Jennifer Stone & Nicole Anderson Join Mean Girls 2!

Jennifer Stone & Nicole Anderson Join Mean Girls 2!

It’s official!

Jennifer Stone and Nicole Anderson have joined the cast of Mean Girls 2 and started shooting today!

Nicole, 19, posted on her twitter just who exactly she’ll be playing, “Back in LA for a couple of hours then heading to ATL for a month. Missing Cabo already but excited to start work on Mean Girls 2! [I play] Hope, a Plastic. The new Gretchen!”

It’s still unclear who Jennifer will be portraying, but she did tweet, “First day of shooting and it’s the first time I’ve ever had my name on a chair. One of those moments you remember. I am a lucky gal.”

The duo join Meaghan Martin and Maiara Walsh, who play the lead Jo and lead Plastic.

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Credit: Jaimie Trueblood; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • taylor

    This is the worst idea ever. It’s bad enough they’re even making a sequel, but to have four Disney girls starring in it? This has flop written all over it.

  • eclipse

    more disney channel girls? :/

  • cmeesmile

    I’m a big chick-flick fanatic but I am a bit skeptical about it. Still, I am definitely checking this one out. @taylor Is it going to be a flop? I guess we’ll be the judge of that.

  • Kristina

    Why are all the stars from the Disney Channel? Is Tina Fey even involved in it? Seems like a Disney movie to me.

  • lilly

    Why would they do this?? ):

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    Future DCOM coming to you soon. It’s so horrible thath Disney is gonna ruin such a classic movie with all the Z-Listers! Come on , now

  • none

    I love Jennifer Stone and I’ve never seen the first movie. Just because the main girls are from Disney doesn’t mean they can’t act. It isn’t a Disney movie. Paramount is producing it so don’t worry. I personally don’t like cussing or sex in movies but I am sure it will be in it. Hollywood doesn’t know how to make anything nice for people to watch. I can’t wait to see Jennifer Stone in the film.

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    Is this for real?! honestly why in gods name did they think it was a good idea to remake Mean Girls. The movies not going to feature any of the Original movie’s cast members and its going to soil the good name of Mean Girls. Mean girls is a classic that shouldnt be messed with in the first place unless they had the original girls return to do a follow up on what they were doing since the last movie! Theres no way this movie will be good because all the girls are from Disney Channel and im sure Disney Channel is going to make it PG and wont have any cursing or any drinking or parting like what happend in the first one. This is a serious FAIL in the making.

  • linda

    no all these stars cant act they should have atleast picked a- list disney girls not girls who arent even in the list hopefufully it will be straight to dvd or on tv because if it is in the movies welll………you know wath will happen !~

  • nina

    Okay, I understand having atleast one or two Disney chicks in the movie, but really? Why add 4? They might as well cast all the Disney kids to be in this movie. I definitely can’t see Maiara or Jennifer in this movie, but we’ll see.

  • magick_girl786

    People should stop complaining about the Disney stars … yes, there are a lot of them in it, but this isn’t a DCOM or a Disney movie.

    Meaghan, though she was in Camp Rock isn’t a “Disney” girl anymore judging by the fact that on 10 Things, her character was talking about having sex with her bf, etc.

    Maiara hasn’t been a Disney girl for quite a while. In fact her character on Desperate Housewives is quite the slut.

    Jennifer is amazing in everything she does, so whatever and I love Nicole so I really don’t care.

    They aren’t going to make this a G-Rated ‘Lets be BFFs’ thing so people should get over it.

  • chellychells

    Okay I luv mean girls and these stars but maybe some people are right because these are not really big stars that have like a million fans lke Vanessa hudgens or ashley tisdale. These girls are like people that are only know by their characters names…but we can never know maybe this is their big break.

  • linda

    @magick_girl786: you dont knw what the raiting is and nicole and jennifer CANT ACT for shit

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @none: Well, I have seen the first movie, and I’ve got to agree with getitupgetitoutnow’s view of it. When I saw it, I thought it was a step up for Lindsay Lohan, and a break from all the kiddie-fare. Right after that, she doe Herbie: Fully Loaded, became a rampaging party girl and her career started taking a turn for the toilet.

    In any case, I think it’s a lame idea to do this remake in disguise.

  • anonymus

    OMG, a sequel with crappy actors? pfft not gonna watch it, sounds lame.
    its going to be an epic fail and i agree with getitupgetitoutnow :D

  • krystelle

    you people need to calm down -.-
    they didnt ask YOU to act in the movie
    to chill DAMN

  • Edivar

    This is the worst idea ever. It’s bad enough they’re even making a sequel, but to have four Disney girls starring in it? [2]

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    Ugh, I was soo excited for this. But then seriously? Is it a disney movie now? The first mean girls was good enough for me. But if they wanted to hire “Good” disney-ish people. Aleast hire the famous ones. Miley, Vanessa, Selena, Ashley, Demi.
    They resemble some pple.
    Selena – cady
    Vanessa – Karen
    Ashley – Gretchen
    Miley – Regina
    Demi – Janis

  • candy321

    yepp its gonna be crap. ¬¬

  • glen coco

    so if the girls weren’t popular as miley and selena, it means that they cant act. wow, its totally unfair. i dont know why some people are so mad of why disney stars being casted, i mean, people! they are actors and it is their job or dream to be in a huge movie like this.if they are in disney, so u think they dont have the ability to act and have opportunities outside disney!its so mean and its not fair. they work hard and audition for the role.. grow up people and be mature! i know the first one was great but give this sequence a chance.and besides it has a different plot/story..

    fyi: they are not only disney stars, they also starred in ABC’s shows:
    Nicole has done make it or Break it as a mean girl, ok. and play a lead role in movie like accused at 17..and Maeghan also starred in 10 things i hate… besides the show wants a new faces!

  • bhj

    What the fuck! why do they have to ruin shit, whos dumb idea was it to turn mean girls into a disney movie! What a dumb fuck/

  • Mjw

    Ok I love disney but really I odnt think all these girls should be in it. First off Jennifer Stone is going to be the star and to be honest shes not that great of a actress, i mean shes ok but she cant be the lead i mean have you seen her on wizards and her movie hariet the spy that sucked ! next that girl from camp rock i dont like her personally and i dont think she should be the head mean girl ugh. the other girls i like ( : i love nicole anderson shes so beautiful and a great actress and she has done many other things outside of disney unlike the other girls : / . if they want all disney starts they should pick better people like selena gomez as the head mean girl. i love didsney though dont get me wrong.

  • cassy

    i didn’t even know there was gonna be a mean girls 2. o.o
    i can’t imagine..

  • Kimberlyh16

    You know what? I hate how people suddenly assume it’s going to bad because disney girls are on it. Those girls can act and to have a label of what kind of actress you are is horrible. May I remind you people that Lindsey Lohan starred in a few DISNEY movies and she did amazing in Mean Girls. Those girls can act and they’re not DISNEY girls they’re ACTRESSES so don’t be rude or disrespectful if you don’t like, don’t watch.

  • http://justjaredjr sky

    I agree with you, using more famous disney stars is WAY better than these ppl.

  • http://justjaredjr sky

    These ppl have horrible acting skills and DISNEY come on..

  • Con

    It’s a Disney Movie come on,, this will be stupid,, they cant replace Regina George and the Plastics with them
    Jennifer Stone? will she be like Cady? This movie will be hideous,,

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @Kimberlyh16: It’s not the fact that it’s cast with Disney actresses that makes it crappy. It’s the fact that it’s made at all, when the first movie made it’s point that makes it such a crappy idea. Jennifer Stone and Nicole Anderson have done work that’s not so kid-friendly before, and though I haven’t seen Nicole’s non kiddie-fare before, Jennifer should be commended for hers. Whether this is going to be a watered-down version of the original or not, it seems like a lame idea and all the star power won’t necessarily be enough to make it worthwhile. The producers of this movie better have something else.

  • cmeesmile

    @none: Oh my goodness! Thank you for that statement! I hate immodesty and cussing in movies too! I don’t understand why Hollywood can’t make a decent movie that is entertaining without squeezing some kind of sexual content in it just to make it sell. It is really refreshing knowing their are other viewers out there who have the same views. =]

  • Jackie

    OMG! this TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would they let all these disney stars do this! i loved the first movie and i thought that they should make a sequal… BUT WITH THE SAME PEOPLE FOR GOSH SAKES! is rachel mccadams or tina fay or amanda sienfried even gonna b in it!?!! this is bs…. why would they let this happen? im not saying that these girls cant act… cause they defintly can, its just that now that disney is involved, its gonna b totally chhesy and is goin to attaraact a bunch of little kids to see a movie about sluts ruling a school…. wow i thought that disney was a ROLE MODEL , but apperently not! im sssoooo disapointed… :(

  • GershonGirly

    LUV the first one. This one probly won’t be as good. I’ll still watch it tho! :–)

  • shante

    well nicole was on make it or break playing a mean girl role so i can see her in the movie plus on make it or break it she was cursing so yea she’s not so much a “disney girl also meaghan was 10 hate about u (that show was all about sex) and maiara is on desperate housewives she been longgone frm disney

  • melanie
    plzzzzzzz pick me those shoes r cute btw im size 6 i think hahaha

  • Jam

    JEEZ! Everyone calm down! You haven’t even seen a trailer yet! How can you judge a movie just by the actresses in it! Who knows, you might end up loving it! And if not, SO WHAT! Don’t go see it! Your getting worked up over nothing!

  • Brittany

    F U C K you all i mean really? Disney girls cant do their own thing every once in awhile with out critism. YOU HAVENT EVEN SEEN THE DANG MOVIE YET SO STOP JUDGING!!!

  • marisa

    mean girls is probably my favorite movie, however, this is a HORRENDOUS idea. i will NOT be seeing this movie. flop, flop, flop. 4 disney stars? wow. & not even good ones.

  • mJ

    i dont know how it will be but i know that it WON’T be as good as the first one.. i think the humor will be kind of cheesy cause this girls have a younger fanbase.. in the first one’s the only one that had a young fanbase was lindsay and the movie had a very dark humor, also Tina Fey was involved and she’s a genious at comedy.. if she’s involved in this one it may be good… but we’ll have to wait and see

  • londonlemming

    2 words: OH & NO…. This has car crash tv written all over it. Why do studios insist on messing with things. Mean Girls does not need a sequel.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Meghan and Nicole are the only ones (so far) that may be able to pull this off. Not sure about the other two. I mean, for all that, they can put Selena in this too, We all know how well “alex Russo” can play the mean girl

  • Shir

    This has DISASTROUS written all over it!!
    Mean girls was edgy. I doubt that this will be
    Of course i’ll watch but i’m scared.
    It’s tooooooo soon!!!

  • sarah

    I really liked the first movie. I hope that the Disney girls don’t ruin it, though. I mean I know Meghan and Nicole are capable of doing PG-13 stuff, but I’m not so sure bout Jennifer and Maiara. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Either this movie is gonna be epic or is gonna fail.

  • sonya

    So are they supposed to be the grown up little girls that we saw at the end of the 1st movie? Remember them? The junior plastics or whatever? I want to see this. It should be interesting enough.

  • http://TWITTER.COM/ILOVEMEMIX Millicentheartsmiam

    @Zanessaxjoenessa: i agree but Miley should be Gretchen Vanessa Regina and Ashley Karen i think that would fit better (ash would do great as Regina too cause shes is good at being mean and stupid haha)

  • Megan

    i loved that movie and nicole anderson is awesome at acting…jennifer stone is pretty good too

  • Tiffany

    why is it all disney stars? i do love disney but i don’t think they can act as well as actresses from adult networks

  • Lily

    Shit! Is this movie all of a sudden a Disney movie?>???

  • http://naloniforever actingismylife

    @Jackie: @Jackie omg U suck! just becaz disney girls r in it doesnt mean it sucks! itz not gonna attract little kids becaz itz just lik the original! itz a paramount picture so itz lik the original. All of u need 2 calm down, these girlz r talented and can act, so shut up cuz they didnt ask if U liked the idea of them being in it. They act a whole lot better than you i bet n they work hard to keep u entertained on tv so chill out n if u think itz gonna be a bad movie, then DONT watch it, u think u have to watch it, but noones forcing u so just dont watch it sometimes ppl lik u r plain idiots! Nicole anderson, Megahn martin n Jennifer stone r gonna b good!!!!! :P

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @shante: I said I didn’t see her non-kiddie fare, but I do believe she’s capable of playing a mean girl. The reason is she was in the “iCarly” episode “iNevel,” and played a girl who snubs Carly’s site because it wasn”t reviewed by

    That doesn’t mean I think this movie should necessarily have been made, though.

  • http://facebook Lily

    Well In the first mean girls film rachel mcadams and amanda seyfried were like nobody
    and now their big stars
    Lindsey Lohan Was a disney girl as well you know !!!!!
    soo this might turn out to be good
    but come a remake of Mean Girls
    They have their work cut out for them!

  • gthty

    these disney chicks better break some rules for this movie because if it’s all goody good like NORMAL disney girl movies then it’s gonna fail completely. mean girls 1 will probably be ten times better than this just by the looks of who the new girls are.

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