Jane Lynch on iCarly -- FIRST LOOK!

Jane Lynch on iCarly -- FIRST LOOK!

Thanks to creator Dan Schneider, check out this first look of Jane Lynch on Nickelodeon’s >iCarly!

The Glee nemesis will star as Jennette McCurdy‘s mom in the episode which will air during the third season.

Star Miranda Cosgrove tweeted about working with the actress, “Working with Jane Lynch tomorrow on the NEW iCarly episode! I have a feeling its gonna be one of those days I never forget.”

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  • Trixie

    Sue’s in girl clothes!

  • stef

    she’s perfect for the role

  • lalalala

    omg i cant wait for this episode. jane lynche is perfect for sams mom. :)

  • s

    For some reason… the way Sam talked about her mom, I expected her to be obese. I guess the episode where she said her mom was breaking in her bikini?

  • cmeesmile

    I am genuinely excited to watch this episode! iCarly delivers.

  • paulc

    I see typecasting strikes again…

    Jane Lynch’s acting in Glee was just a rehash of her acting in “Just Another Cinderella Story”… playing the stepmum to Selena Gomez’s character. Exactly the same delivery and caustic comments…

    do any of these american actors actually act these days? it seems they just find a “character” and then do the exact same in the next film…

  • matwin

    @ paulc

    Actually, Jane Lynch is a pretty damn good actress who is able to play a variety of roles. Obviously you haven’t watched that much of Glee; the scenes with Sue and her sister with Downs Syndrome are pretty much a complete 180 from the “caustic” Sue Sylvester. Lynch’s character Joyce on the L Word is also completely different… Not to mention Julie and Julia, Criminal Minds, For Your Consideration…

    Michael Cera. That’s a guy who repeats the same character in every movie.

  • http://www.imixandmatch.com/ Shir

    I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alfredo


  • Lakon

    I’m so excited. she’s perfect for the part. I also LOVE her on Criminal Minds as Reid’s mom(:

  • http://www.twitter.com/juhkneetuh janita

    Im Wondering When This Episode Airs Like Exactly What Month Or Day?

  • Bree

    Where’s her jumpsuit?

>>>>>>> staging1