Despicable Me Opens TODAY!

Despicable Me Opens TODAY!
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  • bigbanggggggg

    It’s so fluffy!
    Can’t wait to see the movie x

  • jessica

    i soo want to see this movie. omg it looks AWESOME.

  • j

    IT’S SO FLUFFY! I can’t wait to see this movie either. :D

  • good-one

    The rumor about Justin Bieber heading to North Korea was started by a poll. Polls are hugely powerful. I have read on several blogs where the blog owner asked the readers if they knew the best WordPress blog plug-in to use for polls.

    I noticed some time ago that the so-called experts on children’s issues, (those helping to drive censorship laws, site restrictions, etc.), would often cite polls that they conducted about such things as kid’s beliefs, dating behaviors, whether or not they visit “inappropriate” web sites, and whether they have been subjected to inappropriate remarks or requests on social networking sites, such as Facebook, etc.

    Such “experts”, (psychologists, social scientists, etc.), rarely disclose where and how they poll kids. That makes a big difference. How poll questions are framed strongly effects the answers, and a clever pollster knows how to frame questions in order to shape the answers he or she either consciously or unconsciously, wants to get.

    So the WordPress plug-in I envision, is one where readers themselves can devise their own simple polls in the comments section to the blogger’s post.

    Such results would be vastly more accurate.

  • good-one

    Haters beware. The “experts” have successfully sold lawmakers in the State of Louisiana on the “dangers” of both cyberbullying and sexting. Bills outlawing both have been signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal and will take effect Aug. 15.

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