Zac Efron: New Charlie Trailer!!!

Zac Efron: New Charlie Trailer!!!

Zac Efron gets a little frustrated in this new trailer for his upcoming film, Charlie St. Cloud.

The 22-year-old actor chatted with J-14 about why he was initially drawn to the film.

Zac shared, “It’s dark and a little mysterious. One of the main reasons I was drawn to the project is Charlie’s ability to see ghosts and all the obstacles he has to overcome. He’s caught in a tug of war between letting go of the past and moving forward and falling in love.”

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters on Friday, July 30th. JJJ is crossing our fingers that one of you won the Hometown Screening Sweepstakes!

“Charlie St. Cloud” – Trailer #2
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  • Kim

    This movie looks amazing…it’s nice to see Zac branching out into more serious projects. He’s too talented to just do movie musicals forever.

  • http://maferbongi mary

    this is going to be such a great movie!! i cryed with the trailer imagine the movie! and amanda she is soo cute!! and zac looks hot as always1!

  • kyle

    I am so looking forward to see this movie. Can’t wait!

  • Paul

    Sounds trashy and over sentimental.Zac is bad.Good thing in the movie?His package,there is always on the big screen.

  • http://@mayzv4ever mayra zv 4 ever

    I cant wait to see it,,,, my god in the 2:!2 zac’s eyes look unreal
    but thats why his eyes dont have comparation

    i really want to see it

    ohhhhhh almost forgot zacs body looks amazing

  • Judes


  • Katty

    It looooks soooo gooood! Sorry, I am just so excited! It’s been so long since I have seen a NEW Zac Efron movie. I can’t wait. My friends and I are already making plans, as sad as that sounds.

    I can’t wait, especially for all the magazines and interviews, I love those. I really love when he is on Ellen. They always have so much fun together on set, haha.

  • tam

    this looks soooooo much better than beastly! beastly looks great but, if they where still opening on the same day, i would deffinately choose charlie st. cloud!

  • cary

    This movie looks really good, but there is no chemistry with the girl.
    She is just not pretty enough and I’ve seen her in other films and she
    just isn’t a very good actress and is not very likable.

  • kami

    looks like it’s going to be an awesome movie.

  • WandaLynn

    Movie looks good it should be good because the trailer says Rated R.

  • mimi

    awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Bradley Bobst

    OMG this movie looks freaking awesome love his Trailer amanda is gorgeous and Zac is so sexy taking his shirt off 29 more days.

  • teamhudgens

    Can’t wait. <3

  • Tiptoes

    Looks good…. I am excited to see it.

  • pop86

    Looks good

  • lauren

    i think every girl in america under the age of 25 is excited for this movie,



    I’m going to see the movie to enjoy Zac acting, not taking off his shirt, i’m surprize they show so much in this trailer, you can guess want happens, in the end. i think they should have kept you guessing, like before. I will see how Amanda does in the movie, then i will decide how good she is. i think the chemisary is so good between Zac and the boy who plays his brother, you can tell on the trailers already.

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    I agree with u guys. Zac & Amanda = NO CHEMISTRY. but it’s alright. Maybe cuz he only has chemistry with his real life girlfriend, Vanessa. Lol. I cannot wait for this movie!

  • stephany

    if he does only have chemistry with his girlfriend then his acting career could be flushed down cause he cant make every movie with vanessa….
    also i heard about the twist in the book i doubt their gonna do it like that since my sisters keeper they didnt do the twist in the movie


    For the last time this movie is not rated R, it is rated pg 13.thank you.

  • cmeesmile

    Ahhh!!! Finally! This is a Zac Efron movie which actually makes the viewers think! =] It’s not happy-go-lucky but I know somehow it will touch its audience. I’m definitely going to see this one.

  • Karen

    I cannot agree more with stephany on her comment. I have said that repeatedly. Zac had better be a good on screen lover and show chemistry with other actresses besides Vanessa or he can kiss his leading man status goodbye. I don’t see anyone wanting to say that Vanessa and Alex has no chemistry from Beastly. NOBODY is saying Vanessa has no chemistry with anyone but Zac. NOBODY seems to be threatened if Vanessa is paired with another male actor but when it comes to Zac he is not allowed to look in the same direction where there is another woman or he is eaten alive. That doesn’t show much respect for Zac and really says that apparently Vanessa doesn’t possess much herself to be able to keep Zac from straying. Well, if that is the case then she is better off without him and I guess she better hobble off and find someone that is not so hot since some of you seem to think she is not hot enough to keep a guy from straying!

  • Karen

    I don’t understand people who without pretense or apology will LIE. NOWHERE in any trailer or promo does it say this movie is rated R. AND even if it was rated R what is the big deal? People saying that are obviously too immature and young to deal with it and think it is something terrible to do an R rated movie. In 3 and half short months Zac will be 23 years old for crying out loud. He is more than old enough to do an R rated movie and to SEE one. But I’m not so sure about those who try to tell childish lies or make a big deal out of it.

    BTW, if anybody is going to post anything about the twists and turns of the book or those who may have been lucky enough to see an early screening are going to post comments about the movie on here, PLEASE mention at the beginning of your comment that there may be “SPOILERS” involved. I think every one already knows to do this but just in case. There are those people who want to be “spoiler-free” when they see the movie.

    Barbara: I don’t think the trailer is really giving everything away since there are some twists in the movie that people are not going to know about until they see the movie and those twists have not been given away in the trailers as far as I can see thus far. I can’t wait to see the movie. My husband wants to see it and my sister so I may have to contend with “others” watching it with me! LOL

  • musicgirl

    I cant wait!!! He is so amazing!:)

  • luisa


  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    Yes please don’t spoil the movie..I haven’t even read the book yet..
    Zac looks awesome..

    Ok, I’m gonna say this..Zac does have a lot of chemistry with Vanessa but he is allowed to do other movies with other females, it’s just I don’t see that much chemistry between Zac and Amanda..I saw more chemistry, I hate to say this but I saw more chemistry with Zac and see more chemistry between Zac and Amanda then those two..Zac and Brittany Snow had more chemistry..Vanessa and Alex has chemistry in their movie it seems..

    We need to allow these two to explore different genres and have chemistry with different actors and actresses..

    Wooh ok now that is over, can’t wait for this movie even though I haven’t read the book yet..I can’t seem to find it anywhere! Zac looks hot in this movie and can’t wait for it!

  • bush efron

    what the wrong with you people in every post you are fighting . . . And how can van name end in every post a bout zac . . . I love van but this post is a bout zac and his film so stop please . . . And i think this post a bout zac fans so if any one hate zac they cant comment here i am just saying

  • birdie

    First, Zac has chemistry with everyone he has been on screen with so far. As far as this actress is concerned I will hold my judgement after
    I see more. The trailer doesn’t show much of her acting ability except
    to swoon when he kisses her neck (who wouldn’t) LOL. I agree with
    Barbara that I’m more interested in Zac’s acting ability than his abs.
    The trailer does show me that I will be blown away by Zac’s acting but
    I kinda agree it gives away a little too much of the plot. Can’t do anything about that since most trailers do that these days, Oh, well.

  • dollface50

    I can’t wait for this movie even more now. I like this trailer much better than the first one!!! Zac is gorgeous and Amanda is beautiful….love them!!

  • claudia

    i totally love it!! looks really awesome!!..i can’t wait to see this movie…
    I totally agree with Barbara and birdie, i loove zac so much, but i’m more interested in his acting, really, because his talent will keep him in hollywood, not his body or whatever..

    about amanda, i saw final destination 3 and she was awesome, that’s what i think, and i like how she and zac look together, they’re soo cuuttee!!…and she’s sooo nice, i love her!♥ and zac of course!♥

  • kyle

    He’s got the most intense eyes ever! Good looks, good role, good acting – i am definitely watching this movie.

    By the way, bashers of the trailer abound on new york magazine. I am posting the link here:( ) so that you can post good comments for CSC/Zac.

  • Bradley Bobst

    First Off This Movie is rated PG-13 so Zac’s Younger fans can go see it the movie looks awesome can;t wait to see it 28 more days. From the Trailer it looks like the chemistry between Zac and Amanda will good and I’m not going to say that Amanda can’t act because I have seen the movie.

    I want this movie do to great for Zac This is first role as a grown Up actor so I can’t wait to see how he does. Wandalynn There is a Video where Amanda says there is a Little Love scene there is no full on full sex scene stop with the Rated R shit. I hope this movie helps Zac get more Grown Up and Older fans but still let his younger fanbase grow with him.

  • Bradley Bobst

    First Off This Movie is rated PG-13 so Zac’s Younger fans can go see it the movie looks awesome can;t wait to see it 28 more days. From the Trailer it looks like the chemistry between Zac and Amanda will be good and I’m not going to say that Amanda can’t act because I have seen the movie.

    I want this movie to do great for Zac This is his first role as a grown Up actor so I can’t wait to see how he does. Wandalynn There is a Video where Amanda says there is a Little Love scene there is no full on full sex scene stop with the Rated R ****. I hope this movie helps Zac get more Grown Up and Older fans but still let his younger fanbase grow with him.

  • kami

    you who are saying there is no chemistry btwn charlie and tess are seeing zac and amanda instead of the characters they are playing. and you don’t want to see zac have chemistry with anyone but vanessa. somebody said during filming they didn’t like zac’s hair in the movie. that’s how charlie is supposed to look. he’s not playing zac. he’s playing a character named charlie. some of you ppl need to learn how to separate fantasy (the movie) from real life (zac and his life with vanessa).

  • love efron hate hudgens

    @tam: I agree with you

  • love efron hate hudgens

    @bush efron: :) I agree

  • http://ihavet silvana

    zac look amazing!!!! promises to be an exciting movie !!!!! I do not want to lose!

  • ashlee22

    i know this movie is amazing and zac so amazing actor and so sweet

  • Garfield_fan

    Just my two cents…
    I don’t know, I want to like this movie, but it just looks so… lame. I guess I wanted Zac’s next project to be something MORE SPECIAL. He is a great actor (I think), but the movie just looks so Nicolas-Sparks-y and predictable, even with the twist and everything. (and about that “twist”… Seriously?! What could be the BIG twist possibly be? That in the end, the earth gets attacked by my little ponies with super powers AND EVERYBODY DIES…?!)

    Plus I think that while Amanda Crew is actually really pretty, (just maybe not the way ‘Hollywood’ defines pretty, but I daresay she’s gorgeous), they have very little chemistry, which kinda makes it hard for me to buy their ‘love story’. (I know this movie is not just a love story, but still…)
    However, Zac NOT only has chemstry with Vanessa, like some people are saying – he had plenty with both the actresses in M&OW, he had chemistry with Leslie Mann and I was always rooting for “Cameron” & “Nikki” in Summerland.

  • Karen

    Everyone can speculate for whatever reason—because they don’t like Zac and these people want to try to make him look bad by saying this movie looks (insert some insulting adjective here), or because they love him so they will say it looks (insert all kind of superlatives in describing movie), or they don’t really want to see this movie be a hit because they have some insecurity that his movie will do better than Vanessa’s so (insert some weak sounding reason why this movie doesn’t look like a strong contender), or people don’t like this kind of movie or some loves this kind of movie, the list goes on and on.

    But since the movie will be between 90 minutes to 2 hours long and we have not seen any more than 3 minutes of footage tops from this movie then MAYBE it would be WISE and FAIR to wait until we who are going to see it actually SEE it before we make judgments. Instead of hoping to sway people’s opinion to match our own, maybe we should allow ourselves to go in with an open mind and see what we think once we have it all in front of us. Then if we have praised it or condemned it we won’t have to go back and say we are wrong and are sorry for what we say one way or another.

    Actors and film makers work hard on projects and certainly in most cases do not strive to make a crap movie. They want it to be good and enjoyable. It may not be some classic in the making but it doesn’t mean that there can’t be really good things about a movie even if there are some weak points in it too. I don’t understand why we can’t give everyone the benefit of the doubt if it looks to be something that would be our taste in movies. And if it doesn’t appeal to you then pass it up like you would any other movie but don’t try to bury it when you have no clue to what it will be like in reality.

  • gagacrazy

    can anyone tell me if theres gunna be a sex scene??

  • mel gonzalez

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