John Corbett: I Never Knew Selena Gomez Was Big!

John Corbett: I Never Knew Selena Gomez Was Big!

Selena Gomez and on-screen dad John Corbett sit down to chat with ET about their upcoming movie Ramona and Beezus in this new featurette.

John shared with the outlet about showing up to set one day to see a huge crowd of fans: “I had no idea she was such a big star; I’d show up and I’d think, ‘How sweet, these kids came out to see me?’ Out of the way old man! Can you get us Selena Gomez‘s autograph?”

ARE YOU READY for Ramona and Beezus? The flick hits theaters on July 23rd!

On the Set of “Ramona and Beezus”
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  • angel

    I love him.

  • ….

    haha lol xD
    this is so sweet! i love selenaaaa!!! <3
    can’t wait for the movie! :D

  • angel

    I can’t wait for this movie.

  • casey

    Yah, she has a gigantic head and looks like a 12 year old. Hate on me all you want Selena stans. Don’t care cause I am not jealous. Just don’t find her the least bit pretty. Plus she has zero personality.

  • andy

    @casey yeah yeah youre not jelous, damn can you be more pathetic???? i feel soo bad for someone like you, ey loser get a life seriously and get out of here, no one wants to read such a stupid and pathetic comment, just imagine if you really think selena is ugly wth are you??? literally im lol gosh losers are really pathetic they live projecting their ugliness in the rest of the world, especially in people like selena, gorgeous, talented, young, rich, famous, anyway….

  • Selina

    The Video is Funny :D

  • andy

    seriously im so freaking excited for this movie, cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! selena and joey are so cute, really adorable, actually looks like real sisters ;)

  • jessica

    im hella excited for the movieeee !! looks so cute and funny !!!

    @casey, yeah your “not” jealous. hahaha thats what they all say when hating. but hey, its better to be talked about then not a all. :)

    LOVE selena !!!

  • casey

    @andy: Just because someone doesn’t like a certain celebrity, does not automatically make them jealous. I didn’t say that she does not have talent, just that I don’t find her very pretty. And she does have the personality of a rock. And I could care less about her money, cause quite frankly, I have more. I could care less about her fame, because I have fame of my own. In the dancing world. Lastly, you need new vocabulary. You sound incredibly unintelligent.

  • Shannon


  • Valentinetwin


    We know you don’t like her. Now get over your little obsession and stop wasting your time on posts that you “don’t care” about.

    For your information, everyone’s got their own personality. Hers is apparently what you ignorant people call “boring” or “no personality”. If you haven’t noticed, Her personality is part of why us fans like her so much.

  • andy

    @casey hahahahahahahahahahahaha cant stop of laugh hahahahahahahahahaha damn its offcial youre really pathetic loser!!!!! LMFAO!!! sure sure you have more money than selena and you have a lot of fame, SACARSM do you know how stupid and pathetic you sound dare to say something like that? say wahtever you want little loser, actually haters always put a lot of money in selenas pocket sooo go ahead!!!! thanks to you she every day is more famous, more rich, and shes living her dream, and what a bout you??? you a complety nobody and just a pathetic loser!!!! what a really miserable life you has…..

  • Marissa


    I dont hate you for having an opinion. But please check out your brain because you’re very pathetic for comment in posts that obviously YOU DONT MIND :) For your sanity you shouldnt come to Selena’s posts only to bash her. Grow up and move on!

  • Ryan

    SO excited for Selena’s new movie. Cant wait for all her upcoming projets. AND Wizards of Waverly Place (Selena’s show) got 2 Emmy nominations. Congrats!!!!!!!

  • liri92

    @casey get a life you fu*king hater!!! sel you are amazing, dont care about losers like casey&more.. anyway love you forever more♥

  • Sarah

    If you really don’t care about her, why are you looking at Selena posts?

  • Michelle

    I can’t wait for this movie, it looks SO cute.
    Definitly gonna see this with me cousins!

  • Kayla

    I so want to see Selena’s new movie when it comes out!

  • koolkate

    @casey: If you do not like Selena or you just don’t care about her, then it would make perfect sense to simply IGNORE her instead of readings posts about her and wasting your precious time commenting rudely and harshly on her appearance/personality. She’s not judging you, so why are you judging her? Just by reading your comments, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a spoiled, obnoxious little child who needs to learn how to respect others and have some sense of maturity. Talking crap about other people doesn’t make you a good person. Grow up, you have a lot to learn.

  • http://none jessica

    Andy first of all no one has to like people you like i mean do you think the world is line up to follow whatever you say wow and name calling is really useless calling others names your parents called you is really sad and for the other loser you don’t have to like Selena Gomaz no one ask you to if you hate her don’t go online searching for a post just so you can say something about her talk about useless comments and for anyone who reads this and start to trash me get a life it’s really sad that people have to feel good about them self I’m my own person i love and respect myself and don’t really care what any you have to say don’t be too eager thinking that i will reply because really I’m not going to waste my time have fun peace

  • Christian

    Selena Gomez is sheer beauty, and she’s a positive role model, so unlike most celebrities this is one celebrity whom if someone “hates” on you just KNOW they are envious. Keep doing your thing Ms. Gomez ;-)

  • colonel bat guano

    it’s a shame selena gets her first movie right before she turns 18. she’s still very pretty but in the first season of wizards back in ’07 she was the hottest girl in the world

  • miley cyrus

    @casey: my head is bigger

  • tiffany

    @casey.If you don’t like Selena,don’t watch her posts.Get a life,LOSER!!!!!!!Selena is the BEST!!!!!She is the most beautiful person I have ever met.

  • ana

    can’t wait for the moviee!!!

  • amy

    @casey: So what your saying is your a “famous” person in the dancing world? really? Who gives a sh*t. No one knows dancers unless they are really good. By the way you must be old because the people you are fight with are in my guess teenagers like me. wow! an adult fight with a teen. Hahaha LOSER!

    P.S i bet your not pretty either!! =D

  • luvd80s2

    WOW! the potty mouths on all of you, no wonder this country is lacking in education among it’s young people. I will spend my money on “SALT” and wait for the reviews on this one.

  • dave

    her head is bigger than her body! haha ;)

  • cam

    We are living in an upside down world where what is bad is deemed good & what is good is deemd bad. People hail and support the
    $l–ty girls as good & bash the beautiful, talented wholesome girls and call them trash. Selena is a good, classy, beautiful, talented girl & she should be glad to be in the company of other good, classy, beautiful talented girls like Taylor Swift who some see the need to bash. Selena keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see this movie. Team Selena & Taylor S.

  • peacechick123

    U guys stop bagging on @casey all she said was that she doesnt think Selena Gomez is the most BEAUTIFUL person in the world and that her personality is something very easy to exspect from her. I mean she did say she has talent and she’s very good at acting. I’m totally with @casey I’M NOT A SELENA HATER, I’M A FAN I just think that she gets way too much credit for everything just because she’s pretty. I’m not gonna get mad if you bag on me because I’m sharing my opinion or comment. Also, she can’t really sing that good for her album to go platinum I mean think about it is her voice really that ‘magical’ to hit number 1 on the charts. All I’m saying is she isn’t that good at singing but she’s great at acting. But stick up for her like the obsessed fans you are, don’t get me wrong I do the same thing for Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus! DEMI ROCKS & SO DOES MILEY

  • koolkate

    @peacechick123: There’s a huge difference between expressing your negative opinion in a respectful manner and just downright being rude and harsh by saying Selena has a “gigantic head” and a “zero personality”. I mean, what? What’s with the exaggeration? She does NOT have a gigantic head and she’s a human being, it’s a fact that she has a personality like everyone else in this world. This just shows how childish, ignorant and pathetic this “Casey” person is. It’s fine that she dislikes Selena, but BASHING her is absolutely unnecessary!

    And I don’t know if you realized this, but you don’t really need to be an OMG AMAZING singer to have successful albums/songs. Whether you have an OK voice like Britney Spears or a powerful voice Christina Aguilera’s, it does not matter. Nowadays, people are just more interested in catchy songs rather than how you sing.

  • victoria

    @tiffany: Dude… you haven’t met her. Maybe she’s the most beautiful person you’ve seen, in your opinion, and no one can change your own opinion, but everyone has their own, and you can’t change THEIRS either. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and therefore someone who is beautiful to you might be very ugly for someone else.

  • miley cyrus

    she said selena has a big head which is not true

  • http://Potchie26xoxo Angela Mitzi Nazareno

    can’t wait for the movie….hope it’ll show here in Philippines!!! :D

  • Carrie

    I like him. He was in Sex and the City and Raise your Voice. I can’t to see the movie. It looks so cute. I like Selena. She is so pretty. I love her music and I like her TV Show. It is amazing.

  • Trishaaa

    @casey: you know what , if you don’t like Selena then just shut up and do something else with your life. Because you completely have no right to judge her. And by just commenting these harsh things ,you just proved to everyone else how immature and uneducated you are.

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