David Archuleta: Deseret Book Signing!

David Archuleta: Deseret Book Signing!

David Archuleta shows off his own chords of strength as he sings a little tune during his book signing at Deseret Books in Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon (July 7).

In “Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance,” the 19-year-old singer shares his unexpected and inspiring journey, including how he overcame vocal cord paralysis to achieve his dream of being a singer. If you haven’t already, pick up your own copy!

David most recently performed at A Capital Fourth. Check out one of his performances below!

15+ pics inside…

David Archuleta – “Stand By Me”

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Credit: DJDM; Photos: WENN
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    he is just beautiful <3

  • magi

    David is getting hotter and cuter…love him

  • http://www.twitter.com/athalla67 JONASFOREVER

    He is soo cute!

  • http://PINKWITCH7 PINK

    he is so sweet! i love that he cares so much

  • Archiefan

    David’s such a cutie!

  • eyeh8twilight

    And, who is he again?

    I’m telling you, if I wanted to be a famous singer, the last place I would want to be is American Idol. The majority of the contestants are famous for a couple months, a year at most then they go off into obscurity.

    The only exceptions are Carrey Underwood, Adam Lambert and maybe Daughtry. Other than that, who the hell are the other winners and contestants? Nobodys.

  • ncdafan

    great pictures, outstanding performances both on the capitol 4th and yesterday at the book signing – well done david….

  • galaxia44

    well eyeh, you’ve proved david is not a nobody… name me another runner up, 2 years past their season, who still is generating this kind of buzz, and who still even has a recording contract with a major label. ‘crickets’ … you contradict yourself throughout your comment, but it’s alright.

    in today’s music environment, as bad as it is, the one thing idol is good for is exposing the high finishing contestants to an audience, and giving them a fanbase that can help tremendously out in that tough market, so don’t be turning up your nose at these contestants. adam lambert – pssh. where would he be without idol. he knocked around the scene for years before going on the show, so does that make his accomplishments any less than someone who did not.. or david, or any of the most successful idols – and you better believe david is one of the most successful idols ever, winner or runner up.

    david has sold more cd’s than lambert to date, has sold more single downloads, his debut single and cd outranks his on billboard, so how can you even begin to claim he is a nobody, hahaha… no one from the lambert camp likes to acknowledge that f a c t, but it is a f a c t. adam does have the extreme hype, but so what – david has outsold him w/far less of it, and still commands attention from the media, and has gained many adoring fans the world over without the idol machine propping him up, so who then is the ”nobody”. not getting into fanwars, but don’t start no static, won’t be no static – because when the facts come out, you will lose. and why, pray tell, would anyone spend the time you have commenting on a so called ”nobody”… r u nervous… scared… jealous… afraid your favorite won’t be able to compete… i’m done, but i think you get the message.

  • Madison

    Well, it’s good to see that David is making a success of his singing and music by being true to his values and morals. He has surpassed what most thought could not happen, and that is move out of the “Idol” clutches and into a full fledged career with music. I am happy to see that!
    He’s making it in the music business in a way that is unheard of…by sticking to high principles!!!! yays!

  • anonymous

    Apparently you don’t know much about David Archuleta do you. Nuff said! No fan wars please :D

    David is becoming quite successful singer/song writer/author and I am so proud of him. His book has been on the best sellers list and his next single which comes out July 20th on itunes and will air July 26th, is going to be a hit!

    BTW, he has been invited to the White House x2 within a months time, not bad for someone who has only been out of AI in such a short period of time. He’s got the whole package, he’s young, he’s gorgeous and he can actually sing (acapella I might add). And he has sung in 4 languages, English, Spanish, French and Latin. He is currently working on his 3rd album.

  • sarah

    You don’t have to be mean to other idols that you are not a fan of. I can tell you are a Carry / Lambert fan. When you say you know Carry, Adam or Daughtry, but not David Archuleta, you are lying. Because he sings one of the most popular pop songs coming out of idol alums, Crush, that has sold 2 million digital copies. AOL radio rated Crush as the #1 idol songs in the history of idol. Although he is just 19, he has worked butt off since the idol days, and built a unique and respectful name of his own. A Capitol Fourth team invited him to sing two songs owing to his singing ability and role model worthy conduct. Read his New York Times bestseller, Chords of Strength, and try to learn how to become a more humble human being.

  • Kaylee

    I love David! Can’t wait for the new single (which I love) to be on iTunes and can’t WAIT for the next tour!!!

  • kILEY

    He looks good in v-necks ;)

  • http://fansofdavid.com Kathy

    David has been on the road of success from day one. I love his new single and I predict it will even surpass Crush in sales. His talent is like no other and he so deserves all the success that is coming his way. A hard worker, kind and compassionate and a voice to die for!

  • sam

    he is so adorable! can’t wait for his new music!

  • anonymous

    This is a silly discussion, all the singers and artist have their time and their public and fans and David is not the exception, I don’t know too much about Carrie, but i’m not a big fan of country music , and that doesn’t mean she is not popular in some specific environment , Now Adam he still fresh in the memory of Idols fans, we need to wait two year to say if is a succesfull singer or not, but even with that he gonna have his fanbase for many years to come , same with David , he still popular in the eyes of thousads of fans around the world with a 10% of publicity in comparison with the 3 you(eyeh8twilight ) mentioned and a very bad management, Now is the time of the true for him, like all the artist in the business , he need to raise his game this time to regain the public attention and new fans. BTW nice pictures thanks, he’s looking older lately, kind of sad lol.

  • caitlin

    David is sooooo talented..LUV it when he sings a capella! His new CD is gonna be awesome!

  • Masbonita


  • cassidybarrett

    I got my copy and the book is amazing. He’s so inspiring and I love his personnality !!! Can’t wait for the new album :))

  • nl

    I have listened to his new songs about 50 times in the last couple days and I am so hooked – great song. Hope I hear it on my favorite station in San Francisco!

  • nl

    Ooops – I said “songs” and I meant “song” (Something ‘Bout Love)!

  • Trudyfod

    Thanks for the article/pictures/ & videos of David Archuleta. I attended David’s first book siging in NJ…but it’s so nice that David was able to do some other book signings. It’s always so special to be able to meet David…and what a treat for David to sing acapella. Great pictures — thx for sharing. I’ve read David’s book and have gifted some to his international fans — it’s a very inspirational book — even for this 55 yr old :)

  • alana

    David is so beautiful, inside and out. A legend in the making.

  • onthdfsdfsd

    i love him sooooo much he has a great personality

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com AI fan

    eyeh8twilight ~ you are definitely a Glambert here only to make trouble, because you didn’t even spell Carrie’s name correctly! And you don’t know David? What planet have you been living on? He was just on TV, singing 2 songs at the 4th of July celebration at the White House! So you think he’s fading into oblivion? I guess his more than 400,000 fans on Twitter don’t think so! Like someone said, you’d do good to let some of his humility rub off on you!

    And I was surprised at the person who said that David is looking older these days and that’s sad??? Really? That’s the first time I’ve heard anybody be sad about David looking older! lol! I think it’s GREAT that he’s looking a little older because people are always saying he looks like 12, 14, 16 ~ you name it ~ anything but 19, which he is! But I do know that David will always be amazingly beautiful, no matter what his age! He’s definitely the “whole package,” God bless him!

  • Hola

    I just love people who lives in denial like eyeh8twilight, wishful thinking eyeh8twilight .