrus] I wanted signed. The lady said NO! And she offered to hold it while I met Demi, but I said no. I printed out my own picture, so I wanted it signed. I hid it in my purse and when I met Demi, I had her sign the pic of her and Miley. Demi said ‘AHH…such a cute picture’…and laughed with her Demi laugh. All in all, it was a fantastic concert and meet and greet!”

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Michelle S
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  • GossipGirl

    I really wish Demi was discovered else where than Disney. So deserves so much more than what she’s getting. All Disney has been promoting lately is just Selena. Because she’s the only “Teen Queen” left on the network. It’s not fair to Demi, really.

  • Jenny

    @GossipGirl: I agree with you so much… I think Camp Rock will boost demi further the way she sould steer clear from… Demi needs to transition to her next step… she has the voice for lots of diff genres of music and I think she should get to release music that isnt limited

    On a diff note she looks gorgeous her hair is AWESOME… esepecially when its curled and she looks good wearing colours other than black

  • rachel

    Demi is much better that Selena..Selena is only publicity

  • Chelsey

    @Jenny and @ GossipGirl
    Agree. Demi has such an amazing voice that is unique and strong.
    And she looks gorgeous in these pictures. Love her <3

  • Ceecile

    I 100% agree. She’s getting stuck behind JB too.
    And she’s not appreciated as much by Disney fans because she isn’t clean cut like others. That’s why her audience is probably the most diverse in age but also scene.

  • jj

    I think demi is awesome,I love how the crowd got behind her when she got upset while singing don’t forget. Demis a insipiration for me. I would to see her in concert but I live in england and she doesn’t do many concerts over here

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    i agree with everyone.i really wish demi would get more attention from disney..all they care about rit now is selena

  • Whatever

    Screw Selena, she cant sing for shit. Demi is amazing on the other hand and needs to break away from the disney scene. Her touring with JB is just counter productive. Go on Demi. Do your own thing.

  • zanessa

    i was there!!!

  • brittnay

    she is so ugly.I hate her face.And I hate her body.Selena is better.I love selena.

  • brenda

    @brittnay Demi is beautiful and hot ..Selena is NOT

    Selena is all publicity ..her concerts in Live are a shit.. Selena is a shame for real musicians

  • natalie

    I think Selena and Demi each have their own talents – Selena is awesome at acting and Dem is an awesome singer. But besides that, they are both BEAUTIFUL girls!

  • rosie

    vote for selena gomez for the bet awards right now!!!! she deserves to win

  • rosie

    stop your nonsense and stop hating on selena both girls are great and demi dosent get alot of attention because she dosent get involved in many things plus she may have a better voice but selena is a way better actress and is goregous!!!!

  • rosie

    @rachel: demi is also publicity especially when her and joe went out it didnt seem like he liked her at all and for those saying selena is ugly why do a lot of holllywood guys have a crush on her and noone for demi

  • ashlee

    thanks to people as Selena, the singers Disney have bad image, Selena cannot sing, She just has her fake albums

  • hiha

    Here is the vid of her singing don’t forget!

  • rachel

    Demi CAN sing
    (sorry but i hate selena)

  • lauren6

    i think there both equally talented i think demi has the edge on selena because demi has got such an amazing talent at singing where as selena is a much better actress; but i think demi needs to spread out a little with her singing and acting like selena is

  • listen to mayday parade

    her outfit is hanous, so ugly

  • Jenny

    @listen to mayday parade: you need to learn how to spell its HEINOUS and no the outfit isn’t

  • listen to mayday parade

    @Jenny: you knew what i meant, so my point got across.. also the shorts are gross. Normally I applaud Demis look, not this time. But everyone is allowed a fail once in a while.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @listen to mayday parade: @Jenny: actually i take it back, its not just the shorts that are a fail, its the whole outfit. but she will regain herself.

  • GossipGirl

    @Ceecile: That’s the only reason why people outside of Demi like her so much. Cause she doesn’t ware this “Clean Cut” Disney images. I think that’s the onlly reason a lot of artist like MC also. I think Memi will both last outside of Disney. I don’t think Selena and The JBs , or the rest of the Disney stars will go fourth after Disney. They only guys that I think will make it are David Henrie and Kelly Blatz since they are the only male stars with acting potential (to me). I think

  • DemiLovato#1Fan

    oh my jonas…demi lovato looks sooooo damn beautiful…her hair is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • itsmeagain

    Does anyone besides me belive that it’s time for Demi to headline another tour on her own? She’s gotten a whole lot of fame since her 1st tour. And I really hope her next CD will bypass the HWGA album. She has so much potential than that BARBIE Gomez. I really just can’t like her anymore. She’s such a POSER. She contradicts everything she says unlike Demi. Selena dosen’t display any passion for her music like Demi does. She thinks of music as a HOBBY when it clearly isn’t. Music is a PASSION and Lifestyle.

  • Liz.

    Demi is amazing. I think she is the most real of all the Disney stars. And by far their most talented singer, it’s sad she gets shuffled behind Miley and Selena all the time.

    Howver this outfit is really bad, it makes her look heavier then she is. :/

  • ryan

    This, for sure, sounds like Demi through & through. She looks AMAZING once again. Of course, the better question here would be: When DOESN’T she? Hehe.

    I wish Demi could void her contract w/ Disney & be able to do her music, her acting, etc. on her terms. Disney is only using her & exploiting her I think, moving her from project to project to project. Sure, her drive & determination is unlike anybody else I know, but seriously, they’re gonna burn her out like they did w/ Britney & Lindsay if they’re not careful. Here’s hoping that Demi herself has an idea of just what they’re doing to her.

    As well, just as others have pointed out here, Disney has been all about Miley, Selena, & Joe, Nick, and Kevin & Demi gets very little, if any attention – mostly due to SWAC & CR2. She’s pushed to the back of the line. Also, she’s the leading star in this 2nd movie & she should be the headliner on this upcoming Tour – w/ Joe, Nick, & Kevin as the supporting act. I’m tired of seeing Demi get overlooked as she has for so long. Disney is only holding her back from sharing her full potential w/ the world, her beauty, her talent, her voice, & most of all, her very charming, sweet, & caring personality.

  • emaly

    demi is AMAZING!!!! selena is queen of disney after miley left amd that idnt fair. sonny with a chance is funnier then WOWP!! thats my opioion though. demi needs to be more appreciate, you know i wish demi was casted in like hellcats or some other BIG thing because she deserve it :)))

  • rebeckah

    ughh i hate the hair. she looks terrible in these pics. shes not fat but looks chubbier than usual. i wish she would go back to her black hairr,, it was gorgeous. the clothes and the hair and everything just dont suit her body or her face. luv her but she looks bad here. thats my opinion though. i guess beauty is int he eye of the beholder

  • rebeckah

    miley cant sing, selena cant sing but i can see where she is working on it but demi can actually sing. her voice suits the kind of genre she is. she and the jonas brothers deserve more attention outside of desney. before jonas, and swac jb and demi were actually taken seriously but now they r just disney kids. and in a few years they will b washed up has beens like hillary duff. and its sad cuz they r talented.
    singing the disney contract was the worst thing they ever did. they were real muscicians before, now its like their careers r going backwords.

  • nothin on you

    i hate demi s new hair style!

  • suri

    @itsmeagain “Selena dosen’t display any passion for her music like Demi does. She thinks of music as a HOBBY when it clearly isn’t. Music is a PASSION and Lifestyle”

    Agree. Selena just wants fame and money, she always wanted to be Miley

  • itsmeagain

    @suri: hun, she couldn’t be Miley in her SLEEP.

  • yes

    lol demi fans. shut up. stop trying to justify demi failvato by bringing up the more famous and talented stars miley and selena. demi’s rude and a famewhore. oh and cute outfit demi!!! you look like crap

  • Christine

    It’s unfortunate that Demi is probably the most talented singer in Disney yet gets overlooked the most. I don’t understand how a girl with such an amazingly powerful voice can be pushed to the side so often. And she gets such a bad rep because she’s associated with Disney and the Jonas Brothers. I have friends who’ve never heard her sing, but have already decided that she’s talentless because of what she’s known for.

    Honestly very few people can sing like Demi can. She has a very distinct voice, unedited and strong, and her songs actually have meaning. She’s better than most of the singers we hear on the radio every day. She’s definitely better than Miley Cyrus, who pulls stupid stunts to get attention, and Selena Gomez who uses way too much autotune. Demi really needs to find a better record company to work with. No way should a voice like hers go to waste.

  • Jenny

    I LOVE Demi because she is dedicated to what she does… simple as and shes not afraid to be herself unlike JB’s and Selena Gomez… dont get me wrong I absoloutley LOVE Selena as an actress but not more than that…

  • emaly

    @yes: haha agree

  • marylin

    I agree, selena is not as good of a singer as demi. But she will go far as an actress because she’s good and has the look. I like selena more because she’s nicer, not fake, and acts like a real girl. She doesn’t go around with makeup painted onto her face. And these pictures remind me of jessica simpson at the fair with her famous fat mom pants and she gained a lot of weight and just overall looked terrible. Jessica looks good now though. These photos subject, not so much.

  • j

    Musically speaking? Demi seems to have the upper hand. Selena has a nice voice and all, but Demi sounds a bit better. Looks? I say it even. Good girl-Selena , so, so, Bad girl – Demi.The problem for Selena in the future of her acting/music career, is appealing to a older audience. Demi, at the age of 17, has already achieve that.

  • tessa

    I only love in disney Jonas Brothers Miley Demi

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @j: agree, Selena is gonna be stuck doing kiddie suck for the res of her life if she keeps up this Goody-Two shoes act. Selena can’t even lie with a str8t face. All that bull she was talking bout being team Jemi and all and how her and Demi are totally okay. If that’s the case, Demi would not be making all the dark reamkrs on Selena like she has in previous interviews if they were such GREAT FRIENDS. Selena’s so horrible at lying and thats why a lot of people classify her as PHONY. If she were more sr8t forward like Demi and Miley, more people would like her more.

  • der

    I agree, Demi is super talented. And it’s sad that all Disney can think about is poser Selena and over-the-top Miley and lame Jonas Brothers. I think it’s about time Demi steps away from Disney, she’s got so much more potential. She’s not fake like Selena, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She puts so much effort into her music career. And i agree, Demi’s fans are more diverse. She doesn’t have little kids as fans like Selena does. So go Demi all the way. I support that girl 150% because her music is great and she’s great!

  • izzy

    @suri: why on earth would anyone in thier right mind want to be miley cyrus.this is a post about demi so i think peole shud just stick to talking bout her

  • Elisa

    the concert was soooo disorganized! the microsoft people were really rude too! and like, none of the ppl there knew the words to her songs! they were all there cause they know her from tv! and i could barely c because parents were lifting there kids up, and they were letting ppl just walk in and stand up close, and i had been waiting there for 6 hours and was so pissed!

    but demi was great!

  • suri

    @izzy: Selena always wanted to be Miley, She wanted her fame, money and the BOYFRIEND of Miley (Nick)

    Demi was amazing in her concert!

  • rachel

    she has great talent and she’s beyond gorgeous!
    love everything about her :)

  • krystelle

    i think demi is the best out of miley/selena
    selena is repeating miley’s history except the mature things
    miley growing up fast which is good but, dress better for young ones
    demi is going her own way ;DDD oh and dating joe, SWWWEET

  • zoe

    everyone stop saying mean things about Selena Gomez . Selena and Demi are GREAT singers in their own special way. Demi’s music is Rock and Selena’s music is Pop.

  • yoyo

    @GossipGirl: hahaha i bet the only disney star that is going to be around will be selena want to know why cuz she a good actress

>>>>>>> staging1