Miranda Cosgrove: Beauty Secrets Unveiled!

Miranda Cosgrove: Beauty Secrets Unveiled!

Neutrogena’s newest ambassador Miranda Cosgrove is opening up her makeup bag and showing off her favorite products in the August 2010 issue of Teen Vogue mag.

Some of the 17-year-old’s favorite Neutrogena products include Rapid Clear Sore Pimple Gel, Oil-Free Acne Wash and Hydrating Eye Makeup Remover.

Miranda‘s number one beauty rule: “Always wash your face at night to remove all your makeup and keep your pores clear.”

WHAT ARE SOME of your beauty secrets?

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Credit: David Mushegain; Photos: Teen Vogue
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  • http://www.twitter.com/colierrannd Michael

    Wow. She looks so gorgeous there. Actually stunning.

  • sean92

    my beauty secretts? well i shave my beard once a week nd i wash my hair avery 2 weeks lol
    i fink shes cute bye the way lol

  • http://Twitter.Com/JulissaReyes Julissa

    I use olive oil for: hair, face skin and neck, then whiter cream for arms and shoulders, body lotion with vitamin E for the rest of the body! drink water, and vitamin E (it gives me a nice skin color)!

    PS: eat green! =D

  • cammie.

    She’s stunning .
    My role model, because shes just herself, and i love her for not making so mistakes, and just being who she is — a 17-yr old. She doesnt let fame go to her head. Keep going, you’ll be more than successful one day .

  • stephania

    her and beauty do not mix, farr from it! HA!

  • http://gumdrop72@twitter.com Ashley

    Don’t get me wrong I love her, but still I hate the shirt.

  • http://gumdrop72@twitter.com Ashley

    @stephania: umm yes they do mix do you see her in iCarly??????????? shes so beautiful and pretty!

  • steve

    @stephania: what are you nuts? either that or just a disney fantroll?

  • ron

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    Taylor Alison Swift’s “Mine”, however, occasioned no such experience. After I watched it play, while listening to “Kissin U” play, I thought perhaps the typo had been made, and that, in fact, the title of the so-called song was “Mime”. A weird, random tribute to Marcel Marceau, perhaps. But, not knowing Taylor Alison Swift, I lacked the love necessary to inquire into whether or not she was a woman possessing the courage, mettle, and spirit, in short, the fearlessness, to record an acapella tribute, in mime, to the Master, himself. Perhaps, Brittany has the spunk to do it. She could call it “Mime n You”. A duet with Ke$ha, perhaps?

    Sorry, I seem to have misread the question. My top beauty secret is to stay alive. To do that, I sustain myself, feasting on the Beauty that is Miranda Cosgrove. She is, to my mind, the calm in the hurricane’s eye. And, until I am torn apart by the raging storm, I will find joy in the respite she offers, whether she knows I am, or not. Love you Miranda.

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