Joe Jonas Wants to 'Make It Right' with Chelsea Staub

Joe Jonas Wants to 'Make It Right' with Chelsea Staub

Joe Jonas sings out his heartache in this new music video for “Make It Right.”

Featured in the upcoming JONAS L.A. episode “Date Expectations,” the video follows Joe as he watches love interest Stella (Chelsea Staub) ready for her date with Ben (Robert Adamson).

Don’t forget to tune into a new episode, “And…Action” THIS Sunday, July 11 @ 9PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

DO YOU THINK Stella and Joe are meant to be?

Joe Jonas – “Make It Right”
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  • Haley

    beautiful song.
    his voice seriously gives me chills.
    incredible <3

  • daphne

    i love sooo much this song! his voice is beautiful!!!:)

  • daphne

    i loove this song!!! his voice sounda beautiful! love him!:)

  • daphne

    i loove this song!!! his voice sounda beautiful! love him!:)

  • halle

    They are acting like it is the end of the world in this music video. She is just going on a date with a guy she met hiking. NO BIG DEAL. Joe, its not like she is getting married (show).

  • http://@melissacortes melissa

    they belong together in this show…


    Aww, he is so sweet and adorable!! @melissa yeah, your right, they belong together in this show…

  • Chelsey

    @melissa not in real life:)

  • aya

    joe and stella are my favorite tv couple <3

  • dainaheartsddlovato


  • http://www.twitter.comtiffany_t_j tiffany

    i love joe but i hate stella

  • joejonaslover

    AWW,,,,,this song is effin amazing

  • sam

    This song is beautiful.
    Nick sings it really good too.

  • Ella

    Definitely my most favorite track from the soundtrack simply because it’s Joe’s song. <3

  • melissa

    I think joe and stela not match
    My favorite couple is sonny and chad

  • Sara

    This is such a cute song <3

  • Talita

    I prefer Joe Jonas and Belinda!

  • Natasha

    Joe and Stella !!!!!!!!!! So Cute!!!!!!!

  • blahblahblah

    Joe and stella? Yes. Joe and Chelsea? No.

  • tei71011

    @dainaheartsddlovato: i wish the same i wish he sing this song for demi at the concert

  • sarah

    @melissa: That’s my fave couple too! :)

  • layra

    Of course they are meant to be. They’re awesome together.

  • Emma

    i looove this song and love Joe so much

    yea joe n stella do make a great onscreen couple

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    OMG! I hope that Joe N’ Stella will go out again! And get VANESSA PAGE out of the picture! JOELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Joe is soo Hot N’ Stella is so pretty! JOE N’ STELLA MAKES A HOT COUPLE! I WISH THEM GOOD LUCK 2 GO TOGETHER! I AM DYING FOR Joe N’ Stella to go out!!!!!! JOELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    YES! YES!, 1000X YES, JOE N’ STELLA R MEANT TO BE! I hope Joe N’ Stella go out again! They R PERFECT 4 eachother! I want Vanessa Page OUT OF THE PICTURE! Joe N’ Stella should be Bf/Gf or Husband/Wife! JOE+STELLA-JOELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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