Demi Lovato: Inspired by Sister Madison de la Garza

Demi Lovato: Inspired by Sister Madison de la Garza

It’s no secret that Demi Lovato is passionate about ending bullying across school systems everywhere.

But just what or who inspires the 17-year-old singer to keep going forward with her cause? Her 8-year-old sister Madison de la Garza!

Demi dished to the NY Post, “She’s getting to that age where she could start becoming insecure. I want to be able to help other girls around her age come into their own with a strong confidence in their skin, their size, who they are and everything about themselves.”

She continued about being a role model, “I’m learning and dealing with experiences that all teenagers go through. The way I want to be a role model is not by not making mistakes . . . but by helping people overcome things from the obstacles that I’ve overcome. That’s how I want to use my voice and that’s how I want to be a role model.”

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  • dabomb

    thts so sweet

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    <3 herrrr!!!!

  • rosie

    wait how is she being a good influence when her “bestfriend” made fun of how she looks in a video and she didnt do anything about it and just let it happen that is not someone to look up to if you knw what i mean

  • layra

    Awwww she is so amazing.

  • ilovemileyfans

    Shes Rly Amazing

  • linda

    man looking hehehe

  • ptll1991

    This is actually pathetic. She’s only bringing more negative attention to her sister by saying “Hey look at my fat little sister! Shes probably going to be insecure in a few years, because I said so, blahblah”. This is no better than Sarah Palin making a horrible example of people with down syndrome by creating pity parties for her son.

  • N’keeyah

    Demi is doing a good thing. @ptll1991 @rosie you two sound so ignorant. Demi is a good role model. she did the mature think by not responding. Her sister’s weight has nothing to do with anything. You don’t have to be overweight to be insecure. Insecurity is something a lot of girls deal with. Madison is adorable and her body image is none of our business. The point of this was that she wants to make school safer for girls, who were bullied like me.

  • Janie

    Demi used to look almost identical to Madison when she was very young. It’s Madison’s good future if she looks like Demi when she is older.

  • sean92

    i luv demi shes a greet roll modell i fink lol

  • bella

    listen and read
    demi and maddie beautifull
    I love demi
    chile y toda latinoamerica

  • itsmeagain

    @ptll1991: just shut up !

    Demi is AWESOME :)

  • good-one

    She’s in the zone.

  • ptll1991

    N’keeyah, you can stick to that assumption but I’m sure Demi was making an example out of her sister; especially when she had defended her against harsh tweets.

    and I just got out of high school. Guess what type of girls unfairly have it worst?

  • girdsey21

    I wish there were more people like Demi in the world.

  • T_JBMileydemi

    I love her!!! She & Miley inspire me!! They aren’t insecure with themselfs & I love that!!

    The way I want to be a role model is not by not making mistakes . . . but by helping people overcome things from the obstacles that I’ve overcome

    Read more:

    I loved how expressed herself!!

  • toty

    I love Demi so much and she is really a good role model….

  • Arthi

    She is a great role model! She is so beautiful too!

  • marilyn

    Girls need to do a double take if they think demi or miley are amazing or great role models. Sure they seem nice, but good role models? No. A good influence would be taylor and selena. But since girls are becoming less classy every year, I’m not suprised they look up to miley or demi. And really demi, you were bullied because you were an actress? That sounds horrible, not! Any girl would want to be an actress in school. Try being bullied because of things you can’t change, like your looks or nationality or any other thing. Girls that can handle that are strong. But defending yourself for acting..give me a break

  • Christine


    Demi wasn’t bullied because she was an actress. She was bullied because other girls were jealous of her. Sometimes people just don’t like you because they decide they don’t like you. And much like your looks or nationality, there’s little you can do to change how people feel about you. If you’d ever been picked on you would know that it really doesn’t matter why you’re being bullied, it hurts just the same. People who try to dismiss other people’s negative experiences clearly don’t know what it’s like to be in that kind of situation.

  • pandora

    Dont know why they would be jealous of her in the early days because she was not really attractive then – chubby, glasses, gap tooth, butt chin. Think she looks gorgeous now especially in the above picture so even ugly ducklings grow into beautiful swans.

  • N’keeyah


    Girls like me are bullied. You want to know why? Because we are different. I am not overweight.

  • wren

    UMMMMMMMMM, getting bullied for any reason is horrible- does it really matter WHAT reason it is? It’s a horrible experience for anyone. And Demi hasnt done anything that wouldnt make her a good role model for girls. 1. She’s not a size 00 which is an amazing thing for girls who aren’t exactly skinny, Demi is a good role model there. You can see she’s happy with herself and her body and you dont see her trying to grow up fast. She’s being REAL and RAW with her fans, ok. That’s a great role model.

  • jonaslover8035

    Too bad demi was a bully…

  • yaroosh

    Demi is such amazing person and role model wish there are more people like this in our world she’s so sweet and she has a very big heart …now she’s using the experience she has because of what she’s been through in her childhood to inspire girls and teens to trust themselves and let their voices be heard….and haters if u dont like her music then why hate her as a person ?? dont like her voice dont like her style but dont hate her for who she is u gotta accept people the way they are especially when they’re amazing people like Demi
    WE LOVE YOU DEMI…..we’re here for you no matter what just make sure you know that there are millions of people supporting you all over the world :) DEMI LOVATO FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

  • suezqt

    i agree. you took the words right out of my mouth, except you said it better and used less words

  • Shannon

    @rosie: Because that kind of stuff isn’t the end of the world. She made the smart decision and ignored it instead of acting on it and lashing out at her. I think that’s the perfect thing to do and an awesome thing to look up to.

  • demi

    Demi is a great person. haters you better leave her alone! Demi is a wonderful role model for girls of all ages all over the world. she is beautiful inside and out. she is a great singer, actress, and she gorgeous. she has a great future ahead of her. there should be more people in the world like her. i love that she is not selfish about what she has and does. she is very humble about it. :) people that think she is saying this for publicity you’re WRONG! one day Madison may turn out to be just like Demi… just you watch. inspirations are great things and Demi has a grerat one. Demi… you never change. you’re a wonderful person and we will always support you no matter what goes on. WE LOVE YOU!

  • sarah

    Demi ROX! :D <3

  • Emma

    Demi is awesome….She is a great role model

  • http://kathleenk12 kathleen

    I admire Demi. She has character. She is very strong and protective of her sister. She rocks the stage and acts her age. More people should take her example. Go Demi! Love you, girl!

  • vanessa


    your so right. To all those people who have negetive comments about demi I would just save it. She’s going through a difficult time but shes doing the right thing !!!

  • http://yahoo emma

    @marilyn: She wasn’t bullied for being an actress. She was bullied for being fat. I’m not saying that Taylor and Selena aren’t role-models, but they’re too perfect. Miley and Demi are good role-models because they’re showing that’s it’s okay to be yourself. Maybe they haven’t made the best choices, but they came out to the public about them, showing that they are not afraid to show their real selves. Taylor is nothing like that. If a 22-year-old like her doesn’t make mistakes, there is something wrong. Taylor even said that she’s not afraid to tell her fans about her personal life. Selena is becoming more and more like Miley or Demi. By the way, if you don’t like Demi, why are you here?