JONAS, Hannah, Wizards & iCarly: Emmy Nomination!

JONAS, Hannah, Wizards & iCarly: Emmy Nomination!

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JONAS, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana and iCarly were all nominated for a 2010 Emmy!

Wizards of Waverly Place took home the Emmy last year — WHO DO YOU THINK will take it this year?

The 2010 Primetime Emmys air live on Sunday, August 29 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC. Check out more nominations at!

Outstanding Children’s Program
Hannah Montana
Wizards Of Waverly Place
Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie

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Credit: Colette de Barros, Eric McCandless, Rick Rowell; Photos: Disney Channel, Nickelodeon
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  • jessica

    omg wizards is nominated two times. wow. hopefully they win. it has the best writing and acting.

  • Nicole

    Any show is better than JONAS. They’re good musicians but horrible actors. What about Sonny and Suite Life? They’re way better.

  • Sarah

    JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They totally deserve to win!!!

  • leighton

    i carly!!

  • http://@Urfollower Adriana

    GOOOOOO WIZARDS!!!!! hope they win again :)

  • andrea


  • leah

    JONAS!!!!!!! they should win!!!

  • Sahina

    why aren’t The Suite Life nominated??? or Phineas and Ferb?!

  • Alex.




  • Ceecile

    JONAS should not win. It does not even deserve an Emmy nod.

  • yes

    Wizards for sure. So happy that they’re nominated TWICE!

  • Ryan

    Wizards should win AGAIN!! I am happy for all the nominees but Jonas, really? I was expecting Good Luck Charlie or The Suite Life.

  • claire

    wizards wizards wizards!!! i really loved the movie so hopefully it’ll win!!!

  • Jojo

    The Jonas brothers cant act how are the nominated! Hope any of them win but JONAS. I have nothing against the Jonas Brothers but they seriously cant act and there show is probably the only show I dont watch on Disney Channel.

  • anon

    iCarly should definitley win! I’m so excited for it! And not to offend anyone, but Jonas is absolutely horrible.. how’d that even get a nomination? They run out of shows?


    Why the hell wasn’t The Suite Life on Deck nominated????????
    Seriously? You nominate iCarly and JONAS but not Suite Life?
    icarly and JONAS are bad…….. worse than bad. suite life actually has TALENT.

  • daniella!!

    i agree sutie life on deck shuld have been nominated but i feel wizards will take home this onee

  • Katy

    I think.. I carly is the best (: … but I’ll always prefer JONAS *-* .. I love them 4ever

  • annie ryan

    OMG!! Why dident The Suite Life ON DECK gEt nominated!! i hope NEXT YEAR it Does cauz there alot of DRAMA AND COOL GUEST STARS LIKE SEAN KINGSTON ETC…in SEAOSN 3!!I love DYLAN AND COLE SPROUSE AND THE LOVELY DEBBY RYAN FOREVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly


  • meghan

    Wizards should win.
    The other shows are just.. ugh.

  • emaly

    wizards will win, I can see it now. I would of want suite life ( if it was nominated ) to win or sonny or p&f ( if was nominated )

  • jo

    WOWP is the best choice. They r soooo gonna win.

  • Jenny

    WOWP will win…but SWAC shoulda been nominated its very good aswell JONAS has no place in that list…I’m sorry that show is bad

  • jane

    Wizards definitely deserves to win. Everybody involved with bringing us the show everyday always brings the best of their abilities. The producers, directors, writers, editors, point blank every department loves their job and they always deliver. Then you have the cast that has amazing comedic timing, great chemistry, and can act out all the scenes in their scripts. I love this show even though I’m 18 because to me it still appeals and I really hope they win because they deserve it.

  • Galinda

    iCarly rocks!!!

  • Pag

    Okay for one guys, what are you like 10 or 12? These shows are only popular nowadays because girl teenagers go gaga over the “hot” new disney stars such as the Jonas brothers. Can you honestly say that they make you laugh? Or do they make you laugh because they are cute? I watched the first season, giving the Jonas brothers a little slack because I knew they were new to acting. But honestly, if they were given a show on a huge network, they should actually be good actors. I love them and think they’re cute, too, but really, an Emmy for their show? iCarly and Wizards of Waverly place would probably be competetors for the Emmy Award because they both have great producers and directors for their shows who know what they are doing and know what’s funny. I think the idea of the show Jonas is neat, but really? I just look at the TV screen hoping to get a few chuckles out of the show. I think I could get more laughs out a show like The Wiggles.

  • izzy

    WOWP to win again

  • -

    i hope WIZARDS win again!!!

  • i think swac should be on the list too.. they are great!
    but anyway,, wowp definitely deserve to win! :D

  • brnn

    carly carly!!

  • Marissa

    Wizards should win!! By far the best kids show right now!! Congrats to the cast, the producers, the writers and everyone who is part of this show :)

  • ME

    wizards of waberly place!
    best show!
    best actors!
    GO WIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • koolkate

    Wizards of Waverly Place!!

  • ~

    wizards :)

  • Adam

    WOWP the best !

  • ..

    hope wizards will win! selena gomez rocksss!

  • rachel


  • V

    SWAC should be on there. That show is great… or SLOD should be too. JONAS sucks so bad. They don’t even deserve to be nominated. The JoBros acting can’t even be called acting since it’s that bad… it’s cringe-worthy. I’m surprised that it even got a second season. It’s definitely not going to win so why waste a perfectly good nomination spot on them?

  • http://fernandaf00 Fernanda

    icarly is the best

  • Gina

    iCarly should definitely take it. The Disney shows right now aren’t really going anywhere. iCarly is smartly written and they have amazing actors that aren’t given enough credit because they’re overshadowed by the other show’s publicity. And I’m just disappointed in JONAS even being nominated for an Emmy..

  • julia

    JONAS! I love that show! and, why are you saying that the Jonas Brothers can´t act? They’re amazing! I really love JONAS. Wizards of Waverly Place and iCarly are good too, but I din’t understand why you don’t like JONAS! I really really don’t understand! Why are you saying that JONAS are bad? you’re crazy!

    I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong… I’m not an american girl!

  • http://@JonasMagic Mona

    Realistically, Wizards is the best show since it has the best actors and writting. But JONAS LA is much better then the last season of JONAS, and much better then the new Wizards in my opinion. And it would be really cool for JB to win an Emmy… :D

  • Chelsea

    Wizards Of Waverly Place THE MOVIE!
    It was the best DCOM and was an amazing adventure movie for children :)

  • http://fotolog mara


  • Andie

    iCarly is by far the best one… Jennette Mccurdy is best than the cast of all the shows above including iCarly

  • Nicole

    Icarly! I carly! ICarly! Icarly! Icarly!

    Icarly better win!!!!!!!!

    Icarly! I carly! ICarly! Icarly! Icarly!

    Icarly better win!!!!!!!!
    Icarly! I carly! ICarly! Icarly! Icarly!

    Icarly better win!!!!!!!!
    Icarly! I carly! ICarly! Icarly! Icarly!

    Icarly better win!!!!!!!!
    Icarly! I carly! ICarly! Icarly! Icarly!

    Icarly better win!!!!!!!!

  • julie

    Wizard won last year, but I’d like to see either JONAS or I-Carly win this year.

  • ktawnyy


  • laurie

    Icarly all the way

>>>>>>> staging1