Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian: Pinkberry Pair

Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian: Pinkberry Pair

Justin Bieber chats it up with gal pal Kim Kardashian as they enjoy a snack from Pinkberry in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (July 11).

The duo were spotted in the Bahamas earlier this year for a photo shoot which drew a large crowd.

Justin, 16, recently tweeted who he was rooting for The World Cup, saying, “wow…SPAIN!! great game…nothing to be ashamed of. True champions on both sides. Congrats to Spain.”

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Credit: C.R. Photography; Photos: INFdaily
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  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    I’m sorry but this friendship is wrong on so many levels. It freaks me out so much. If I were Kim I’d feel like just a perv.

    I don’t care if their just friends, she’s a grown woman and he’s clearly not.

  • Bailey


  • georgiegirl


  • ahhh!! love justin he’s so hoooot!!!!!!!!
    but he need to stop hanging out with her! ><

    and start hanging out with me xD

  • Maria

    Abby come on their just friends. Kim kardashain is already dating miles Austin. Calm Abby.

  • cmeesmile

    @abby: Okay yeah, this is really strange. You said that perfectly.

  • http://twitter.com/kristenlomm Kris

    This is so wrong on so many levels. Why does she always have crushes on kids half her age. First Nick Jonas and now Justin Bieber. this is so wrong

  • Jazzy b

    Damn you girls need to calm down. Who cares, Thre just friends.
    You guys swear like you own Justin -__-
    Let him be. If he wants so chill with Kim. So be it!

  • Rachel

    there just eating yogurt.
    ” omgggggg kim is eating yogurt with justin thats so like wrong ”
    SHUT UP. You girls are just jealous she gets to hang out with him & you cant….

  • D

    Lol, what is the point of them hanging out anyway?
    And what the heck do they talk about? o.0

  • Megan

    -__- Cmon girls.
    You’re just mad at the fact that you can’t be in her shoes.
    It’s just yogurt. There just friends.
    Word of advice for you little gals
    : Build a bridge & GET OVER IT!!!!

  • tia

    i don’t see anything wrong with the friendship. they’re just friends. you know, hanging out sometimes, grabbing lunch, talking, joking … they’re just buds. the age difference doesn’t really matter, it’s not like they’re dating haha

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    that is really nice that they are just hanging out like buds!. kim has a new boyfriend.

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    @tia: People would not be saying that if lets say Jake Gyllenhall (who’s the same age as Kim) was hanging out and was “just buds” with a 15-16 year old little girl. No, people are going to say he’s a perv, freak, ect.

  • Rachel

    Calm down, Seriously.
    Don’t be mad at her just because you’re not in her position.
    Get over it sweetie.
    Kim & Justin are having fun as friends. DUH!
    Omg you guys get all mad just because there eating yogurt…

  • yvette

    Both are beyond their fame and adoration, from where they should be. Both are ridiculous, but this explains and proves how ridiculous society is these days.

  • http://onndrayuhh Andrea

    So, Justin is 16 and she’s 28 I think? ISN’T THAT ILLEGAL? I think so. Somebody report Kim

  • GHINi

    they seriously could be like a big sister little brother type thing. I know I had an older brother figure growing up and trust me it was never like THAT. He was around to give advice about guys, college and even career goals. Some folks just comfortable around each other and being friends despite an age difference.

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    @Rachel: LMFAO oh sweetheart I’m FAR from mad. I’m a legal adult therefore I would not have any interest in a little boy. What I look for in a man is just that, a MAN not a little boy. If anything I’d like to be in Justins position, I’m a fan of Kims so……yeah.

    Also why are you telling me to calm down? This is down right wrong. Like I said before if it was the other way around and it was a grown man hanging out with a little girl people aren’t going to be acting the sameway. Kim as a grown woman should know this isn’t right no matter what way you look at it.

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    @Andrea: Kim is 29 years old. Its not like their having sexy or anything but I just thing its wrong that she’s becoming friends with a little boy. She’s 13 years older then him. ITs just kinda odd.

  • buzz

    They are soooo in love. Congrats to both of them. It is adorable.

  • har

    Probably shes setting up Justin to her sis~ <3

  • Tama

    So Cute :)

  • jamie

    okay guys, im a huge justin bieber fan and personally i think it’s kinda kute., and you know what, i don’t thinkk it’s bad for him and Kim K. to hang out, there just friends; that’s it, Justin and Kim could never date because of the age; she be arrested, there just friends, i think fans get upset cause there not her, and not in her shoes, and get to eat yogurt with him. if this was any other giirl, people will still do death threats, and all that.; none of us own justin he can do, or hang out with who ever he wants too ! AGAIN NONE OF US OWN HIM ! again they are just friends, jeez !

  • trick

    Of course the little jealous girls are going to run into this post and say it’s unacceptable for them to be friends. Hahaha. Delusional fangirls. They’re F-R-I-E-N-D-S, deal with it. Go cry on your Bieber bedsheets with your Bieber posters and your Bieber doll in your Bieber underwear. Psychos.

  • Eugene

    Bieber fans are hilarious. Can’t even be just friends with a beautiful woman. Get over it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/greyson_chance ntvnat

    Lame. What a phony Bieber is. This is only going to tick off his delusional bratty ‘tween girl fans. They made (((death threats))) when she joked (!!!) she “loved” him. Some off-her-rocker 11yo is gonna take that KarTRASHian out if they’re not careful. lol I can’t stand this little twerp.

  • beatrice

    cute. their just friends :)

  • lola

    i don’t get Kim why is she with stupid bieber???

  • pop86

    I totally agree Abby. This is prev. Kim is 28 yrs old or 29 yrs old .

    What adult hangs out with a teen unless the teen is a family member.

  • Anonymous

    N’aww there’s nothing going on,and they’re full aware of the drama their friendship has caused. Besides, you gotta give the boy some credit that someone like Kim Kardashian would even give him the time of day! It’s cute but a little creepy at the same time haha :)

  • maria

    i dont like kim, i think shes selfish!! but i dont get why she would hang out with him, three times!! eating youghurt -.- i totally agree with abby, too!

  • alice

    @pop86: One that wants attention and fame lol. But kim isn’t like that i dnt think.

  • kym

    shes not getting upset, she just saying its weird. which it is. its kinda like a mother son thing…but its not…..thats kinda strange

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    @trick: If your talking to me you’ve got it ALLLLL wrong. I’m not a Bieber fan AT ALL. I just think its wrong for a grown woman to befriend a young boy.

    FYI just because we don’t agree with this, think its cute, nice, whatever doesn’t mean we’re jealous. Not everyone in this world is a Justin fan………..thank God!

  • http://myspace.com/516295513 viviana-babee

    it would be so funny if kim goes to jail for this, which is nothing… haha
    i love justin this doesnt bother me at all tho
    but i do think kim is a slut lol

  • Sara

    Its not a weird friends ship im friends with people way older than me and sooo its not weird at all they are just good friends so

  • http://twitter.com/Ashlaf4ever Ashley

    That’s cool, She’s a good person.

  • …..

    I’m older and i wouldn’t mind having some pinkberry with him. i think what makes people feel weird is that kim has this sex appeal. so what?

  • Jami

    Ok dudes I’m not a hater or anything, lol I’m way to lazy to hate. But doesn’t it seem a bit strange that Kim is reaching her thirties, Justin is like not even finished puberty yet, and their just hanging out like on a regular basis? I m seriously not hatin, but like if kim was a boy I’d understand, but because she a fully developed women… Well it’s just kinda pedophilic to me. Like first she was crushing on Nick and now it’s Justin? Truthfully I wouldn’t be suprised if she liked Robert P. Or Taylor L. … Basically I think kim likes anybody who can keep her in the spotlight

  • benny

    Wait a sec KIM IS 29????? omg, why is she chillin with little Justin! Anyways I think the haters (if they r any that commented) should just chill down for a second before they bash into kim/justins brains. Yes, I do admit that it’s scary that he hangs out with kim instead of his own age group. But people need to control themselves when they post hateful remarks. Also.. Umm did anyone read that thing where Justin said the highest age he’d date is a woman in her forties? This isn’t entirely on kim, Justin is setting himself up here, Its like he just wants the Pedo’s to come running to him.
    BOTTOM LINE: every1 control what you say, and Justin Bieber… Well control um your hormones please

  • http://YouTube.com/swiftcutie55 Liz

    holy shittttt I was at pinkberry in los angeles Sunday afternoon!!! How the hells did I not see them!

  • whatever

    ok, he had a concert in Utah on july 10th, and he has a concert in Washington july 13th. so he suddenly went to LA on the 11th just to have lunch with Kim Kardashian? Im confused..

  • stephania

    lol i hate beiber! im a kim fan, wonder why is she even bothers hanging out with this 12 year old?

  • rudy

    I really dont think there’s anything wrong with em, i also think its cute. And if you look through all the pics you’ll see its not just them two togethere. They are people on the table with em. Even if there wasnt BIG DEAL! Do you really think kim would date him?
    Chill out people, so delusional!

  • christina

    justin nnooo

  • http://gumdrop72@twitter.com Ashley

    JB is such a psycho weirdo that dates people that are way older than him. Why do you people even like him? He sings like a girl beaver. Really hes not even cute AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katy

    do you girls think that justin bieber is thaaaaat cool to be with someone like Kim?? …….I dont think so.

  • deveny

    LOL this is wrong in so many ways..

  • Laffur

    This is news?? Really?! Wooow wat has the world come to??

    Seriously girls!! U guys need to chill!!!!! U dont freakin know or own him!! Let the poor talentless boy be!!!!