Robert Pattinson's Summer House

Robert Pattinson's Summer House

Robert Pattinson keeps his head down as he heads to the Water For Elephants set in his period costume in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (July 1).

Back in 2008, the 24-year-old actor did a short film called The Summer House which is finally getting released on iTunes!

The Summer House summary: Having broken up with Jane (Talulah Riley) to date another woman prior to her departure for the summer, Richard (Pattinson) appears unexpectedly at Jane’s retreat to win her back. Through a series of benign advances (e.g., love letters) and other more forceful attempts, he pushes Jane to come farther into herself.

The short film will be on iTunes on July 13th!

10+ pics inside of Robert Pattinson

“The Summer House” Trailer

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Credit: COQ; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • commentor

    meh. taylor ia a better actor than this guy.

  • harley

    Water For Elephants is a good book, so it should be interesting to see it as a movie.

  • http://Justjaredjrbuzznet.comkristenstewart Slig

    Wow robert pattinson amazing actor he best he smail like me

  • amanda

    love love LOVE him! <3

  • yaay

    Robs gorgeous and sexy, very smart, brave and very talented!!!!!!

  • Erin

    At #1. Everyone has opinions so while I respect yours, I have to completely disagree. Taylor Lautner is a terrible actor. Robert Pattinson acts exactly the way each role calls for and while I’m not saying he’s the “best actor everrr”, he CAN act. He trained to act and he’s good at it. Taylor is one of the cast members from Twilight that truly fails his character. While I’m Team Edward, I at least liked Jacob as a character…Taylor ruined him. The only reason he’s popular is because of his abs and the fact that he’s younger so more teen girls like him rather than a 20-something year old man. He overacts. That rain scene from New Moon truly pains me… “I use to be. A good kid.” Oh man. But like I said…I respect your opinion…but I definitely disagree.

  • robloverrlol:)

    he is a great actor… he was awesome in the recent twilghts… he was great, emotional, and the perfect role for remember me, and i read ALL of the twilight books, and i think he is a great role for it…. it may be hard to beleive but i’m 13 and when i started reading those books, i fell in love with them, so to see him play the perfect actor in all of those movies, made me realize that he is a great actor…. i don’t have high speed in ternet soo please hold onn while the finishes loading and let me watch it….
    * * *

    i honestly did not understand that clip…. he wasn’t as good as he ussually is… he must have had some serious practice since 2008…. i still think he is a great actor today though, my honest opinion… : D

  • caro

    @Erin: I totally agree. Rob has become a good actor, while Taylor is only popular because of his looks. I would’ve thought this even if I weren’t Team Edward. Several reviews I read said that Rob and Kristen had improved while Taylor had some problems with the acting in some scenes.

  • Rachelsun

    Sorry disagree. Taylor Lautner is a very good actor. Just saw Eclipse and was very impressed. Is he better than Pattinson? No, but he is not a terrible actor but a very good one.

  • http://justjaresjr debbs

    When I see Taylor ALL I see is SHARK BOY HE needs to grow more befor e I can say any thing about him hes still a little BOY even if he is 18

  • c

    aww.. taylor is young, and not as experienced as robert. he does well.

  • Carla

    Rob is a great actor and makes wise choices with his movies which are mostly based on books…good books.. Water for Elephants is my favorite book and I can’t wait to see him as Jacob in that movie.

    Taylor is not bad, I don’t get the hype on the abs…I see guys like him all the time in LA. But, I really can say I thought in Eclipse he was much better than in New Moon. And really I can’t stand the character Jacob in the books he is always whining, complaining about his miserable life, manipulating Bella at every turn trying to get her to leave Edward. And he is prejudice constantly calling the Cullens Bloodsuckers! What kind of guy is that? I certainly would not date him. And frankly I think Taylor really carried that off in Eclipse…I found myself disliking him greatly. He’s not the man or actor Rob is but he’s not horrible either. They are very different types of actors…Taylor is more the action hero type.. Rob goes of the content of a movie more so than the blockbusters.

  • D.N Angel

    Rob u Rob My Heart :))hi my coooooolest vamp u r awsome!