Kayslee Collins: The New Face of Lauren Elaine - JJJ Exclusive!

Kayslee Collins: The New Face of Lauren Elaine - JJJ Exclusive!

Chelsea Staub beams up at gal pal Kayslee Collins as she comes out to support her debut as the new face of Lauren Elaine‘s swimwear line earlier this week.

The new Black Label Swim Collection features 70s-inspired suits, killer shades, and loads of jewelry and is already a favorite of such young celebs like Meaghan Martin, Sasha Pierterse and Brittany Curran.

Check out images of Kayslee‘s debut below!

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Photos: Lauren Elaine Swim
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  • amy

    ooh i remember kayslee, don’t think i like her very much O.o

  • jen

    I don’t understand why you are putting people on this site who is a nobody…just because she is friends with some disney kids does not mean she is anything to write about. If i wanted to see random people i would have gone on another site.

  • alex

    yea i heard she wasnt a good person she use to be friends with vanessa hudgen when she did the nude photos and said she has friends who were a bad influence

  • jenny

    why is she on this site?! not a fan

  • Karii

    she is really ugly
    attention w***e

  • isabella

    why is she famous again?

  • alexandra

    Who is she and why is she on this site? she is not even cute!

  • Mandy

    How strange the former best friend of Vanessa Hudgens makes her debut the same month Beastly would’ve been released, if it had not been pushed back. Especially as there was a chance Vanessa’s career could’ve been hers.

  • felix

    She is very beautiful! Love her.

  • jane

    I don’t know why this persos are talking craps about her. Kayslee is very talented and beautiful! She has a a modeling career and is entering into this music career! ( and she no longer speaks with Vanessa)

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com yaay

    She was Vanessa Hudgens BFF from very young until 2007 round about anyway lol :)

  • Hella Ella

    uhmm wow you’re all pretty witty arent you? Kays is like the sweetest girl ever and i think its funny you’re all dogging on her when you’re all probably jealous, fat, and lonely sitting in your little homes, looking at celebrity gossip pages to fill up your empty existence. pathetic, truly. Try this, when you don’t know someone personally, don’t say things you don’t know anything about.

    Kays, you look gawwwgeous doll. Don’t let the haters get you down as they obv don’t know a thing about you. you know better and you know you are better than that (:
    <3 Ella

  • http://www.twitter.com/kaysleebr mARIANA


    She’s modeling a lot and hanging with some famous.

  • http://www.twitter.com/kaysleebr Mariana

    Kayslee is a Recording Artist, Actress, Celebrity Model: Recording artist about to release her debut album produced by Shwayze, and featuring Dr. Hollywood. In addition, Kayslee can be seen in the TV show “Zoey 101″ and is youtube sensation and can be seen in Bliss Magazine. Please google for recent interviews, images, and press.

  • Hmm

    Hmm, doesn’t it ever make ya wonder who would have ever been hurt enough that perhaps their friendship ended with VHud when her career and love life had never been looking better, back in the day? I could just picture an old friend going over for their stuff at someone’s house, and oops, there’s a phone lying there (snatch). Gotta wonder.

  • sanjaya

    the bathing suits are BE-autiful. woah. they all look good 2 me.

  • LOLA

    LMAO at Kayslee/Kayslee’s friends commenting on here. This chick is a NOBODY.

  • sunny

    who is this person and should I care because I don’t?

  • amy

    @LOLA: this comment wins at life!

  • Daniella

    I don’t understand why she’s famous…? She’s just a skinny blond bobble head… nothing new there.

  • gabriela

    I like her a lot. She’s such a sweerheart.

  • kay

    umm could not agree more with @lola….its pathetic she probably commented on this page herself! haha

  • CoreyCMathews

    Beautiful swimwear collection. Teens will go nuts to get their hands on these trendy summer collection.