Bridgit Mendler Knows 'How to Believe'

Bridgit Mendler Knows 'How to Believe'

Bridgit Mendler finds the beat to her multi-talented band in the official music video for “How To Believe.”

Featured on the new “Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue” DVD and Blu-ray, this marks the 17-year-old’s first single with Disney. The DVD hits shelves on Tuesday, September 21.

Musically inclined Bridgit also sings the Good Luck Charlie theme song.

Does anyone else think Bridgit resembles Taylor Swift in this video?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Bridgit’s video and voice?

Bridgit Mendler – “How To Believe” Music Video”
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  • layra

    She’s good but not better than any other Disney star.

  • Angela

    Totally like Taylor Swift with her own flair. I really like the song and her voice. It’s nice to see someone on Disney stripped down and raw and not over produced and synthesized beats. I think she has a strong musical future as long as she stays true to this right here!

  • Christy

    Yeah, she kinda resembles Taylor Swift in this music video….I almost mistaken her as Taylor Swift in the video…lol…

  • MisguidedHeart

    She actually does look like Taylor Swift in this! It’s kind of sad that they are all obligated to do a Disney song as it means they’ll probably never be taken seriously as a musician. This song is okay, but it’s nothing special. I still like her though :)

  • Jenny

    I like her look and all she has a good voice but I dont like the song that much… her other two songs were better and she looks kinda like TS

  • cmeesmile

    When the video started to play on TV, I thought for a second that it was Taylor Swift debuting a new song and music video. The song itself is not my favorite, but I think everyone who makes it onto Disney Channel is expected to know how to both dance and sing or else they don’t make the cut. Brigit was no exception.

  • Oh My efron

    Ok,At First i thought that she was Taylor Swift O_O

  • kk13

    Yeah, just by looking at the picture I thought she was Taylor.
    The song is nice and her voice fits well into it. I think she sings better than Taylor Swift, but Taylor produces better songs.

  • Precious

    DUH GUYS!!! That’s Disney’s whole point! They want their own Taylor Swift cause everyone loves her, that’s why they gave her her own show so she can hopefully be a Disney Taylor Swift!

  • rosie

    i dont like her voice taylor is way prettier and better singer and songs are better she dosent look like shell ever make it big sorry):

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @rosie: won’t make it ? Her show already averages 3-4 million hits each weeks? And ur saying she won’t make it? ur funny…

  • V Factory socal

    Yikes….I don’t really like this…

  • rosie

    @mrsdestinyhope: so wats your point icarly gets more ratings but they are not that famous well at least not like other talents like demi selena and miley!

  • Galinda

    @rosie: I agree. Her show is never in the top 25 anymore, but I’m not sure that that is a matter of “not making it”. Disney is just trying whatever they can to make her successful.

  • Mia McNeil

    @Precious: I totally agree, Disney’s just molding her in 2 another Taylor Swift because everyone loves Taylor Swift now, they’re not very imaginative

  • Camila

    Yeah! she’s really good, I think she will be a great disney’s princess, well, if she work hard, might be able to be one :D

  • rikki

    tswizzle rip offffff asdfgfdlkj;rt
    but this girl is still cute

  • Kiersten

    OK, I really do NOT like this song,, her voice, or even bridget herself to tell you guys the truth! Have u guys SEEN her teeth, they kinda creep me out, to tell you the truth. She can’t sing, and the show is well, stupid. Hasn’t ANYONE noticed it besides me?!?!?!?!? The show is going to be over in about a year or two, and the only time you’ll be able to see it is when it’s on in the wee hours of the morning on Disney Channel, (this is when they play ALL of the shows that stopped making new episodes, for example, Cory in the House, Thats so Raven, kim possible, and more.) So my point is, the show is stupid, she CANNOT sing, can’t dance either, for that matter!!!! now, in the pic, she did look like taylor Swift………….

  • Jenessa

    i actually love her cuz shes so beautiful and her voice is amazing

  • beautyBre

    I think that she can sing…Yea Neone Can sing l;ike her bu her voice really compliments this song
    I also like the words very encouraging

  • GWEN

    GOD! who gave this chick a record deal? SHE’S TERRIBLE. Do they make every girl on disney sing? seriously, i can’t think of one that hasn’t song ONE stupid song for disney.

    As for her show– it’s not as bad as the other garbage disney has produced in the past four years or so. (e.g phineas and ferb) but that doesn’t mean it is as good as the stuff from the late nineties or early 2000′s. (a.k.a– lizzie mcguire, even stevens, that’s so raven, sister sister, boy meets world, kim possible… Ah the good old days!)

  • http://facebook jacinda

    i think you guys are mean to put someone down just because you
    heard a song of his/hers and you dont like it and then u have to be that mean well i think she can sing and you should not be mean to them because they are famous and they could get better and if they do and when they do u will get BUMED OUT ok she can sing and this is only the start of what is yet to come and at least she is famous and can sing when u proberly cant i love ya bridgit u rock u can sing and u r beautyful

  • xxx

    She has a much better voice than Taylor. Nice song.

  • Eliora

    I think Bridgit is very cute and it’s nice to see someone who isn’t fake, but I still don’t think Bridgit has that certain spark. She seems more like an old-school Disney star, which is nice to see, but still…. She’s not very funny. But her voice is nice.


    Does every disney star have to sing ?

  • goodness_gracious

    I love her shirt!! does anyone know who it’s by? :O

  • http://ShecansingisnotatalllikeTayljusttheyrbothblondesdontben rose

    its funny how people swear taylor can sing and then they say bridget cant sing like uh no bridgets not the best singer but with more lessons she can be better unlike taylor whos just horrible and have no vocal abilities and all her songs sound alike about the same thing