JoJo: New Album Details!

JoJo: New Album Details!

JoJo chills out with during the Pre-BET Awards Lounge to chat about her delayed, but much-anticipated third album.

Check out what the 19-year-old songstress had to say about the feel of her album: “I would describe it as pretty eclectic but more than my first two albums, there is more energy to it. There’s more upbeat songs and there’s a common thread throughout the album because I co-wrote every song.

JoJo continued, “It’s very transparent, open and honest. It’s what young people are thinking and talking about. I love that I was able to experiment with different sounds while still keeping true to the fact that this is a pop record.”

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JoJo — Album Update
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  • pup

    She looks like the girl on “victorious”. Don’t know her name.

  • cmeesmile

    JoJo! She has true talent and I love her music! I’m looking forward to hearing some new stuff from her! Wow, but I almost didn’t recognize her with her dark hair. Some major changes but same, awesome JoJo!

  • halle

    God, what happened to her? She looks like a lurk!

  • emaly

    big cheeeks hha

  • cassidybarrett

    yaay I’m so excited to hear the new album !!! :)) Jo needs to come back, she’s soo talented and so underrated at the same time, it bugs me so much that she doesn’t have the success she deserves.

  • LU

    OMG!! can’t wait!
    and thanks jared for posting about her!!

  • mary

    FINALLY!! I havent heard about her in a while!

  • sam

    can’t wait!

  • Weber from Brazil

    can’t wait to see that *-*

  • ashlee22

    i love jojo but this black hair so no good
    this color is not the best color for jojo

  • qwtt

    i love her, truly amazing artist an di agree with all of the above comments. I’m not digging the black hair but all is good. She is amazing, i’m glad she is coming back.


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    dammmmmn……ima hld dt nse n shut her mth until she swallows ma cummmm dip dwn her sxc throat….O yea

  • viperxsun

    nice hot cheeky gal…wd luv 2 hear dt…shes hella fine

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