Jackson Rathbone & Nicola Peltz: I Would Like To Bend...

Jackson Rathbone & Nicola Peltz: I Would Like To Bend...

The Last Airbender took the number two spot at the box office over the weekend, just behind Jackson Rathbone‘s other blockbuster, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Jackson, 25, and his Airbender costars caught up with MTV and opened up about which bending power they’d love to have.

Of course both Jackson and on-screen sister Nicola Peltz are loyal to water. Nicola shared, “I think water’s the most interesting because unfortunately it can harm you like a tsunami but it also heals people. I would like to be a Waterbender because I could stop the tsunami and also give clean water to countries.”

Seychelle Gabriel, who plays Princess Yue in the film, chose Earth: “I’ve been telling everyone earth because I just think there’s so many possibilities because there’s rocks and trees and dirt and gravel. There’s so many choices to pick from.”


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    Easy, water, not just because of what Nicola said, but also because it is actually the most powerful thing if you learn how to use it. you can control people by bending the water of their blood. So yeah!!!!!! You can harm when needed

  • yoyo

    I would like to bend all the elements including energy bending just like the Avatar (:

  • j1ll_^.^/

    awful movie

  • Edie

    The should have asked those kids why they didn’t research their characters, so they could actually pronounce their names correctly. Oh and that movie freakin’ sucked. Horrible. I was so angry. The next two movies need to be re-casted and with a different director. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure NO ONE will be seeing the next movies.

  • Alexandra

    fire is the best, i think. because fire is so brought on by temper, it could easily harm if you wanted it to. and it is just plain awesome

  • Olivia

    fire. I’m a badass

  • dabomb

    fireee cuz zukooo is a fire bender

  • ciry

    Earth bc its soo cool! Anybody that knows Naruto knows of Gara and his sand, that would totally epic to use

>>>>>>> staging1