David Henrie: Birthday Blowout By the Beach!

David Henrie: Birthday Blowout By the Beach!

David Henrie and his famous friends soak up the heat from a bonfire at Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this past weekend.

The 20-year-old actor was joined by Brandon Smith, Chelsea Staub, Nicole Anderson, Carlson Young, Gregg Sulkin and Mark Hapka to celebrate his upcoming 21st birthday (He’ll turn 21 on Sunday).

David shared with JJJ about holding his 21st birthday bash at the resort: “I am so excited to return to CASA DORADA for the big 2-1! There is no other place I could imagine spending this milestone birthday with my close friends and family.”

David also rung in the new year with Gregg in Cabo at the same resort.

10+ pics inside…

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  • emmy

    That’s pretty cool, but it seems sorta weird that they’d be posing for pictures like that for his birthday. You would think he’d want some privacy. It just feels weird to make this into a publicity thing.

  • http://twitter.com/alreadytorn_x Taylor

    i love david, chelsea and nicole. gregg and carlson are okay. not a fan of brandon, really. and i don’t know, like, anything about mark. sort of sad that chelsea is basically….avoiding david, it seems. lol. but i think it’s great that he invited his friends along. david really seems like a good guy, but it is odd they’d have pictures taken, but at the same time, demi took pictures on her vacation. so maybe it’s not so weird.

  • keri

    i want to go there iwth david!!!! this is apparantely where all young hollywood go now!

    he is so hott

  • linda

    why pose for pictures it does look kinda for publicity but oh well thats them

  • lalala

    i think chelsea has a think with mark. i dont know him but the pictures kinda seem like they have something going on lol idk

  • keke2696

    lol they just look so hot wow lol

  • mmmac

    i think they do these photos to get the photographers out of their hair for their trip – kind of like, “ok here you go, snap a few, now go away.” It’s a win-win for both sides. (my guess anyway) Either way, i’m glad to see the pics cuz i love them all especially david :) wish i was there!!!

  • emaly

    nicole looks bored to me. Chelsea and mark are close but cute. david is hot LOL. gregg & brandon equals coool

  • j

    I agree. It does look pretty cheesy and fake, but maybe they are posing just too get it out of the way.

  • linda

    i bet chelsea and nicole are covering uup so they wont get into trouble with disney lol

  • jessy

    Give the guy a break. Its his birthday and he went away with his friends and instead of people driving them mad they probably arranged a shoot.

  • kiki

    @linda ….I agree

  • Alfredo


  • jb

    For all of you wondering why they do pictures like this, it’s simply for the publicity and the fact the hotel probably made their entire trip free for posing in front of their logo, etc.

  • elly

    selena ??

  • searching578

    Looks like a promo pic for a new teen drama tv show!! LOL.. not a bad cast!! LOL…. Hope David had a nice bday! looks like he did!

  • DelilaJune

    Does Nicole give a complex with her stomach? She’s always hiding it, even on the beach with her top. Tough she’s gorgeous!

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