Selena Gomez & The Scene: A Year Without Rain -- CONFIRMED!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: A Year Without Rain -- CONFIRMED!

Selena Gomez lights up the August 2010 issue of UK’s Sugar magazine. just got word that Selena and her band The Scene‘s sophomore album name is indeed A Year Without Rain.

The album, featuring their new single “Round and Round,” will hit shelves on Tuesday, September 28th!

Selena told Sugar mag about her first album and how important is was to her. She shared, “Kiss & Tell is my mom’s favorite song and we made it the album name because it means a lot to me, too.”

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  • liri92

    I like the name “A year without Rain” it´s something more creative not like today´ s album´s names like “KIss & Tell” or “MY World” or stuff like that.. I love you selly <3

  • Cath

    AWESOME! :)
    Can’t wait! <3

  • andy

    i love the name, so original, really awesome!!!!

  • andy

    btw cant wait for all her upcoming projects!!! yayyyy im so freaking excited!!!!

  • jenny

    It might be original but it’s not going to garner any more buyers. Round and round is such a poor song. I don’t see this album doing all that great. Autotune shouldn’t be your favorite instrument.

  • rosie

    love the name its very unique and has a nice flow im sure it willl be awesome!(:

  • rosie

    @jenny: well then how come it is 24 on the hot 100 chart beating out miley im sure it will do alot better her cd and its not like artist dont use autotuned and in round and round there is a part were you can here selena s actual vocals!

  • Hagar

    it isn’t beating miley hun miley debut 8 and selena debut 24 and still miley is 18 so until now miley is topping her FACT.
    and yeah miley’s album has a lot autotuned songs but at least you hear miley singing live unlike selena.

    and i love selena but singing is not for her that’s my opinion.

  • selenafan

    I really like the name. Sounds different and cooler than all the bland names of albums these days. Can’t wait for it to come out. I love round and round and I’m sure her album will be just as awesome. You rock selena!

  • Valentinetwin


    Oh so you’re going to compare a — what 4/5 years long singer to a 1/2 years long singer? That makes ALOT of sense. Have you actually gone to her concert? And if you say ‘Yes’, I bet it’s a lie. Who would actually go to a concert that they do not like.


    How many singers out there that does not alter there voice now a day that you can name?

  • Marissa

    I love the album’s name, its original and I really like it!!!
    Thank you haters!! For taking a couple minutes of your precious time to read selena’s posts AND comment!!!
    Obviously you are more updated of Selena’s projects than her fans :) I really appreciate that, thank you AGAIN!!!
    And if you dont like it, its OK because Selena does NOT mind and me neither :)

  • SelenaBRASIL

    selena is awesome and that sounds SO good! Can’t wait for her 1st world tour! Her songs and albums do so mucher wolrdwide then in the USA…So i really hope for a world tour!!!

  • Hobo dude

    the title of her album is round and round, selena talked about it on radio disney.

  • Hagar

    I’m in EGYPT so no i haven’t been to a concert but i have seen her on youtube and it wasn’t good…

    and you say I don’t love her well i do but not her singing
    I’m sorry but she should stick to acting

  • alice

    A Year Without Rain ? .. It’s for Nick and Miley? Selena is not a good person

  • Hagar

    OMG this made me LOL

  • Meghan

    I will probably get it. I’m not a big fan just yet, but Round & Round made me get really interested in her music.

    Seeing her on July 29th! <3

  • lisaa

    aww can’t wait for the album. and her upcoming movies!

  • Skye

    I like the name of Selena’s sophomore album. I’m sure it’s going to be a great album. Counting down the days till Sep. 28th. I love Selena <333

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Valentinetwin: Justin Timberlake,
    Tiffany Evans,
    Mariah Caery,
    Whitney Houston,
    Michale Jackson
    Adam Lambert
    Kelly Clarkson

    Just to name a few.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @alice: why da hell does everything have to be NILEY related? Seriously!

  • Naomi


    word. i agree with that.

  • itsmeagain

    @rosie: Selena beating out MC? MC’s single was the #1 added single the week of it’s release, it debuted at #8 on the Bill Board Hot 100, and was #1 on tiunes for a FULL SOLID MONTH. Where as, ROUND and Round hasn’t even reached the TOP 10 on itunes YET. (The video has, but not the singke) And did I mention that TAMED is already GOLD? Yeah , sorry, but Selena can’t top Miley in the music world. But she can top her at acting though. And Gosh, I wish there was a way we could stop comparing these two on EVERY FREAKING POST. This is sO 2008 MAN.

  • rosie

    @itsmeagain: im talking about the song stay not cant be tamed

  • Cande

    01. I love the song tittle, it is amazing and unique I really cant figure out how will be the cover
    02. Round and Round got an amazing place in charts if we consider that it is selena’s 2 album and that HOLLYWOOD RECORDS DIDNT MAKE PUBLI. soo how will the people buy something if they dont know that exits?

  • Hagar

    why are comparing stay to round and round stay isn’t even a single and it did well for that
    so please stop it

  • Kristina

    A radio station played ‘Round and Round’. The DJ said it received calls to not play it again. They said it was the first time that happened to them.

  • ilovemileyfans


  • Sam

    A very eccentric title

  • Patty

    @Kristina: You went on IMDb and said this already… Fail.

  • jessica

    why are you guys bringing up miley when this is a selena post?
    i mean damn wtf leave her out of this. and anyways this is an interesting title. and i love round and round. it debuted better then naturally so who who knows how well this album could do. but i really wish this is her last album.

  • Lex

    One of the better pop album titles out there. Wonder wat the meaning behind it is.

  • Marissa

    OMG!! Why do you bring Miley to this post? She is dead to me. Miley is the perfect example of what NOT TO DO. Selena maybe is boring to you but at least she has her morals intact and her haters are only stupid physo kids/teenies. Honestly Miley gets hate from the press, TV celebrities, magazines, blogs, gossip sites, parents, everywhere!

  • good-one

    Sweet cover, not saccharin.

    The title, “A year without Rain” , makes me think of the story of Charles Hatfield.

  • Trang

    Naturally is better than Round and Round 100000000000000 times.
    I think this album isn’t better than Kiss n tell too.
    Naturally’s melody isn’t better than Round and Round. But the voice in Naturally is so much better than Round and Round.
    Her singing voice in Round and round is very bad and terrible. And it was #24 Billboard just just because she PR for it too good.

  • itsmeagain

    @rosie: Stay is not a single. Rumor has it that “Liberty Walk” is suppose to be the next single. It’s already getting air play and it’s in the top 100 on itunes already. And, Liberty Walk is best selling track on MC’s entire album.

  • Nileyfanforever

    A year without rain!!RAIN STANDS FOR NILEY!!!! nickjonas and miley cyrus… So ur album is about Niley?! Thats so niceof you selena=D

  • Rainingstars

    Haha so the album is about nick n miley?
    Dont say why does it have to
    Be involed in a year without
    Rain album?
    Its because everybody knows
    That Niley always has these rain
    Word in “MOSTLY” all of their songs
    So im thinkin one song
    Has to be about nick and Miley<3
    yes im a niley fan
    And sele gomez fan…
    But sel should stick to acting
    Just saying
    These aree my own opinions.

  • Jae

    stop comparing the 2. its annoying. and rain most likely means sorrow, so she’s saying shes had a happy year.

  • Rosie2

    @Hagar Hun, YOU are obviously confused. Selena sings live. It is so obvious that she sings live, you would have to be deaf to not know. Honestly, Selena & The Scene may not be beating Miley in the charts, but Miley has been around a lot longer then them. Stop making up lies. Most artists in pop music today use auto tune. Miley and Selena use it, and they BOTH sing live.

  • dfgs

    I love selena and the title sound very very nice.
    I can`t wait to hear the songy

  • http://twitter marta lisa morales

    @ilovemileyfans: atleast selena doesn’t pole dance at her concerts

  • rachael

    Whooooooooooo!:D I wonder if A Year Without Rain is a song too.;D

  • Sammy 29*15

    Okay that is enough. Has any of you guys actually talked to them 1 on 1! I bet none of you have and listen here I had enough of hearing Miley and Selena being compared. They are not the same so get over it! Miley has made mistakes so have you and me so leave the mistakes in the past seriously how can can she move on with you people bring it up all the time. I like miley and selena they are both good at what they do and are unique. If you do what they do everyday and deal with what they deal with like you guys being judge-mental and having no privasy at all then just then you can be judge-mental! So quit being idiots!! And let them live their lives and you just live yours.

  • http://celebuzz SelenaRcksthescene

    selena you rock can’t wait till the album comes out!

  • athirah Khayrin

    Selena very awesome!!
    I love Selena!!

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