Taylor Lautner: Bowling with Ramona & Beezus!

Taylor Lautner: Bowling with Ramona & Beezus!

Most of the Ramona and Beezus cast sandwich in Taylor Lautner as they enjoy a night out bowling during filming in Vancouver earlier last year.

Ramona and Beezus stars Joey King, Selena Gomez, Jason Spevack and Hutch Dano plus Joey‘s sister Haley challenged the Eclipse star to a bowling match and staring contests.

JJJ loves the captions on some of the pics — it seems that a wolf nor a skateboarder is no match for Ramona (Joey)!

Ramona and Beezus hits theaters on July 23rd.

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taylor lautner joey king bowling 01
taylor lautner joey king bowling 02
taylor lautner joey king bowling 03
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  • Selina

    I Love Selena & Taylor!

  • http://www.twitter.com/naomikathryn Naomi

    Wait, how recent are these! Are these back from when they were filming “Ramona & Beezus” ?

  • http://@brenda3solis Lola

    aww they look like their having so much fun
    miss taylena but want lolena (logan lerman & selena G)

  • rosie

    aw i miss them being together they were such a good couple if they ever did date by the way dont forget to vote for selena and taylor for all their teen choice nominations they deserve it they are the hardest working/best young actors in hollywood!

  • http://www.stardoll.com ilovemileyfans

    i team Robert But They Actually Look Good Together

  • http://www.stardoll.com ilovemileyfans

    i mean im team

  • jennaa

    ahhhhhh they’re so cute!
    i miss taylenaaaaaaaaa:)

  • natalie

    Could they get any cuter?? LOVE selena and taylor!!

  • daniella!!

    it says earlier THIS year so its 2010

  • alice

    Selena is all publicity Justin b, Taylor, Jonas

  • m

    OMG OMG the wolf and the disney girrl!!!! NOT

  • kristine

    i LOVE selena & taylor together. so CUTE :)

  • andy

    @natalie i could not be more agree!!! they both looks soo adorable ;)

  • daniella!!

    they shuld go out! theyd make the CUTEST couple

  • andy

    selena is soo pretty!!! i miss taylena!!!

  • Kim

    These are pictures from last year when Taylor and Selena hung out a lot. Around March?

  • rosie

    @alice: no hun selena is already a star without them!

  • http://www.youtube.com/hsmzanessafansite3 HsmZanessaFansite3

    wow it looks like Taylor and Hutch are losing to their staring contest against Joey..lol..
    their all adorable how they hang out with each other..

  • http://twitter.com/nathaliabraga nathalia

    cute pictures! love taylor and selena!

  • Marissa

    Aww!! I always loved Taylena :) They were super cute together. I am happy to see that Taylor and Selena are good with kids. I totally love them as a friends or a couple!!

  • Helen

    aah back then when taylor lautner was ALMOST making the right choices! he should be with her, she’d make him look better

  • http://twitter.com/ZV_F ZV_F

    OMG! lov love love lovee taylena! but this is recent?

  • Helen

    which captions?

  • -

    aww cute!!! love Selena\Taylena !
    i believe these pics are from last year…

  • Nunya

    Ok people screw taylena I am absoloutly in. Loooooooooooove with taylor lauter but please get back together with Taylor swift u guys were soooo freaken cute togethr :( please stay with Taylor Swift

  • Danni

    CUTE. :)

  • http://NO MAART


  • jessica

    aww how cute. i love both of them. they were so cute together.

  • Samantha

    oh how I wish this was recent. Taylor and Selena looked really good together.

  • Lilly

    Aww they are just too cute! I love Taylena too <3

  • http://itsbritneybaby.blogspot.com Skye

    I love Selena so much. She’s amazing. The pictures are so cute.

  • Kara

    Pic5 Do they play handicap down?

  • robin

    it looks as though selena is sitting on taylors lap:)

  • http://www.twitter.com/wicked223 silly

    aww they were so adorable together miss them hanging out and that pic with Taylor and joey is absolutely gorgeous this makes him even even more

  • rikki

    YESSSS i’m happy to see these 2 together again. dating or not, i really don’t give a **** i’m just happy to see her with a GOOD guy

    love you sel

  • http://mariieelis Marii

    awwww i miiss taayleenaa :(

  • sarina P.

    team taysten!

  • ana

    the photos were taken last year (may 2009,I guess) while they were filming ramona and taylor was filming eclipse. not this year.

  • jasmine

    aww… TAYLENA!!! ><!!
    Miss them so much! XD

  • P

    Aww, Taylena looks so cute! Gaaahh. I hope they end up together one day.

  • dina

    yeah just jared these picture are from last year, they flimed it last year not this year, please get your facts right!

  • liri92

    ecxactly these photos are soooooooooooo old.. so get over it people.. their not dating anymore..

  • Just Jill

    The post says “earlier this year.”

    JJJ never said they were new new. Read the entry before you snap

  • suri

    Taylor L never in love with Selena, She is bored

  • Mayra

    Taylena !!!<3

  • http://Potchie26xoxo Angela Mitzi Nazareno

    I love Taylena!!! :D <3

  • M.M


  • kayla

    Awww love Taylor and Selena. Look how happy they were. TAYLENA ROCKS!

  • tiara

    Selena is sitting on Taylor’s lap.

  • http://Yahoo Gossip_Girl_gemz_SG’STWIN!!!!!

    OMG!!!!! I Think Taylor Lautner if so FREAKIN HOTT!!!!!! I Love him sooo Much I really wish i could meet him. Hey Taylor if you are out there my mother taught Coby Bryant and my dad is best buddies with Amanda Seyfreids Dad!!! get back to me

    – You know you love me gossip girl