Zac Efron: More Than A Jeans & T-Shirt Kind of Guy

Zac Efron: More Than A Jeans & T-Shirt Kind of Guy

Zac Efron hobbles on one foot in this new spread from the August 2010 of InStyle magazine.

The 22-year-old actor opened up on never looking sloppy, how his life parallels Jurassic Park and his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. Check it:

On his fashion sense: “It’s a form of self-expression. Your clothes are the middle ground between who you are and what you want to show people. I never like to look sloppy, because as somebody in the public eye, I believe i owe it to fans to be presentable when I go out.”

On his five-year relationship with Vanessa: “It has helped me through quite a bit. There are myriad distractions to fall into in this business. To have someone to share with and to relate to is a very valuable gift.”

On his fans’ dedication: “I’m so appreciative of those fans’ dedication. That said, it can be quite funny when it’s actually happening. Once, in France, during a HSM promotion, people rocked the car so ard that it went over onto two wheels. I was inside with Vanessa and Ashley [Tisdale], sliding back and forth like we were Jell-O, and we were dying laughing. It was like a scene in Jurassic Park where T. rexes flip over cars.”

Zac‘s new flick, Charlie St. Cloud, debuts Friday, July 30th.

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Credit: Zac Addicted Community; Photos: InStyle
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krystelle @ 8:35 pm on 07/11/2010

zanessa forever, they rock and soo cute <3
&&& i love zashnessa<3 my favorite trio EVER!

Katty @ 8:40 pm on 07/11/2010

The whole article is on

Zac looks so good, and i love how down to earth he is. It shows what kind of real person he is. I like what he says about V too, I love that they have an adult relationship, and it’s good they try to keep it as private as they can, because that is better for them. I think comments like this though, show that while they’re private, they’re commited to each other completely and grow with eachother. It’s beautiful.

I can’t wait for Charlie St. Cloud. I am already planning things with my friends! I will definitely be crying during the ending!

sunny @ 8:40 pm on 07/11/2010

Aww, it is about time we see some sort of acknowledgement from Zac regarding Vanessa. I for one am glad to see there are finally some in the media who ask HIM about Her as well. Well, actually, they didn’t – he brought her up, so 1,000 extra boyriend points for you Efron. V’s a keeper, treat her right.

jenny @ 8:48 pm on 07/11/2010

He looks good! They’ve been together longer than many of those Hollywood married couples!!

jess! @ 8:54 pm on 07/11/2010

i love how always he brings vanessa in his interviews

kalairoswell @ 8:59 pm on 07/11/2010

love love love

abby @ 9:13 pm on 07/11/2010

He is two cute for words. Again one of the few young stars in hollywood I can picture still being ontop of his game 10 years from now. He’s not going anywhere. He seems like a really likable guy and I think thats why he’s gotten to where he is now.

The fact that they have been together for 5 years AND are young really shows how grown up they are. Props to them. <3

MAYZV4EVER @ 9:34 pm on 07/11/2010



poppy @ 9:34 pm on 07/11/2010


How would you know that he brought it up?

cmeesmile @ 9:34 pm on 07/11/2010

I do like a man with a sense of style, preferably Zac Efron’s. He and Vanessa seem like a perfect match, hopefully it’ll last.

MAYZV4EVER @ 9:36 pm on 07/11/2010

zachy i love you so so much

kami @ 9:39 pm on 07/11/2010

♥ a nice interview. ♥

kami @ 9:40 pm on 07/11/2010


read the interview and you will see that zac was the one who first mentioned vanessa’s name in the interview.

poppy @ 9:51 pm on 07/11/2010


Since you weren’t there you can’t ass u me anything.

peggy @ 9:54 pm on 07/11/2010


Becaus if you bother to read the full artilce poppy – he brings V up first that’s how she knows

kyle @ 10:01 pm on 07/11/2010

I truly appreciate Zac’s appreciation of Vanessa and her contribution to their relationship. I can really see their relationship will remain strong even years from now.

Bradley Bobst @ 10:14 pm on 07/11/2010

Zac looks handsome and sexy in those can’t to see CSC.

winona @ 10:16 pm on 07/11/2010


He didn’t. It says if you read carefully … on his relationship…

Weird how people read into things. You guys are the ones who start stories. Read again.

I think most of us read what’s on the page and don’t read into things.

carly @ 10:31 pm on 07/11/2010


I totally agree, I love them together.
Zac and vanessa you are my inspiration =D

jojo @ 11:00 pm on 07/11/2010

I always thought that he had a good sense of style. I love a man that’s well dressed. Although, I love it more when he wears his sneakers. Especially his Vans.. but that’s just me. He’d look good in anything. His “I’m cool” “get out of bed look” but still look put together literally makes me drool. I love his hair! Put a man like this in front of me and I’d jump him like a mad woman. Oh, Zachary, such thoughts you have plastered in my head. He mentioned he wanted to go back to school and in a year I will be in college so hopefully he might be a fellow student with me. maybe he will let me borrow some notes? Hahaha. I wish. Well, I’m definitely going to go see CSC on Friday. I can’t wait!! Ahhhh.

peggy @ 11:36 pm on 07/11/2010


read the entire article he brings up vanessa. Weird how people don’t read the entire article and just assume JJ posted it all.

GO READ!!!! The link is above

fan @ 11:48 pm on 07/11/2010

The interviewer asked does he only hang around with actors only? Zac replied that he does hang out with Vanessa and that they are very close and tight. And Vanessa is an actress…so the answer is yes. After that question is the interviewer asked about his 5 years relationship with Vanessa. Therefore, Zac did mentioned Vanessa’s name first.

Samantha @ 12:35 am on 07/12/2010

I sincerely admire Zac and Vanessa’s relationship. They have been together for such a long time and have supported one another in spite of obstacles. It’s impressive how mature and comfortable they are about their relationship, which only shows its strength and tenacity.

sigh, I hope they stay together :) Seriously, their relationship is probably one of the few that manage to survive Hollywood…

WeLOVEAshley @ 12:39 am on 07/12/2010

Funny ;) about the Car thing lol

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