There's Nothing Zac Efron Wouldn't Try

There's Nothing Zac Efron Wouldn't Try

In anticipation of his new flick, Zac Efron sits down to chat with Teen Vogue about how the film opened him up to the world of sailing.

The 22-year-old actor shared about his new appreciation for sailing, “I’d been before, but I wasn’t the one doing the sailing. I was playing Game Boy below deck. Now I’ve got such an appreciation for the sport.”

So what’s up next for Zac? “I don’t want to jinx it, you know? [But] My checklist is infinite. There’s nothing I wouldn’t try.”

Zac will also be presenting at the 2010 ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 14th in Los Angeles.

WILL YOU GO SEE Charlie St. Cloud (opens July 30th!)

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Photos: Teen Vogue
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  • amy

    Love him so much! Hes amazing <33

  • birdie


  • Katty

    He presented for the Espy’s before, I remember that he did.

    I think that it is good he is daring and so willing to try new things, not only things such as bungee jumping and sailing, but in his career choices as well. I don’t want him to become sterotyped for doing only one kind of movie, you know?

    Anyways, love Zac and his modesty, as always. Can’t wait for CSC, I am already making plans with my friends!

  • stacey

    Haha, I just checked the comments
    to see if anyone caught the typo in there.
    Apparently, they have :D I’m not alone!

  • GershonGirly

    LUV U ZAC! Just “cast” him in my dream cast video for Being Jamie Baker. If only he were a bit younger he’s the perfect Ryan Miller! But why the article here call him “her”?

  • Amy

    JJJ, you bet I will be seeing CSC. I have been wanting to see this for awhile now.

  • mike

    im going to see the movie

  • kami

    yep, i’m gong to see css. i hope zac does his cia action movie next “fire.”

  • kami

    wait, is this the aug issue of teen vogue? the same one vanessa is in with victoria beckham? really?

  • Susan

    Yes, JJ, I’ll be seeing Zac in Charlie St. Cloud! Wouldn’t miss it! I’m hoping the chemistry is smoking between Zac and Amanda…please don’t let them fizzle!

  • mimi

    Of course i’m gonna see CSC, love zac!

  • Karen

    I’m not wishing the summer away but I certainly am going to see CSC and I can’t wait. Hope my theater has a morning showing so I don’t have to wait until the afternoon.

    Zac said on one of the shows like Jimmy Kimmel or Leno how when he was young his dad always encouraged him to try new things and that’s how he first tried octopus. He said his dad said, “I will give you $20 if you try that and he said he did it without hesitation. So, it would seem his dad taught him to be open to new things although I doubt he would want him to do something that would put him in harm’s way.

    Yes, this is in the same issue as Vanessa and Victoria Beckham.

  • susAN1

    100% percent I’m gonna see CSC with my friends.

  • pita

    Zac is already presenting ESPY award two years ago he took his brother with him.yeap !absolutely i gonna see this movie i can’t wait.

  • teamhudgens

    He’s the BEST <3

  • Tiptoes

    Yes, watching CSC.

  • pop86

    He’s the best

  • beatriz

    I want to see Charlie St Cloud :D
    OMG Zac Efron in the ESPY Awards


    I’m also going to see Zac ‘s movie on opening weekend.

  • nikki


  • kim

    Yes, I am looking forward to the movie! Can’t wait!! :)

  • mykamicks

    Definitely i’ll watch it! All the way im supporting his new film.

    Love him to trying always new things. As an actor, he should be open into it!

  • re

    For sure! I can’t wait to see it! ;b

  • kyle

    I am definitely watching Charlie St. Cloud.

  • Bradley Bobst

    I will Definitely be watching Charlie St Cloud opening day I will be going to the first showing on the 30th then that sat going Again.

    I’m supporting Zac and His Film I’m 26 years and Pround to be one of Zac’s Older man fan. I was kinda hoping to see Zac in his first Sex scene but this movie is rated PG-13 watch mean no full on full sex scene.

  • Andie

    @Bradley Bobst: @Bradley Bobst: what’s up with you and your comment? !

  • londonlemming

    Info for you all:
    The LA premiere of Charlie St Cloud is scheduled to take place on July 20th!

  • http://youtube darra

    i am goin see it when it premieres

  • http://@mayzv4ever mayra zv 4 ever

    Off course i want to see it its going to be amazing

  • Bradley Bobst


    Northing is Up with me and Comment.

  • Bradley Bobst


    Thanks the info I’m going to try and Plan to go.

  • jajaDD
  • kyle


    The title of this article is a misnomer. If you read it carefully, Zac never said he wanted to try gay sex. It is just the author’s malicious mind when he concluded as such.

  • Karen

    jajaDD knows perfectly well that is a lie.

  • Athena

    Well Bradley, there’s Snabba Cash…maybe he’ll be a bit reckless and highly sexed and you’ll get your wish.

  • Leslie