Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Gym Junkies

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Gym Junkies

Liam Hemsworth shows off his guns as he and girlfriend Miley Cyrus head to the gym in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (July 10).

Miley‘s Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana Forever, premieres TOMORROW! Be sure to tune into the premiere episode — check out stills and a sneak peek on JJJ!

Also, don’t forget to cast your vote for the duo at the Teen Choice Awards. They’re up for lots!

10+ pics inside of gym junkies Miley and Liam

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • alex

    Whoaa. Miley’s leg look HUGE! :|

  • LUCY

    Miam is too cute <3

    Liam is hottt! look at those guns! ;)

  • rosie

    @alex: yea they do look huge and kinda weird but i guess they are just big

  • Kristina

    @alex: Well yeah, she’s in baggy sweat pants so of course her legs would seem huge. But if you’ve seen her legs before (which majority is always seen), they are not that ”HUGE”.

  • frank drebin

    how can anyone go out with a dog like miley? she’s so ugly, even with makeup. look at her flat bloated face

  • miley stinks

    @LUCY: miley’s ugly and pays that guy to pretend to go out with her

  • Shannon

    Sweat pants always makes your legs look huge. Especially in the hips area where the pockets are.

  • http://lennymaria anaklusmos

    excuse me, what guns?

  • cane

    cute cute!!!

  • kass

    look so cool!!!

  • stephy!!!


  • Rachell

    Did you guys notice that she looks a bit skinny lately? Maybe a little too skinny.

  • m

    What does she have in her pockets?

  • Jobros

    It doesn’t matter if your wearing baggy pants.if ur legs r huge then they’re huge. Selena wears baggy pants but her legs never look huge. Demi also has huge legs

  • alex

    Hey, it’s good that she wants to stay fit and all, and exercising with people you like makes it easier; however, I really don’t understand why she continues to wear regular bras while working out. Yeah, I guess she wants to look attractive for Liam, but sports bras are so much more comfortable!

    And just so everyone knows, this is a different alex than the one that posted at 7:45.

  • miley stinks


  • jessica

    liam is soo not that hot. i dont see what miley sees in him.

  • lalalala

    guys do not have to be hot in able to be with them. and btw miley’s legs does look big, she’s probably wearing shorts under or something. and btw she is looking really thin.

  • Tiffany

    @miley stinks:

    ur a very sad person arent u?

  • Roslyn

    She doesn’t wear sports bras because they push your boobs in and squeeze them in to support them and limit movement when you work out, if she wears a sports bra she’ll look even more flat chested so she keeps her normal bra. That’s my theory, which is most likely true.

  • king koopa

    @LUCY: miley is cute. but the rest of the world is way cuter

  • yi

    yes she ir looking really thin

  • Andygirl

    Idk about you guys but her hips do look big. and her boyfriend does have a lil guns but not enough to be noticed. Miley in general looks too skinny. She was really pretty the way she was before all this working out crap.

  • victoria

    i think miley is cute, as is liam!
    all of you ignorant people can leave.

  • doglover

    All i can say is everyone of you that sad anything bad about Miley! Would give anything to her. So quit hating what you dont have any of.

  • lauran

    lol my boyfriend is in better shape than liam.

  • rachel

    Rachel looks so beautiful

  • izzy

    they don’t look very happy and miley needs to eat more before she become size zero and looks ill

  • natalie

    I love Miley and She looks pretty

    I dont like her boyfriend, Liam never works, He cannot live always of Miley’s money

  • tessa

    Miley beautiful without makeup & Gym clothes

    Really I miss Niley and Memi

  • mary

    I miss Niley/Memi too :( … Miley is amazing!!!

  • Meghan

    what happened to miley? she used to look so gorgeous.
    she just looks like she doesn’t give a crap now…

  • lalala

    lmfao i love how we’re all conversing over what kind of bra mileys wearinggg. hahaaa. i dont really care :)

    anywayssss miam is cute :) i like them..i really do. as long as miley i shappy its all good. and hey shes got AMAZING songs for him on her record. ahaha.and does anyone realize that liam has like 4 outfits. haha. like im not being super serious, but i always recognize everything he wears :/ like her wore that tanktop in australia to the beach with her….lol

  • Britt


    Not to be totally negative, but I agree with your statment. Liam is always seen with her, he even sat in on her while she got a manicure..does he seriously have nothing better to do with his time?

  • Sallie

    @miley stinks: Nobody does that.

  • liri92

    I dont get smart out of this girl.. in here tumblr she tells the worldshe is single & still loves nick but she is still with liam =( kinda confusing me

  • daniella!!

    she prob thot she was too skinny so she put like shorts underneath the pants to make her legs look bigger kinda like the kardashain’s legs. but it didnt workk..she shuldnt do that anyways liam will love her for who she iss…thats my theory im not haitn on anyone

  • jasmine

    wow… she wears bracelets, necklaces and MAKE UP to workout? oO

  • alice

    @jasmine — Miley without makeup in the pictures. she looks pretty … jasmine know what is gym locker?

  • arc

    I love Miley, but she’s looking too skinny, for she looks even more beautiful with a little more weight, now you can si her bones more, and little arms

  • http://myspace wow it’s you

    @Tiffany: your a very sad and brainwashed fan. You don’t see she’s better with make up on.

  • Megamileyfan1

    Miley is total perfection.All l see,is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.Miley doesn’t need any make-up,she is amazing.l never knew the meaning of the word beautiful,until l saw miley.Whenever l see a new pic of her,she leaves me breathless.l’m a huge fan,of miley’s & always will be,no matter what you haters keep saying about her.l think ur just jealous,that ur not even half as gorgeous as she is.She is not skinny,or fat,she is just perfect.When was the last time you dorks ever looked at urself in the mirror,l’ll bet,ur no oil painting.
    As far as l’m concerned,she has nothing to prove to you ppl,miley is happy,so am l.And miley,if you or ur ppl,read this,may l say ur wonderful.Thnx miley,for just being you,& that you’ve got the strength of character,to not worry what ppl say about you.You’re parents certainly knew what they were doing,teaching you about,not taking too much notice of what ppl out there say about you.Just stay focused,on your goals.God bless you,liam,& ur family.Peace:)XXX

  • manny

    they will prob win a lot of teen choice awrds. im not hatin but if they do, they woulddnt deserve it. because some of the categories they r in, the movies they r up against r brilliant as opposed to their mediocar performance in the last song. its not only their acting but the story and plot was very basic. though it was quite sad in the end, it was not enough to make me say…wow, what a brilliant movie :S Most of Nicholas Sparks movies r the same and have the same kind of basic background behind it. after the reading the notebook and a walk to remember, i got bored with everything else.

  • kym

    omg do u know what huge is??!! u must be a darn popsicle stick. just because someone has a few curves and is not stick thin, their legs r huge. i think women with bigger thighs and curves are sexy and feminine, stick thin women look unhealthy and i hate this stupid hollywood movement of ‘the right body.’ women come in all shapes and sizes but there is nothing huge about her legs. people like u bother me!! no wonder we live in such a sensetive era where self esteem in girls r soooo low now.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @frank drebin: people take u outside don’t they? It’s the same effect

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @liri92: she doesn’t have thumblur

  • izzy

    @lalala: non of the songs on her album sound like they are about liam,sound more like they are about nick and one song on album that u think is a bout liam

  • izzy

    @lalala: non of the songs on her album sound like they are about liam,sound more like they are just about nick and one song on album that you think is about liam?

  • soughtful

    MIley and liam hottest couple even in gym outfit they look good.

  • Getasportsbra

    What is she wearing? She needs to get a sports bra like no duh u need one to work out in… and those sweat pants look horrible on her wtf is she thinking she has a great body cnt she wear shorts?