Fefe Dobson - 'Ghost' Music Video!

Fefe Dobson - 'Ghost' Music Video!

Fefe Dobson sings her heartache out in her new music video for “Ghost.”

The 25-year-old Canadian singer caught up with JJJ recently and dished about her new sound. Fefe shared, “I’m really excited about this song. It’s a very up tempo song and it’s rockin’.”

Fefe also shared about the song that launched her into homes every where — “I Want You” — “It never changes. It always feels amazing to hear my song playing. I’m always shy about it though. It’s always special.”

Stay tuned for more on Fefe and find out which Nickelodeon show she’s guest-starring on!

Fefe Dobson – “Ghost”
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  • Listen to mayday parade

    Although I find this song catchy, fefe should not be on this site. It’s a joke. Feature better Canadian artists like Faber Drive or Marianas Trench. They are true talent, not manufactured crap.

  • krystelle

    love the song, and she’s pretty <3

  • kk13

    The song’s a bit too repeditive for me but she has a great voice.
    At first when i saw her I thought she was Courtney Galieno ( an All-Star from this season’s So You Think You Can Dance).

  • http://becky265 becky

    i luv this song from the first time i heard it i fell in luv with it.

  • listen to mayday parade

    wow i just watched the video, and then you tubed her… shes changed so much to try and make it. its sad when people want it so bad that they change everything about themselves. Sell outs

  • st

    She is a good singer. When I watched videos of her singing this song live, it sounded very similar to the voice singing in the music video. Like what I mean is ofcourse it’s going to be a bit different because it’s live but it’s still nice. And you don’t know why she was the way she was before. She’s had family issues and her record label wasn’t the greatest before, like they were making her be something she was not. She is a lot better than a lot of crappy singers who sing about whatever and stupid stuff, plus she has a nice voice. True talent is people like The Beatles and Elvis and stuff like that. :) …….

  • Jasela

    this reminds me of a hilary duff video….

    yeahhh, what happened to her?! she used to be soo awesome!

  • steve

    Cool article JJ. I’m glad to see that Fefe is back. I really liked her 2 singles way back when that movie “the perfect score” was out. Always wondered what happened to her after that.

  • http://twitter.com/michaelusling Michael Usling

    I’m glad you’re promoting Canadian talent like FeFe JJJ, she is a great singer! Glad she’s back with some new stuff! This song is amazing!

  • Sonya

    oh yeah, i remember hearing her songs in that movie :p i was like omg! it fefe dobson, ahh, haha. i love the song ghost!

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    Holy mother of Jonas! WTF? what whole did she just krawl out of!? like you were gone for ten years! gained so much weight after being on that so raven, supposively had a baby, and crap now shes putting music out again! i remeber when i saw her in concert when i was in 3rd grade she had a block party free concert and she threw free tsherts into the crowd and one girl got hit with it and got knocked out so her parents suied her for 100,000 $ and won! i guess she has the money to re start he career!

  • Sonya

    she was never on thats so raven, and never had a baby.

  • Vicki

    @getitupgetitoutnow: What in the world are you talking about? Thanks not Raven it’s Fefe Dobson. Read the tile!

  • http://google.com Lonny Bramstand

    @Vicki: thanks not raven lmaoo dumbazz

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