Selena Gomez: Dreams Out Loud in 14 Days!

Selena Gomez: Dreams Out Loud in 14 Days!

Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester sandwich in costar Selena Gomez in this super cute shot from filming Monte Carlo in France earlier this month.

Selena, 17, just returned from Europe to the USA. She tweeted the news, “Just landed I’m the US after being gone for 4 months! YAY! I’ve missed my home but had such an amazing time!”

Remember, Selena‘s fashion line, Dream Out Loud, hits KMart stores across the nation!

ARE YOU GOING to buy Selena’s fashion line?

Selena Gomez: “Dream Out Loud” Shoot Part 3
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  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    why does she have a pic of justin bieber on her phone?
    1:30-1:31 it goes reallly fast….the camera zooms in for like a millisecond!

  • emaly

    is that justin over on the back of her phone??
    anyway, love you selly

  • Ellen

    Uh!!! Justin Bieber :)

  • maddie

    No haha, the clothes are UGLY.

  • Marissa

    So excited!!! Cant wait for her new movie and for her clothing line :) It looks so cute and easy to wear. Congrats Selena!!!!

  • julia

    yeaah ugly clothes!!!

  • andy

    @maddie @ julia? really ugly clothes??? LOL ok ok whatever….. im so excited for all her upcoming projects!!! and of course i will buy her AMAZING CLOTHES LINE ;)

  • andy

    btw welcome back gorgeous!!!!!

  • rosie

    @maddie: are you serious the clothes are beautiful unlike another person whos clothes look cheap and are always on sale and nooene is ever seen looking at hahahha

  • rosie

    btw selena has goregous legs and seems so downto earth unlike other people!(:

  • kelly

    that is justin!

  • maddie

    @rosie: haha no one else is looking at?! Yeah sure, whenever I go to walmart, all the people I see are surrounding Miley’s clothe. No need to be bitter hun, we all know Selena is just a copy cat & unoriginal. :D

  • rosie

    are you serious “HUN”her clothes are always on sale and how is she coping miley so are you saying miley copied hilary duff and all these other stars because they had a line before plus selena designs all by herself unlike miley who is unorigonal and needs help plus her line isnt even eco and her jewelery could kill people

  • rosie

    and can you not point out names at least i kept classy unlike you and skanky miley!

  • Shannon

    Her clothes look really plain and ordinarily boring. Like her i guess. And
    K Mart, really? Barely anyone goes there anymore. Everything is really cheaply made.


    Your calling Miley unoriginal cause she chooses to co design with someone else. That is the dumbest thing ever. Selena is the one who is unoriginal. Her clothes look boring and cheap. Not to mention Selena doesn’t even right her own music, so there is definitely no creativity going on there.

  • Shannon

    Nothing about Selena’s clothing is original. It’s all been done before. Nothing even remotely cute.

  • Marissa


    Honey, only for your taste the clothes aren’t original, right? Lets see how it sells and after that you can bash her. AND for your sanity stop digging in selena’s post because only her fans “waste time” on watch her videos and see her clothes :)

  • miley cyrus
  • miley stinks

    at least she wears clothes. unlike miley

  • luvd80s2

    Her clothes are being sold at K-mart which here in California are hard to find. a lot of K-marts have been closed because they can’t compete with the Targets and Walmarts, plus calling Max Azaria unoriginal is plain Dumb by you posters, I don’t buy Miley clothes because they are made for the teeny bopper generation but they are cute. Selenas look like what they have at Kmart right now, nothing new. she should of tried getting a deal with target, they’re junior division with Mossimo is really cute too, but her chlothes are boring and ugly.

  • tiffany

    I love her clothes.Selena is so beautiful.I will definitely buy her clothes.DEFINITELY!!!!!

  • trace

    she’s great! very pretty and she’s got such an A+ personality. it’s nice that there are still some good role models for kids out there

  • tei71011

    i dont like selena demi rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erica S.

    Of course Im gonna buy it, I’d be crazy if I didn’t!!! Can’t wait til’ it hits stores! :)

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