Demi Lovato: Summer Fashion Advice!

Demi Lovato: Summer Fashion Advice!

Demi Lovato is more than ready for the summer weather.

The 17-year-old singer/actress caught up with JJJ recently and dished out her summer fashion advice for girls everywhere.

Demi shared, “Show off your best features or even features that you’re insecure about. I have certain features of my body that I’m insecure about, like any normal girl; but I’m focusing on showing them instead of hiding them. Don’t be afraid to show off your bikini either. Go out there and flaunt it.”

FYI: Demi will be singing the National Anthem at the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game THIS Sunday. (Airs Sunday, July 11 @ 5:05PM PT on ESPN)

TELL JJJ: What is your summer staple?

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  • linda

    fake ugly tan /man looking plastic hehehe miss the old girl who was real

  • dfu

    her tan is not fake, she just got back from cabo

  • leanne

    she’s beautiful and looking natural.

  • http://@demicouturee tay

    @linda jealousy gets you nowhere in life

  • Washington

    she’s so beautiful, but, i don’t like her blonde :/

  • Bard

    @linda: Haters gonna Hate. Demi’s as real as she can be considering what she has to put up with. You know, like people judging her for every little thing she does, like get a tan, dye her hair, or wear dark clothes. Any other girl would be okay, but no, some how she has to meet every high standard you have placed on her to keep staying real. You don’t know her enough to say what’s real and what isn’t. So think a little harder about what makes YOU real before you go judging others for growing up and having their own choices in life. And FYI Demi is gorgeous and has a great talent and personality. I’m not gonna comment on your appearance since I can’t see you but the fact that you have to demean someone else to make yourself feel better really says a lot about your character.

  • joycey

    @linda Shut up! Your FAKE! she looks more beautiful now then she did before!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    demi is beautiful and for the first girl who commented and said she’s fake and ugly…if thats so why are you looking at her pic? get a life HATER.

  • linda

    @leanne: that is no were near looking natural she is starting to look like addriene bailon or watever her name is

  • nicole

    Demi is beautiful and for the first girl who said she’s ugly and fake….if thats so then why are you looking at her pic? Get a life HATER.

  • nicole

    @linda: Demi is beautiful and for the first girl who said she’s ugly and fake….if thats so then why are you looking at her pic? Get a life HATER.

  • bella

    gran comentario Bard ,siempre pense y no entendia porque odian a demi ,pero me alegro saber que tienes razon ,demi es una excelente persona ,es maravillosa ,me encanta es un chica normal ,solo que canta como una diosa ,la adoro y siempre estare ahi presente ,porque soy un gran admirador de una gran talento ,demi sos divina y mil gracias por existir ,confia en ti y yupi vas a cantar tu himmno nacional omg ,espero verlo ,ese canal se ve por mi canal de cable hay espero que si y que lo transmitan cierto demi te felicito suerte ,demi lovato she is amazing y respondiendo cnsumir jugos y frutas ,como una buena bebida energetica este verano ,gracias just jared por la nota casi no mucho encuentro notas relacionadas con demi ,me dio gusto revisar y encuentro esto que viva la vida y la musica y no a la intimidacion

  • nicole

    @linda: hater.

  • http://oop eury


  • cmeesmile

    I think the most important is that Demi feels confident in her own skin, like all of us should. If you feel beautiful, then you’ll look beautiful.

  • vivienne

    she’s a great actress and singer, but i do think she is starting to look a little plastic. she is still beautiful, but i thought she looked more natural before.

  • emaly

    I miss the old demi, before she even dated joe. old demi was fun and energitic. I love demi alot

  • ryan

    Beautiful beyond words, multi-talented, charming, sweet, funny, smart, down-to-Earth, & the most humble young woman you’ll find. Add to that, proud of who she is & exuding confidence in herself. To me, that perfectly describes D now – both as an artist & a young woman. She’s grown up, matured, & has found herself, found happiness & content in her life.

    To those who have nothing better to do than to come here & trash Demi, why not take a look at yourself physically & in the mirror first? It’s clear you just need someone to blame for your own insecurities, that somebody, in this instance, being Demi. She’s not perfect, nor does she pretend to be, which to me is as sexy, appealing, & attractive as you can get. As well, she has confidence in herself, confidence in her body, & most of all, confidence w/ who she is as a person. She deals w/ the same issues & everything that all girls her age & older do.

    Fake, not natural, bad hair, plastic.. I don’t know what photo you’re looking at, because it’s certainly not this one or any of the other photos from her Cabo shoot. Demi is more beautiful than she’s ever been, happier too.

    A woman w/ confidence, inner & outer beauty, & who doesn’t hide her flaws, admits to her mistakes is what I would define as somebody who is truly beautiful. Demi, in this instance, is that somebody.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Whether she has a fake tan or not, I think she looks pretty good here.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @linda: this is about Demi dear, not about you.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    The fact that he’s giving advice to kids to flaunt their bodies is insane. Demi skmeones forgets that her fan base is younger than her an should be respecting their bodies and themselves first. If you don’t respect yourself first, guys will never respect you. Also her insane workouts at 17 are going to stunt her growth. She’s trying so hard to fit in with Hollywood, I wish she would just be herself. She was a lot more exciting back then. I still think shes real, and pretty with wicked potential to make it outside of Disney, but do it on her own terms. Her little chubby sister doesn’t stand a chance at being happy with her body when Demi is trying soooo hard to be tiny and flaunt it.

  • liri92

    I think she changed.. I loved her more back on 2008!!!!!! miss her & selly together ):

  • urbeautiful

    just STFU!
    demi is beautiful then ever before..and SHE IS REAL. i think that’s why she gets hate..people don’t know how to see celebs as REAL PEOPLE. oh well, that’s la la land for you. anyway..she’s right, “if you got it, FLAUNT it” keep inspiring demi those haters will ALWAYS have something to say. btw..can’t wait to hear you belt it out on Sunday..i know you’ll be GREAT. try not to get sick this time though. lol

  • demiisthebest

    Demi is awesome!
    and she didn’t change
    she is not 15 anymore!
    She has grwon up…….

  • demiisthebest

    “Haters will hate, that’s a part of life. But we’re pretty strong girls and my family can handle anything. BRING IT! :P” – demi lovato

  • ..

    @liri92 agree! :(
    i want demi and selena back together! i miss them!!!!
    but still i love demi ALOT! she is beautiful and amazing!

  • Laffur

    I love her!!! Shes beautful inside and out! Shes telling girls to love who they r no matter what so the h8rs who hav no life need to shut up!!! & she has a real body & isnt afraid to show off her curvier figure & for tht i look up to her as an idol!! Demi… Dont change stay u!!

  • Britini95

    @Listen to mayday parade:

    Real talk. I really do love Demi, but I feel like she isn’t the same person. I know that people change with time, but she just seemed goofier and more fun before. Now she starting to be apart of that whole Hollywood scene, but I don’t think she’ll ever turn into a crazy party girl. But it has yet to totally consume her, and hopefully it never will.