Ashley Tisdale: Thanks For the Birthday Messages!

Ashley Tisdale: Thanks For the Birthday Messages!

Ashley Tisdale cuddles close to boyfriend Scott Speer as they leave Urth Caffe in West Hollywood after a relaxing lunch on Sunday afternoon (July 11).

The 25-year-old actress, who just celebrated her birthday the week before, posted a special message for her fans on her official website.

Ashley shared, “Hey guys, it’s been awhile and just wanted to check in! As you know I just got back from shooting Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure in Toronto. It was so much fun and such a growing experience being in front of the camera and also executive producing. I got to celebrate my birthday for the first time on set which was amazing. The cast and crew made it so special I wouldn’t have spent it any other way.

She continued, “I also wanted to thank the fans for all the support and love. I watched all the videos and it put a huge smile on my face! I just recently got home to re organize my stuff (and of course do the hair lol), then head out to Vancouver for Hellcats. Super excited for everyone to see this next project. I’ll be updating you on all the cheerleading craziness! Love you all xoxo -Ashley.”

FYI: Ashley was wearing Blu Moon’s “Almost Famous” skirt.

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Credit: Joe Pap; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • courney

    miss scott!!
    they are HOT COUPLE!!!!

  • amber

    OMG ashley looks beautiful. I hope she had a wonderful birthday and hahahaha I love her style. Ashley and Vanessa are totally like sisters that dress alike hahahah

  • courney

    love ashley’s new style so much!!!

  • tisdale fn

    she is SO BEAUTİFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you ashley.You are my fashion icon.Can’t wait for your uncoming projects!!!!!!

  • jared

    scashley is so amazing!
    scoot is so hot!
    ashley is so hot!
    they are hot couple!!

  • SSR

    i love the short tall combo :)) cutest couple ever!!!

  • andrea

    love ashley’s style!!!
    it is so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taylor

    Aw I missed Scott. They’re so adorable =)
    Can’t wait for Hellcats to start!!

  • 777

    they are the best couple!
    I have ever seen!

  • bbygirl

    omg hes freakin huge! shes beautiful(:

  • jessica

    damn the height difference between is so weird. he is like soo damn tall.


    @amber: yes,honey.Vanessa and ashley look like sisters.

  • jessi

    @amber: Yes,honey vanessa and ashley look like a sisteers!!!

  • zacc

    awww,OMG!! Ashley look GORGEOUS!! Love her style!!! love this couple!!!
    they are the best couple I have ever seen!!

  • ^^

    they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  • polly

    her style is amazing <3 i really happy to see them together and Ash is always happy when she spends time with Scott :)
    beautiful Tizz (L)

  • paris

    Awwwh :) She’s glowing! They are too sweet!

  • safura

    SO happy to see her happy too! Really missed their spending time together <3 – I can see she loves flower style! It’s not the first time she’s wearing floral clothes, I like it!

    P.S: I noticed Ashley has a different Blackberry in one of her hands (a black one with a different style of the 9000 bold white) so I just wonder if she replaced it with a new one (I don’t think so, seeing that the 8th of July she was calling with the white one) or if she just uses both – and if it’s so: wow!


    aaaawwwwww I missed them soooo soooooooooooooooooo much!!!!! they’re an amazing couple!!! the best couple!!!! and Ash is sooo beautiful!!!! I love them!!

  • holly

    they are the CUTEST COUPLE!!
    love them sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MAri

    Yes! Vanessa and Ashley dress alike

  • ohnedich

    wow their really the cutest couple ever!!!!!! their so real not one of this fake hollywood-relationships.. she is amazing.. role model for sure ♥..I so missed them together

  • gomez

    Gosh they have been together for quite awhile now. I wonder when Scott will pop the question. He obviously makes her really happy and vice versa.

  • Jessica

    She dress just like Vanessa!

  • gomez

    @Jessica: everyone can dress jessica.

  • gomez

    can wear dress

  • miley

    HoT cOuPlE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gaby

    ashley is sooo gorgeous!!

  • lucia

    miss them so much
    love ashley ;)
    she had wear almost the same style once… so it not new !
    love ASH!!

  • winona

    I don’t dislike her but does anyone else feel like she may be obsessed with Vanessa in trying to look like her ..nose job, lips, clothes and style?

  • mike

    Ashley is so hot love her and her dog Maui

  • daniella!!

    theyre cute! But wow the height difference is soooooo funny aha

  • taylor

    @winona: No. They have similar clothes yeah, but that doesn’t mean she’s copying anyone. They’re best friends, they share clothes and they shop at the same places. You could just as easily say Vanessa is the one copying Ashley. She had a nose job for health reasons, which has nothing to do with Vanessa. And what are you talking about with her lips? It’s not like she had injections or anything.

  • winona


    How would you know they share. It’s apparent that she did get injections in her lips. How would you know she didn’t for a fact?

  • taylor

    @winona: Because they’ve said like 50 times in interviews that they share clothes….
    And it doesn’t look like she’s had injections to me. They look the same as they always dis…But yeah, neither of us really know for a fact. I’m just saying that even if she did it’s stupid to think she did it just to look more like V.

  • Shir

    WOW you’re so wrong if you think all that stuff.. and you’re a bit crazy! why would Ash change her lips to look like V??
    And Ashley look amazing as always!! :)
    She really looks happy with Scott :) love youu Ash!!
    and can’t wait for Hellcats!!!

  • bella

    I love ashley,she look so hot!! I love just ashley’s style.Ashley is don’t coppying vanessa.Because she has the best style!!!!

  • bernn

    Ashley is amazing<3
    love TİZZY<3

  • ^tisdale

    can’t wait for hellcats.I love ashley and scoot so much!! They are so cute together!! and the best couple!!

  • MMM

    love her style!!

  • bihterr

    whether they live in the house ashley?

  • bihterr

    ashley used to this style.Not copying vanessa.

  • Mara
  • Mara
  • zachary

    @bihterr: agree with you.


    beautiful beautiful
    beautiful beautiful
    beautiful beautiful
    beautiful beautiful
    beautiful beautiful!!
    am starting to luv nessa bec of ash!!
    she’s my bst!!

  • gonzalo


    I love you Ashley =)

  • maria

    Sorry, I like Ashley, but she looks ridiculous with Scott. She looks like his child. Not to mention the stiff neck she must get just trying to get a glimpse of him……

  • jeh

    i love them together

  • carly


    I agree with you. But I am happy for ashley but it is weird every time you see vanessa’s new trend ashley wears almost exact.
    Ex. Vanessa wears an black rosary necklace, the first time she wore it was when they went to the 2006 Billboard Music Awards… she wears it sometimes now.
    Ashley wore the same rosary but pink just a while ago I noticed it.
    This is just my thought…but I do wish ashley the best and she seems really happy with scott.

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