Keke Palmer: BET Youngstars Award Winner!

Keke Palmer: BET Youngstars Award Winner!

Keke Palmer ruffles it up in a silver dress as she arrives at the 2010 BET Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (June 27).

The 16-year-old actress beat out Selena Gomez, Tyler James Williams, Willow Smith and Lil’ JJ to take home the Youngstars Award!

Since she couldn’t get her Ustream chat working on Sunday, Keke will be broadcasting TONIGHT @ 6PM. Check out Keke‘s Twitter for more info!

Congrats, Keke!

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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza; Photos: WENN
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  • kathi

    I’m SO happy for her ;D
    She bet Sel Gomez ,how cool is that?! :D

  • :)

    shes soo pretty!! :)

  • demarco

    @kathi: Kinda funny to me how when i was voting Sel was ahead all the way till the voting closed then she lost ?!?! go figure

  • rosie

    @kathi: well selena always beats her in fan voted awards but keke only wins african american awards like naacp and bet that is it……… selena is a way better actress and deserved to win it was probably that she coundnt go so they got the second best person love selena

  • demarco

    Congrats to Keke But it’s kinda funny to me how Selena was ahead in the voting numbers all the way to when the voting ended then she ends up losing?!?! Go figure

  • linda

    wow she cant rock that dress and wtf is with her winning selena is way better true jackson has little viewers and sucks its not even funnny…guess they rigged the awards

  • Rachel

    Keke is much better that Selena. Congrats Keke!!

  • ///

    how come selena didn’t win??? )=
    anyway Congrats…

  • -

    selena deserved to win it!! :/

  • blahblahblaah

    really how is that keke ( i don’t even know her) better than Selena? Selena is such an amazing actress and only 17 and her singing is really improving and by the way Justin who has so many fans didn’t even won…WTF nicki and keke only won cuz they’re black…Selena is billion times better and hotter!


  • sam

    Keke is gorgeous but that dress is kind of silly. On the whole she is a better actress than Selena, but Wizards is the better show (still love TJVP,though).

  • ilovemileyfans

    congrates keke she deserve it =)

  • MollyMakeout

    wowww so many haters keke is sooo pretty and totally deserved her award! :)

  • Whatever

    She is pretty, and those lousy Selena butt kissers need to gtfo. She kicks Selena’s talent (or lack of) sideways. shes awesome and so down to earth, very elegant actress. She will go far, unlike plasticena.

  • jessica

    im sorry but i have nothing against keke but she cant act that well. i mean have you seen her on true jackson vp. shes so cringe worthy sometimes. selena is hell lot better then keke. but of course since shes african american they will give it to her. just like how justin got robbed.

  • Rickeana

    Obviously Selena deserved it way more than Keke big time
    But, not being racist, Keke’s black

  • Sarah

    All of yall sayin “selena is better” and yadda yadda are sooo ignorant! Fans did vote for her category, no she did not win jus because she is black. She deserved that. stop hatin because its not cute.

  • kathi

    OMG calm down ,Selena Fans. :)
    Selena won so much Awards,she’s more succesful than Keke.
    But this time ,Keke is the one who deserves the award ;)

  • emaly

    people chill out, selena deserve it but did she win? NO!! so drop it

  • janiece

    honestly people, take a chill pill and relax. its just an award for crying out loud. at the end of the day, selena and keke are both successful and talented young actors. why do you always make ridiculous comparison just to get a response from someone? im actually a big selena fan and i didnt really care who won the award. its not the Oscars guys :)

  • Amanda

    Wait. Why Selena is better than Keke? Because you are fan of her? Please…. Keke has done great movies not related with Nick or Disney, but Selena? No, Selena did Protection Program of Princess (is that a reason for she to be better?) The fact of True Jackson not having so much viewers as Wizards doesn’t make Selena the best. Wizards is very watched because it has the Disney marketing… You can’t accept the idea of Selena losing something… She is not perfect and she doesn’t even know who you are and she doesn’t even know you are here complaining her loss…. So, try to overcome, because Keke did great movies with great stories, but Selena did silly/kids movies, so she doesn’t have a great filmography as Keke does. So, don’t try to put Keke down because she WON and Selena DID NOT. Selena would have won if her fans would have voted, but no. HAHA.

  • linda

    @Amanda: are you retarded they were unofficial votes selena had more votes but since keko is african american she won

  • dany


    thats not true dude maybe because in the black community keke is more well known and selena lost so stfu. the bitch dosent need to win every undesrved award. oh and keke is a better actress than selena. also about the votes thing if that were true then lady gaga wouldnt have won

  • Amanda

    @linda: I am not retarded, I am realistic… You must be a desperate fan of Selena that can not accept the idea of Selena losing something… You shold know that she is not perfect and she is not the best person in the world, ok?

  • kathi

    @Amanda I agree with you ;D

  • j

    Congrats Keke. That’s kinda why I was hoping Bet wouldn’t do this, because this kind of controversy would come up. Overall, they both are very good actresses and life goes on.

  • tiffany

    Selena should win.When I vote for her,she won.Selena deserves it.She is way better than Keke.But still congrats Keke!!!!

  • Jamie

    Just FYI the ONLINE Polls…did not count! and infact the polls stated that before fans voted. The poll was just for fun so there was no cheating involved. Selena fans need to grow up and learn how to read.

  • janesse

    FYI. for those of you who say Keke is not a good actress, you OBVIOUSLY have not seen any of her movies. WHY? Because Keke has done mature movies and has done stuff outside of Nickelodeon. while selena…all she does is disney. So basically everything is handed to her.

    Keke deserved it.

  • alex

    Okay, all of you Selena fans, I have three words for you: Black. Entertainment. Television.
    Seriously. What I fail to see is why Selena was up for the nomination anyway as she is obviously not African American. And I definately agree with both Amanda and Janesse on Keke’s acting. True, I’m not exactly a fan of her current show, but that is because it doesn’t showcase her talent. Have any of you even SEEN Akeelah and the Bee? Who knows, maybe Selena would be just as good if she were given a similar role. The point is, both of them are currently on shows that in NO case allow them to reach their full potential. Once Selena does a film that’s actually noteworthy and Keke goes back to doing the same, THEN you can judge them.
    Please, people, give it a rest; it doesn’t always have to turn into a huge internet brawl. Be a little more mature! I’m sure if either actress saw some of the posts on this site, they would be kind of freaked out.