Nick Jonas & Lucie Jones: Wet 'n' Wild!

Nick Jonas & Lucie Jones: Wet 'n' Wild!

Nick Jonas and Lucie Jones from the UK’s X-Factor spend some time together at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England on Thursday (July 8).

The 17-year-old heartthrob musician had tons of screaming girls following him as he went through the amusement park! The pair got soaked after riding the log flume and Nick showed off his muscles!

Lucie is currently co-starring with Nick in Les Miserables in London.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nick and Lucie as a couple – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Nick Jonas & Lucie Jones getting wet ‘n’ wild at an amusement park…

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Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • stella

    he honestly looks like he is having fun :)

  • Erica


  • clara


  • florencia

    NAY !! jajah , im not bad , & she is pretty , but im just & semply JELOUS !! jahaj … really , actually , they look ok , but NO NO NO !!!

  • AManda

    FIRST! And he looks sexy!

  • Valerie

    if he’s happy then YAY!
    He looks really happy :)

  • abby

    DAmn he is too sexy to be underage. Guy needs to become legal like…….NOWWWWW.

  • Tay:)

    Nay!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Bree

    They’re not dating, JJ.

  • jess

    moobs! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Catharine

    If it makes him happy then i’m good with them dating. His happiness is first as to to who he might be dating not what we think.

    But those pictures of him can I just say OH MY!!!!!!!!

  • umm

    yayyy love them

  • Jen

    Lucie was not the only one there with him. Some other cast mates from Les Miserables was also there. No one has said they are together yet. At least he is having fun. It is sooo nice to see Nick happy.

  • NileyFan

    NAYYY NAYY!!! not because i’m a niley fan. he looks really happy and i’m happy.. but for the couple NAYY

  • julia

    Shut up! They are NOT a couple! -_-

  • saby


    I really don’t think you know what you’re talking about…

  • cmeesmile

    @Catharine: I totally agree with you!! As his fan, it’s really nice to see him having fun and letting loose. He has grown so handsome!

  • cmeesmile

    Omg, what am I talking about? He’s always been a handsome gentleman.

  • Megan

    well they seem to have fun together so maybe

  • oopsie

    They’re probably just friends, but he looks particularly FIINNNNEEEE!!! I love nick. :)

  • Danni

    i love nick! best out of the jonas bros.

  • http://j chelsea

    yeah why not? she’s hot and looks like a nice person

  • pandora

    Just castmates hanging out together but thats a good way to start. Bit difficult to be more as he goes on tour soon.

  • http://@maddychristinee Maddy

    She looks pretty and it’s good to see Nick happy ! I think he is really enjoying Les miz and I am so proud !
    But daaaayyyyuuuumm he is loooking fiiiine even though he always does !

  • julie

    There were other castmates there with him too, not just Lucie. But the pictures make it look more like he’s with just her. There are a lot more pictures of Nick at the Amusement park.

    I have to give a big kudos the photographer for getting these shots. They are “sexiest man alive” worthy for sure.

  • ktawnyy

    they are just costars in les mis. they are not dating.

  • Taurie

    NAY NAY NAY NAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NickJwifey

    I’m happy if Nick’s happy but I can’t help but feel jealous! like REALLY JEALOUS!

  • michelle

    NAY….NOno nonononono

  • LC

    she’s the one rob pattinson wanted to date, right?!
    she so looks like kstew!!

  • Ellis

    I saw these pictures last night and I nearly died! :L I’m from the UK and I was behind Lucie in the X-Factor, and from the one time I was lucky enough to speak to her, she’s seriously one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met.

    I love Nick, beyond reason, and I’m a huge Niley&Nelena fan, so although it kills me to say it.. they look really cute together! I would ship these two as a couple(: They’re sweet. But I envy her so much now :L I’m WAYY past jealousy :P

  • Megan

    And I Saw Nick Jonas ;D

  • Yolanda

    OMG that pic of him in the wet shirt is so HOT!!!!!!!!! He needs to do a shirtless photoshoot – he is hiding one RIPPED body under there!!!!!

  • dina

    yes they would be a very cute couple, that way he could leave selena gomez alone, she deserves better than him!

  • ria

    If he is happy then why not. :D

  • CCBloom

    It is unbelievable how much I hate her!!! not cos’ of Nick, just her whole attitude. I hope they don’t date!

  • alice


  • jonaslove

    Stop trying to start drama with the couple question :) All I know is that he looks VERY happy and for that I’m so gratefull, it’s been a while since he looked this happy and all is good!! He’s away from drama and living his life.



    They just don’t look good together.
    Plus, it’s summer. My hope is up for Nelena. :P

  • armygirl

    nooooooo of course!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ella

    Good to see Nick enjoying from a busy schedule in London. :)

  • kay

    where’s his dog tag?

  • Thea

    I really love Lucie Jonoes! Shes so pretty and Nick looks like hes genuinely having a good time! I say go for it!

  • Thea


  • nelleke

    frankie is also there!

  • sam

    Nicholas! wow, boy :)

  • Jez

    omg! Thorpe Park is AMAZING!
    i personally didn’t like Lucie plus i don’t think they’re dating. well at least i hope not :P

  • Camille

    Never seen him looking so HOT!

  • montana

    he looks like hes having soo much fun!
    and he looks sooo happy!
    and he is looking fine!

  • nick ;)

    omg Nick looks amazing.
    I am so jealous of Lucie Jones LOL
    but happy for Nick =)