Selena Gomez: Hotel de Paris Pretty

Selena Gomez: Hotel de Paris Pretty

Selena Gomez shows off her sophisticated side as she films more scenes with costar Catherine Tate for Monte Carlo at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco on Thursday morning (July 1).

The 17-year-old actress was seen playing around with costar Leighton Meester yesterday afternoon. Along with Katie Cassidy, the girls now have their own secret handshake!

In the new wave of 2010 Teen Choice Award nominations, Selena is up for a few more! Be sure to VOTE!

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Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Nickfuckingjonas.

    she’s beautiful. :)

  • sabine

    magnificient photo of selena but it’s not to Paris but It’s to Monaco

  • sabine

    Magnificient photo of Selena
    but it’s not to Paris, it’s to Monaco

  • ashlee

    She looks ugly like a old woman

    Her body is horrible

  • lalala

    she’s gorgeous !

  • ohreallynow

    She is absolutely stunning.

  • sara

    is it true that she dated logan henderson (from big time rush) ?
    it says on his youtube page.

  • Laine

    @ashlee: How could you even say that she is ugly or has a bad body? Seriously looks beautiful and has a great body. Sorry you don’t know what style is!

  • Trang

    she looks like an old woman.

  • har

    what a pretty girl! u gotta love this chick…work hard for money! unlike some disney chick

  • linda

    @ashlee: its called acting she has to dress like that for that scene she probably woudnt wear thatt in real….wat were you expecting her to wear revealing clothes and look like a slut like a nother girl

  • natalie

    she looks BEAUTIFUL as always! love Selena!!

  • Marissa

    Selena looks pretty and sophisticated. AND she is in character because she is an actress who actually CAN ACT. I think DUMB people (aka selena haters) are SO WORTHLESS that I dont care.

  • cam

    No she looks like a sophisticated gorgeous woman. She is dressed for her part in the movie where she is supposed to be mistaken for royalty and probably had to dress like a princess – Princess Diana and Princess Grace dressed classy like that. Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • truc

    agree with marissa

  • andy

    @ashlee seriously loser just shut up and get out of here, btw nex time try not to sound sooo fuck!ng jelous…..

  • andy

    @cam i could not be more agree!!!!

  • andy

    @linda you are so right!!!! but poor this losers haters seriously are soo pathetic….

  • andy

    selena has so much class, glam and has such a amazing style unlike someone who always looks really trashy and ugly oopsie lol

  • lalala

    @ashlee: ugly like an old woman??? so you’re saying old women are ugly?! have some respect.

  • em

    she’s gorgeous. and so cute and nice. pure class. ashlee wishes she was half as stunning as selena gomez : /

  • rikki

    such a beautiful grl

  • Naomi

    this girl is beautiful. to the person who said she looks “old,” um, who do you think you are? she’s dressed like that because she’s doing a scene for the movie. she wouldn’t wear that in real life. sheesh. to all the haters who don’t have anything nice to say, do yourself a favor and DON’T COMMENT!!! YOU’RE WASTING YOUR TIME BASHING SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW. IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, DON’T SAY ANYTHING. END OF STORY.

    P.S.- I think Selena is very sophisticated.

  • mar

    I think she actually look like royalty, maybe looks older ’cause not her style but very classy and beautiful

  • Lex

    Wow, she looks like a million bucks.

  • Sam

    I love how you can barely tell she’s filming because normally she’s already a classy and sophisticatedly dressed person.

  • Trang

    @cam: I agree with you. Selena is so pretty. But she looks like a old woman. It is truth. She looks like a 30 woman. I just say a truth.I’m not a her fan. I do not have a duty to praise Selena Gomez as you.

  • Trang

    @Naomi: Bashing? You used the wrong word. it only what is see. I do not have a duty to praise Selena Gomez as you.

  • koolkate

    @Trang: There is a big difference between “an old woman” and a “30 year old woman”. Last time I checked, turning 30 does not mean you’re old.

    Anyway, I don’t understand why anyone would say she looks old when she has such a pretty baby face!! and the outfit she’s wearing is very classy and elegant. In this scene, she’s playing a rich heiress!

  • Bel


  • liri92

    @ashlee get a life you fu*king hater!!!!!!!! look first in your mirror and judge to others.. she is the most beautiful girl on the world so shut up!!!!!

  • cam


    It is not my duty to praise Selena, I said what I said because that is the way I see it. Selena is gorgeous, and she is dressed to look “older” for the part she is playing in the movie. Selena does not look old and haggard like the Disney $**t. I get that you are not a fan, but you are really groping here to say something negative – too bad there is nothing valid about your comments.

  • Naomi


    i never said you had to. i did use the right word. for god sake, she’s 17!!! she’s simply dressed for the role. she wouldn’t wear that in real life. her style is very sophisticated.

  • mike

    Selena is really pretty in these pictures. All you people saying that she’s ugly are retarded! As several other people have mentioned here, she’s not wearing that dress for the heck of it. She’s wearing it for a scene in “Monte Carlo.”

  • andy

    @cam girl seriously i love you, you are so right!!!! love your comment i could not be more agree!!!!

  • cam


    Just saying what I see. Selena is beautiful and gets a lot of unwarranted hate. She is classy & a good actress and not $l***y. People are looking to say negative things because they are ticked off at Selena’s success. They seem to think that only one girl has the right to success. Selena is working hard in her career and is doing well – I say good for Selena.

  • mike

    Why is Selena so cute?

  • mike

    Selena Gomez is as cute as cute can be!

  • http://@amandacheam amanda

    she’s so pretty!!

  • andy

    @cam best comment ever!!! gosh all the things you said are very very true!!! selena is a wonderful person and she definitely deserve all the success that she has ;)

  • marilyn

    I absolutely love her hair! And clothes! I love the whole look! And girls who say she looks like an old lady, say so because their style these days for young girls is cheap, trashy, and with no class. So I’m not surprised with those ignorant comments

  • http://viniciius01 vinicius JordAO


  • Kickingyoutothecurb

    I love Selena Gomez as an ACTRESS and only a ACTRESS! I admit she is really good. But she is HORRIBLE at singing. I’m sorry. It’s all drowned in autotune and what not. It’s annoying, it’s not singing, and it’s ruining music. But it’s not just her. Gaga, T-pain, Lil’ Wayne. Idk why Lil’ Wayne started using autotune because he use to just rap flat out. I like the 90′s music way better and i only had 4 years to live in it.

  • laura

    she looks gorgeous! like rich heiress :)

  • Millie

    I live in monaco and i met her in the hotel de paris in the pool

  • Millie

    What do you mean because if you insalting Monaco thats mean I live there i was born there okay