Vanessa Hudgens Loved Zac Efron's Gap

Vanessa Hudgens Loved Zac Efron's Gap

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it fierce in these new shots from the August 2010 issue Glamour mag.

The 21-year-old actress opened up about Zac Efron‘s cute tooth gap, presenting herself for her fanbase and what she loves about jeans the most. Check it:

On being a former Disney girl: “It’s so funny. Because before High School Musical, I wanted to be a nitty-gritty actress. And High School Musical came along, and, I was like, ‘Oh my God, fun!’ But the more we did it, the more prude I became…. When I am around kids and they come up to me, of course I am going to act a certain way, but at the end of the day, I’m doing this for myself. I’m going to be doing movies kids can’t watch.”

On instantly clicking with boyfriend Zac Efron: “We got lucky because we started off together, so I think people like us because they fell in love with the characters. Right off the bat, we had a connection. I think everybody could see it. When we had our audition, they paired us together. And he was adorable. I mean, he wasn’t the guy that he is today. Like, he had a gap in his teeth. Yeah! You wanna see? He was a whole different person. Hold on. [She reaches for her iPhone to find a photo of Zac on it.] You’ll laugh!”

On the best thing about her favorite jeans: “A, it goes with anything. And, B, if your jeans hug you the right way, you feel like a sexpot. [Laughs.] And they get better with age!”

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Photos: Glamour
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  • V

    I love her happy energy. It makes you smile.


    PRETTY COOL Vanessa i love her :)

  • laia

    awwww….. go zanessa! she is soo gorgeous!!!

  • Katty

    I loooooove her. I love the outfits from this shoot, too. She pulls them all off beautifully. The interview shows she has gotten older but is still fun and silly and has a bright future. Love it.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    She truely is a natural beauty. And then you doll her up and she still manages to get gorgeous and her own person. I really like her. And I really hate that Perez rags on her just because she is banging zac! Lol

  • BabyBooZanessa

    What Ever Zac Looks. Vanessa Will Still Love Him.

    Zanessa Sexy !

  • Luísa

    What’s with the cat ears? haha
    Anyway….cute interview (: She seems like a nice person, genuine and energetic! That’s cool :D

    Zac and Vanessa get along so well because they’re not just lovers, they are friends most of all.

  • ghalia

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,my vanessa she is so beautiful,you make me love you more and more everyday.

  • Diamond

    Vanessa is such a fun personalized person i luv her she is such a role model she has a great mind fashion sense and everything luv ya v! God Bless :)

  • lauren

    thats cute,

  • Loz

    Aww she’s adorable <3 love that she has a five year old pic of zac on her phone!

  • emaly

    cutee, sexpot?? wow..

  • sarah

    She seems so down to earth!

  • luisa

    OMG!! she looks GORGEOUS!!!

  • nikki

    Zanessa is ssoooooo dang CUTTTTEE!

  • http://j chelsea

    zac’s gap days.. aaw

  • ANA

    intelligent, talented an very beautidul

  • Chanon

    I love her personality. So bubbly and sweet! :)


    well shes right you know, zac isnt the guy he was then.
    back then he had a cute chubby baby face with a gap.
    now he’s got slick smooth sexy sway hair, a million dollar smile and one heck of a body! he’s so hench!! sexyyyyyyy!!!!!
    Loveeee :) x

  • karla

    She always sounds like such a dope who is so into her sexy.

    No wonder those trashy pictures surfaced when she was soooo young. She probably sent them herself just for publicity.

    Sickening couple… sweet they send me into a diabetic shock!

  • amy

    haha now I get the whole CAT thing …. she took nakey pics and everyone saw her P*SSY!!

    meoooooow… SKA_NK ;)P LOL

    no talent. she needs a new job HAHAHA

    queue all the losers who will cry about this post ..

  • mariam of u.s.a

    hey you @karla!..! you again, i hope you will have diabetic ,ha.ha.ha ,how dare you to say that ,somebody ,do it that, you didnt read it ,that she said that its so suck cuz ,that is for her self only ,but somebody,laek that.still we love her

  • musicgirl


  • musicgirl

    I couldnt care less about haters and what they say about vanessa, its not gonna change how I feel about her!
    to me she has so much talent and she is soo beautiful! she is amazing!

  • gracemarie


    What an ass you are. Pathertyic and stupid and everytime you open your mouth the world knows it. You probably don’t even know who your father is and that’s pretty sad.

    Get a life

  • luisa

    jealous much?

  • luisa

    you are so pathetic

  • amy

    he died 6 years ago, and i did know him.. was the best dad ever! so f*ck you!

  • kk

    Shes so cute

  • Unbelievable

    Just ignore the haters they just want to get under peoples skin and get attention don’t give it to them. I know it’s hard but just try and let them be hateful people.
    This was a very good interview and Vanessa looks great. She has a bright future and all of her fams know it and that’s what counts, not what the pathetic haters think.

  • kirreii


    Judging by the way you’re speaking, you probably deserved that diabetic shock, lol XD

  • kgg

    Haters are unhappy people who have no self esteem and think that putting someone else down will make them feel better about themselves. Too bad they are such pathetic losers and their thinking is messed up. Go post on your idol’s thread or is that her on the background of JJ and JJJr.?

  • Anibal

    awwwwwwwwwwww o.o!

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    owwwww she looks GORGEOUS!!!
    i love her!

  • pop86

    It is so sad the same people on JJJ making the same hateful comments just to get a attention.

  • zanessalover

    aww. i love his gap too. zanessa <3

  • Whatever

    She looks like a greasy euro-trash. Zac’s b!tch I see.. Pfft. What an imposer.

  • j

    awwww that us so cute! cat Ears for the win!

  • pri

    she looks gorgeous. love the interview! she’s such a cutie

  • http://deleted/ Karii


  • http://@mayzv4ever mayra zv 4 ever

    i love how she looks in that shoots
    its so sexy and she is grow up and very well i love what
    she said about zac


  • Tiptoes

    She looks amazing… and I love what she said.

    Looking forward to getting my own copy of this issue.

  • birdie

    I liked the interview, she answered without revealing too much and most of the anwers to the questions are pretty much already known. What is part of this couple’s allure is that they have been together since the beginning before the fame,especially Zac’s. Now that he is the “It Boy,Sex Symbol” he has someone that has been there and is
    a real friend/partner that knows the real Zac and is not with him for the wrong reasons. BTW, she looks beautiful but again sometimes she looks more beautiful in everday candids.

  • vfan

    Awww, I love her! Her and Zac make such a cute couple. :)

  • Emma

    @BabyBooZanessa: no It seems to me that she wouldn’t love Zac for ever, as you may know, there is nothing forever, it is the same in love.

  • Me

    Beautiful!!!! shes so sexy…

  • Bree

    lets be real she’s never gonna win a oscar…
    she’ll always get the scripts mulligan, stewart, e.wood pass up and be the third choice

  • RoOna

    ههههههه انني احب فانيسا جدا انها فتاة رائعه حقا وتبدو جميله في الصور ……اعتقد بان حبهما جميل جدا

  • Sizuka

    She’s getting more beautiful….. love her more <3 <3

  • Unbelievable

    Never say never. She is only 21 years old she has a long career ahead of her why can’t she win. Most actresses don’t win them until their older I mean look at Sandra Bullock she’s 45 and just her first Oscar. Now I’m not saying she will win one, just saying that anything is possible.

>>>>>>> staging1