Joe Jonas is Hot in Cleveland

Joe Jonas is Hot in Cleveland

Joe Jonas is heading to TV Land!

The 20-year-old actor/musician has snagged a guest spot on the Betty White and Valerie Bertinelli TV series, Hot in Cleveland.

Joe will be playing Valerie‘s son in an upcoming August episode, EW reports.

The series follows three past-their-prime entertainment industry veterans from Los Angeles whose lives are changed when their Paris-bound plane lands in Cleveland, Ohio, where they find a welcoming community that is less shallow, youth-obsessed and weight-conscious than LA.

WILL YOU WATCH Joe on Hot in Cleveland?

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Credit: Randy Holmes; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • belen jonas

    cool! :)

  • sarah

    wow this is so awesome , and i am so gonna to watch it :)

  • ashley

    im SO excited for Joe!
    im glad hes branching out and its not disney!
    cant wait for this!

  • Jenny

    Wow he actually looks cute again after AGES… hes been rocking the scruffy beard and glasses look for too long

  • jessica

    GAH you guys gave me a heart attack,I thought you were going to say Joe was in Cleveland (which is only an hour an a half away from me)

  • jonaslove

    JOEY!!!! So excited for him!!

  • dianapaola

    ilove the jonas they’re way better than bieber

  • jessica

    eh im sorry but he is not that great of an actor. tbh his brothers are better.

  • Marimadness

    @jessica well hes workin on it i believe hes a great actor he got into his character in season 1 of JONAS and i can not believe hes gonna be on it i love HOT IN CLEVELAND its awesome and BETTY WHITE ROCKS! So BETTY WHITE + JOE JONAS= PARTY & FUN FOR ME! And jb IS better than that bieber kid. But lets not bring him up cuz this is about a jonas boi and noone else.:)

  • Shir

    I’m so happy to hear this!!!
    I love Hot in cleveland!! Joe will be great and hot on it!

  • KArina

    Heard of that show but have never seen it but definitely will check it out when Joe’s in it.

  • jenny

    He is not a great actor. His brothers definitely are better. He’s an okay actor when he’s playing himself. We’ll see whether he can a show where you actually have to act.

  • meee

    yay! Go Joe!!

  • meee

    Jenny, His brothers are better? Nick is the worst actor I have EVER seen.

  • Sam

    I’m definitely gonna watch…its nice to see him do some acting outside of disney. hopefully it’ll prepare him for even bigger gigs! GO JOE :)

  • cam

    this is great news – I like that show – love Betty White and love Joe too.

  • Ljmz


    Nick is the worst actor you have ever seen? i saw him in Les Mis in London 2 weeks ago… and he was far from a ‘bad actor’
    all the brothers are generally good:)
    well done Joe!

  • Ceecile

    I’m sorry but no. Joe can’t act. JONAS & CR don’t need extreme acting range and he already sucks in the little that is asked of him. Play the goofy guy ok, bring in any type of emotion, no.

  • Sad

    He’s a bad actor/singer.Heard he’s dating someone new.’PLaybOY’

  • Sad

    @Jenny. I think he is not cute. I prefer bieber because bieber can actually sing. BTW he has a new gf.

    Ps: I am sorry if i have hurt anybody’s feeling. Sorry.


  • Sad

    @cecile you are right. You rock….do u like miley???

  • MissPopdiva101

    Joe Jonas Put Hot In Hot In Cleveland

  • ella

    Another stepping stone for Joe! So happy for him. <3

  • me.

    @Sad: true, justin can sing. but at least joe doesn’t sound like a 12 y/o girl. and why did you bring justin into this anyway? so unnecessary.

    anyway..i don’t think joe’s the worst actor in this world, and he’s def not the best either. so i’ll give him a chance.

  • http://deleted Marimadness

    yep hes definitely working on it. But its not like he was goofy all the time on JONAS hes a ‘bearly there’ actor. And whoever said dnt bring bieber into this ur right cuz it isnt his post. And joe and bieber are completely opposite if u ask me. Post= NO BIEBER TALK

  • http://deleted Marimadness

    oh and @sad who knows if he has a new girlfriend? Which he doesnt, not yet i think. And hes not a “playboi” hes far from it. Last time i checked this post was about HIM IN HOT IN CLEVELAND not his relationships. And dont u have like some other things to do than bash joe? Just sayin.

  • lilysoocute

    Joe is a way way better actor the the stiff and motionless Nick you guys don’t even know what your talking about..Joe actually has chemistry with all the other actor that he works with and Nick has just none!

  • kylie

    that is so sad!!!!!!!!!!

  • tei71011

    i hate joe jonas fuck you

  • http://deleted amy

    i prefer all the jonas brothers as musicians rather than actors.
    The only one with slight acting potential is Nick with ‘Les Miserables’. Other than that stick to singing.

  • Blondiee

    yay for joee(:
    he’s always been the funniest and the cutest jo-bro(: