Logan Lerman: It was Easy to Look Shocked All The Time

Logan Lerman: It was Easy to Look Shocked All The Time

Logan Lerman chats it up with Absolute Radio about his new project, The Three Musketeers.

The 18-year-old actor shared about his new alter ego versus Percy Jackson, “With Percy, it was easy to always have to look shocked and scared because it was. I didn’t know what I was doing that much (laughs). Having to have the reflexes but keep that ‘Holy Crap’ face on was pretty easy.”

Logan continued, “For this movie, he’s [D'Artagnan] got to be the badass, the guy who’s great with a sword; the best in the world. We’re trying to make it look that way.”

Check out more of Logan‘s interview at YouTube.com!

Logan Lerman on “Three Musketeers”
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  • Danni

    Cute :)

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    Younger actors are taking over Hollywood

  • luvd80s2

    It has to happen, out with the old and in with the new. But I like this guy, he seems to be a pretty good actor and I prefer to see him than the disney brats! Wish him the best.

  • CamTeeM

    logan will always be logan… he will never get into the whole hollywood being famous thing. that’s what i love about him. he’s just a regular normal teenager. =)

  • alice

    logan lerman just comes across as smarter and more grounded than other young actors his age. it also helps that he’s worked mostly in feature films and didn’t do those teeny bopper shows on disney and nick. His only tv series Jack and Bobby was serious dramatic fare which honed his acting skills. Can’t wait to see more of him on the big screen

  • anonymous

    Logan Lerman is just a cut above the rest of the young hollywood, disney/nick teen crowd of actors. he’s lead in Perks of Being a Wallflower and 3 Musketeers where we get to see more of his versatility

  • sam

    aww Logan.

  • butterflies & hurricanes

    @anonymous: are you serious? a wallflower movie with logan? :o i’m excited

  • Sensible

    @butterflies & hurricanes:

    He’s playing Charlie.

  • howie

    @butterflies & hurricanes: yes, he said in his UK interviews this week that he’s filming Perks of Being a Wallflower in December after 3 Musketeers. He will play the lead character, Charlie. Can’t wait for this, he’s a really talented actor

  • Sensible

    I just read the book and i think he would be a great Charlie, now all they need is to cast Jonathan Groff as Patrick!

  • anonymous

    yes jonathan groff as patrick, emma watson as sam and logan lerman as Charlie the best Perks cast!

  • sara